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Zendik Farm Arts Ex-Cult Member Replicates Cult at Local Church Pastor Property

Ex-Cult member, Jason Lafoya, subjects it's tenants to the same exploits of Zendik Farm Arts at rented property in Portland. Presented is the letter written to the property owner, pastor, Mr. Richard Probasco. Instead of bothering to contact me at all, Probasco proceeded to visit the property when I wasn't there to speak to Mr. Lafoya and has chosen to turn a blind eye to his exploits, due to his monthly money flow being put in jeopardy.
From: Felix Madrid <********@gmail.com>
Date: Thu, Aug 21, 2014 at 4:58 PM
Subject: For Mr. Richard Probasco
To:  info@newsongpdx.com

Will you please forward this e-mail to Mr. Richard Probasco or have it printed so he can read it and to be kept confidential.

Mr. Probasco,

My name is Felix Madrid. I currently live at what I believe is your property at 270 NE South Shore. You currently have Jason Stratton in charge of it. Though Jason Stratton was the name given to me by him, after conducting a background search on him with a police officer, his real name is Jason Lafoya but gives false names to prospective tenants that he will rent to in order to conceal his status as a sex offender.

From my research and from Jason's admission as well, he was charged with statutory rape which indirectly caused him to move to New Orleans where he met a cult named Zendik Farms and joined them, moving around the country for many years selling propaganda consisting of T-Shirts and magazines to afford that cult leader's property and he was subject to their exploits.

Jason is currently trying to replicate this now as a leader with his 'South Shore Collective' organization on your property. See: southshorecollective.org. It initially appears innocent on the surface to draw in prospective tenants. But once in the property if one does not cater to his demands he will use it as grounds to illegally kick people out. For example my situation. After refusing to go along with his plot to profit from selling magazines he has in print he proceeded to scold me at this property and proceeded to tell me to move out because I refused to be exploited by him. I have come to find out this is a recurring happening at your property over the years. If one does not go by his agenda to make him money selling his magazines, you are not allowed to stay there. Basically you are in the cult fully committed or he will kick you out. He goes so far as to expect people here to quit their 'normal' lives, their jobs, everything to be only here.

I moved in here July 2014 and am in the process of moving out by the end of this month after being kicked out by him for not letting myself be subject to his atrocious behavior. During my stay here he has kicked out and humiliated 3 other people as well and has intimidated everyone else trying to defy his orders. At one point he brought in a buddy of his as he forced everyone into a 'house meeting' to stand in the military at-ease pose as he proceeded to intimidate others with his demands. I've come to find out through others that he has wrongfully kicked out many other tenants over the years and I definitely feel he will continue on this unethical rampage with other innocent victims falling into the trap of 'South Shore Collective'.

He is a crooked man, a con artist who is always paranoid. He hardly leaves the house and rarely comes out of his room. If he drives somewhere it is only in the immediate area and for further driving he has other tenants drive him around.

He has a few RVs illegally parked here that make him extra money aside from the room rentals to enable him to live without working. When I first moved here, the place was in deplorable conditions. There was overpiling trash in front of the house. It seemed like it was accumulated for many months, over a year maybe. Out of my good nature I helped take care of that. It took 2 big truck loads to get rid of the excessive trash accumulated. I also cleaned a good portion of the inside of the house as it has been terribly neglected.

All he does is smoke weed all day and exploits others on the property through intimidation, coercion, and lies. He presents himself as having a good image but that is far from the truth.

All he cares about is making money from others and getting high. Currently he has about six plants of marijuana growing inside of a shed that he keeps locked.

Now, I am simply writing you this as a victim of his con game concerned about it because it causes a lot of heart-ache for others. He professes helping out the homeless, yet constantly puts people at risk of being homeless by kicking them out if they do not do as he dictates. He is a hypocrite at best.

I attempted to reach you by phone to no avail. I would like to meet with you in person to discuss this and also provide you references of people who have lived here who can vouch for what I am writing. That I am not making it up, that it is fact.

Feel free to contact me at (503) ***-**** or e-mail back. There has to be an end put to these injustices because if not, innocent people are being manipulated into a madhouse run by a crooked man, making their lives extremely stressful and hostile.

My time here has been so unpleasant here and for others that I needed to reach out to you. I came to find out about you through a rental application for a place I might be renting a room from once I leave here. I put Jason as my current landlord and they notified me that he was not the property owner and asked if I had any information on what they presented as you and your wife it appears.

I would appreciate not having this discussed with Jason until I am safely out of the property by the end of this month as he will immediately suspect it was me that revealed all and have no idea just what this man is capable of. He is extremely cunning, unethical and dangerous to the well-being of many.

Best regards.


Article Addendum:

Presented here is a live link (as of 08/23/2014) to how people are 'baited' into the 'cult' I am referring to in the forwarded messages:


Presented here is a post from an online blog of Zendik Farm Arts that reveals inner-workings. This is what Jason Lafoya lived through and is fiercely determined to achieve:


2003 reference 24.Aug.2014 14:20

Felix Madrid

Just found this written by Mr. Lafoya written in 2003! It reveals the attempts to sell his "magazines" and his inspiration from Zendik.


More About Felix Madrid 28.Aug.2014 11:24

South Shore Collective

We had a woman living here that has mental issues although we hardly ever see it. She has been with us for around a year and everyone loves her like a little sister.Felix, staying rue to his sociopathic self attempted to destroy and leave her homeless. Felix maliciously took advantage of her mental state and manipulated her by saying they would rent a nice place and got her to move out at the beginning of this month.
The problem with sociopaths is they have no feelings, they cannot love so when Felix thought he adequately destroyed our friend he left her hanging and basically threw her out like garbage. We seen this coming but Felix had her so twisted up we had to let her go so it would just play out.
knowing Felix's lies were crumbling we reached out to our friend and she is back.
She will be making a statement here soon.
Again, we're posting Felix's picture to protect people from his twisted sociopathic personality.