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Cluster Bombs - Laos 50 years on - Tonight at 7 pm - Portland Oregon

US dropped the first cluster bombs this country. The innocent civilians of Laos continue to be victims of these bombs.

Please join me for an evening of conversation and sharing of experiences on Thursday August
21. 7 to 9 PM

First United Methodist Church of Portland
1838 SW Jefferson St
Portland, OR 97201
August 14, 2014
, the Inter
national Peace Advocate, is hold
ing an informational event next
Thursday, August 21, 2014, in Portland,Oregon, following her recent attendance in Laos at a cluster bomb conference, observing the 50th
anniversary of secret U.S. bombing and cluster bombing that Country.

Lynn's son Marine Corporal Travis Bradach-Nall, who graduated from Grant High School in 2000,
was killed by an exploding U.S. cluster bomb in Karbala, Iraq, on July 2, 2003. Lynn
has been campaigning over the last 11 years to end U.S. production, sale and deployment of landmines and cluster munitions.

Portland Event: America's Secret War in Laos

50 years On
August 21, 2014 at 7pm - 9pm

First United
Methodist Church of Portland
1838 SW Jefferson St
Portland, OR 97201
Here is Lynn's message and invitation, with
the Handicap International weblinks."

Dear Family and Friends:

re-posting from Lynn Bradach's email


I have just returned from Laos. This was not a pleasure trip, but it was a rewarding trip.
I'm hoping that my visit and your help can make a difference to the people of this country
It has been fifty years since the "Secret War" and fifty years since the

You will find detailed information on the
web site attached.

If you are not able to attend please feel free to help with a donation.

Between now and August31, 2014 your donation will be matched.
All funds will go to Laos victims of unexplodedweapons.

It truly is the case where even a small amount can make a big difference.


My last ask, please askPresidentObama to join the Landmine Treaty now:
Love and Peace,

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id158.html

Video: The Secret War - Cluster Bombs and 50 years later in Laos 25.Aug.2014 16:17

Joe Anybody

This is a one hour 18 minute video on YouTube
Filmed in Portland at the event on 8.21.14

Cluster Bombs - A discussion and fundraiser in Portland Oregon
America's Secret War in Laos
50 years later