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In the Face of Repression-- Organizing in Spite of the Surveillance State

In the Face of Repression // Organizing in Spite of the Surveillance State

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/890626027634210/

September 6, 12:00pm

Portland State University
Smith Memorial Student Union
Room 296/8
In the Face of Repression // Organizing in Spite of the Surveillance State

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/890626027634210/

September 6, 12:00pm

Portland State University
Smith Memorial Student Union
Room 296/8

The AETA labels animal activists as terrorists and is one of the most unconstitutional laws since COINTELPRO. In response to new indictments under the AETA, The National Weekend of Action Against the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) has been called as a show of solidarity, to increase the visibility of ongoing counter-intelligence, and to encourage activists to organize and resist in the face of repression.

In Portland, a coalition of groups are coordinating an afternoon of presenters and panels to discuss the AETA, and to use it as a platform to connect the more expansive processes and histories of repression that are incurred by systematically marginalized, colonized, frontlines, and resistance communities. We want animal and earth liberation activists to understand that all captivity must be ended. It is important to underscore the reality that many communities are always under state repression, not just so-called "activists" communities. It is imperative to stress the need for communities to show solidarity with each other to increase capacity and resilience against surveillance, state violence, and the prison industry. We must reject the misconception that prison or surveillance serve any sort of positive function and instead recognize repression for what it really is: a process engrained into colonial-capitalist society.

In the Face of Repression: Organizing in Spite of the Surveillance State will be a day of workshops, history lessons, strategy sessions, and solidarity. We invite you to join us and take part!


Lauren Reagan - Civil Liberties Defense Center

Kent Ford- Founder of Portland Black Panther Party and father of Political Prisoner Patrice Lumumba Ford

Saed Bannoura- Editor-In-Chief of the International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC)

Peter Bohmer- Activist scholar and former COINTELPRO target

Jonathan Paul- Longtime animal and earth liberation activist and former Green Scare prisoner

Resistance Ecology
Oregon Jericho
Food Fight! Grocery
Blossoming Lotus Portland
All-African People's Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) (Portland Chapter)
Portland Vegans of Color
The Bunny Alliance
Portland Rising Tide
Portland Animal Liberation
Portland Central America Solidarity Committee
Hunt Saboteurs NW

homepage: homepage: http://resistanceecology.org

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DoubleThink, it's only contradictory if you have no sense of proportion.

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S & D


Friday June 27: Opening Night

Kick-off Art Show & Gathering


Sweetpea Baking Company (off campus)

1205 SE Stark St, Portland, Oregon 97214

Join us at Sweetpea Baking Company for an Art Show Fundraiser with some amazing radical Portland artists! We've decided to make our opening event on Friday night more of a social get together for all conference presenters and attendees. We hope to have this casual and fun event set the tone for networking and solidarity.

Featured Artists:

- Joshum Harpy

- Haley Elizabeth White

- Joel Brown

- Matt Gauck

- Kurt Halsey

- Courtney Krisanda

We will have kombucha, beer, and wine for sale as well.

Saturday June 28


Doors open, coffee, pastry, tabling, & registration


Know Your Rights // Room 236 (Lauren Regan)

Let's Get Free: The rise of animal liberation, radical environmentalism and anarchy // Room 228 (scott crow)

Eat Your Ethics // Room 238 (lauren Ornelas)


Trans and/or Women's Action Camp as an Inclusive Organizing Model // Room 228 (Ariel Howland, Chanel Warzynski, and C. Garza)

Civil Disobedience // Room 236 (Lauren Regan)

Food Systems, Colonialism, & Decolonization // Room 238 (lauren Ornelas, Kevin Tillman, and Emelda Kavanaugh-Ortiz)


LUNCH BREAK // Room 296/8

(Food Provided by The Sudra)


Radical Ecology & Animal Liberation As Praxis // Room 238 (Marcellus Shale EF!)

Global Climate Convergence & Cross-Movement Organizing // Room 228 (Lauren Regan)

Strategic Campaign Development // Room 236 (lauren Ornelas)


Animal Liberation Work & Latin American Solidarity // Room 236 (lauren Ornelas & Crystal Contreras)

Solidarity with Indigenous Communities // Room 228 (Shamentsut Slhanay, Kim Marks, and Rod Coronado)

Activism, Transparency, & the National Security State // Room 238 (Ryan Shapiro)


Vegans of Color // Room 236 (Emiko Badillo, Emelda Kavanaugh-Ortiz & Alex Payan)

Non-Traditional Alliance Building // Room 228 (Kim Marks & Shamentsut Slhanay)

Hip Hop & Food Justice // Room 238 Kevin Tillman & Keith Tucker

KEYNOTES: 5:00PM-7:30PM // SMSU 228

Lauren Regan & Rod Coronado

Social Hours 8:00-10:00pm // Room 228

Sunday June 29


Doors open, coffee, pastry, tabling, & registration


Class Formation // Room 236 (Kevin Van Meter)

Gray Wolf Field Campaign // Room 228 (Rod Coronado)

Repression in the UK: How & Why // Room 238 Tino Verducci


Guerrilla Struggle in Defense of the Earth // Room 228 (Leslie James Pickering)

The Invisible Cost of Patriarchy // Room 238 (Jennai Bundock)

Hunt Sabotage // Room 236 (Hunt Saboteurs NW)


LUNCH BREAK // Room 296/8

(Food Provided by The Sudra)


Lessons Learned: Looking Back to Move Forward // Room 228 (Jake Conroy)

Marineland Animal Defense: Case Study in Coalition Building // Room 238 (Jennai Bundock)

Fight or Flight: Taking on Multi-Billion Dollar Corporations to End the Transport of Animals to Labs // Room 236 (The Bunny Alliance)


In Spite of Repression: Fighting for Liberation Under Surveillance // Room 228 (Leslie James Pickering & scott crow)

Direct Action to Stop Trophy Hunting in British Columbia // Room 238 (Tommy Knowles)

Cascadian Eco-Defense // Room 236 (Cascadia Forest Defenders)


Oil by Rail: The Most Explosive Issue in the Northwest // Room 236 (Portland Rising Tide)

Grabbing Back: Bioregionalism Against White Supremacy // Room 228 (Alexander Reid Ross, Elona Trogub, scott crow, Ahjamu Umi) (ends at 5:10)

Indigenous Solidarity: Rising Tide in Coast Salish Territory (Vancouver) // Room 238 (Rising Tide Vancouver Coast Salish Territories)

 link to www.resistanceecology.org