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Protest Against a Company That Profits Directly From the Illegal Occupation of Palestine

Rally Against the Profiteers: End the Occupation, Break the Siege.

WHEN: 2:30 pm SHARP, Thurs, Aug 21st
WHERE: Meet at Pier 1 Imports parking lot (5331 SW Macadam Ave)
WHY: We are taking action to expose and pressure a BDS-targeted business that profits directly from the illegal Occupation of Palestine, siege of Gaza, and repression of Palestinians.
Dear community,

Our hearts go out to those in Palestine who are suffering from Israel's latest atrocities. Like many of you, we are feeling a lot of sorrow, anger, and helplessness. The first two are entirely appropriate and should not be ignored or suppressed, but there is a cure for helplessness, and that cure is action.

There's a wave of really impressive actions going on across the country right now in support of the besieged, harassed, and murdered people of Gaza and Palestine, as well as those of Ferguson, MO. Solidarity marches, port blockades, and even Obama has made a first (although weak) show of reigning in arms exports to Israel.

Let's highlight a business in our community that directly profits from the Occupation and Siege of Palestine, as well as incarceration, detention, and imperialism globally. Israel needs corporate support to maintain the Occupation and business as usual: the suffering, imprisonment and human rights abuse of Palestinians. We will rally to express our outrage with this business's choices, and with the invasion, occupation and siege of Gaza. This will be a low-risk action, with opportunities for deeper involvement if you want.

From Portland to Palestine and all those fighting for liberation: No Justice, No Peace


WHEN: 2:30 pm SHARP, Thurs, Aug 21st
WHERE: Meet at Pier 1 Imports parking lot (5331 SW Macadam Ave)
WHY: We are taking action to expose and pressure a BDS-targeted business that profits directly from the illegal Occupation of Palestine, siege of Gaza, and repression of Palestinians.

BRING: signs, chants, friends, and loud voices to resist the siege, Occupation, and state/corporate violence.

LEAVE: racist, islamophobic, and antisemitic slogans. Oppressive language and behavior are unwelcome, as they diminish inclusivity and harm the movement**

Details of the protest, target and how it contributes to the Occupation will be discussed at the rally. Everyone loves a surprise!


*BDS stands for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement--a call for global peaceful resistance to Israeli militarism, land theft, and other abuses of Palestinian human rights. This call, which comes from Palestinian civil society groups emulates the effective tactic used to undermine the economic benefit of Apartheid government of South Africa. Read more about it at  http://www.bdsmovement.net/

** The struggle for justice in Palestine depends on a broad and diverse movement. By disavowing and challenging all forms of oppression we can make our actions more powerful and appealing, and less subject to distortions by pro-Israeli media

Statement disavowing antisemitism in Palestinian struggle:  http://tinyurl.com/mggbqkr
Statement disequating Palestinian solidarity with antisemitism:  http://tinyurl.com/lypd653

"Stop launching rockets from Gaza!" ? 20.Aug.2014 20:58


I realize that a "Stop launching rockets from Gaza!" sign and or slogan could be interpreted as Islamophobic by some people but I truly feel that if Hamas stopped launching rockets, lives could be saved from deadly Israeli airstrikes. May I bring my sign in full support of BDS?

Arm Palestine with real weapons 20.Aug.2014 22:55

a man

Palestine needs heavy artillery, attack helicopters, fighter jets, tanks and nuclear weapons.
these flying pipe bombs are useless.
Israel only acknowledges the technology of death, not the suffering of its prisoner populations.
the people of Israel could strive for a just, one state solution.

re: May I bring my sign in full support of BDS? 21.Aug.2014 11:56

Against the Profiteers

Yes! Anti-/non-racist plz.

to a man 22.Aug.2014 16:39


So, your way to peace is escalation and more death and violence?

Your post could have been written by Hamas. Either let us exterminate Israel or the other option is for the Jews to just give up on homeland, let us rule the single Palestinian state.

You should read the very interesting quote from Russell Brand that ironically was posted here at IndyMedia. " I understand anti Semitism to be a hatred of Jews, the denial of the right for Jews to have a homeland, ... "

To anon 22.Aug.2014 17:26


And your sign could have been written by Netanyahu, because that is exactly what he and the rest of Israel's leaders say. Yet in "times of peace" Israel still kills Palestinians each day. I could care less if they do it by air or by land--a murder is a murder. If the Palestinians had a functional army, air force; etc. this well may not be happening. Ever notice how during the Cold War we never attacked the Soviet Union, and they never attacked us? That's because we each knew we would take losses. That is a historical pattern: you only attack those you are sure you can defeat.

Anyway, why not bring a sign about how you really believe that if every Palestinian had a unicorn, there would be peace in the Middle East. It makes about the same sense.

be sure which anon you're talking to 22.Aug.2014 22:44


You really ought to answer anon rather than anon.

Just saying.

Jews -'homeland'? 23.Aug.2014 11:38

a man

There you go again with the Jewpoxy!
This is a zionist enterprise.
leave the Jews out of it. You zionists are the worst thing that ever happened to the Jews.
"right for Jews to have a homeland"
Not over the mass graves of the native populations...that's psychopathic racism hidden behind a cloak of many colors.

the real step one 23.Aug.2014 17:14


people are nuts when repeating that firing rockets into israel is step one of a sequence. that mixes up cause & effect. real step one is occupation & blockade. occupation & blockade cause firing of rockets, not the other way around. end blockade, end occupation, end illegal settlements on Palestinian land, end destruction of Palestinian orchards, end attacks on Palestinian children, & rockets will stop. if I were trapped in gaza by racist cowardly thugs, & my family & friends were brutalized daily, i'd find me a rocket. no doubt!

Correction 14.Sep.2014 18:06


The previous post is like the chicken vs the egg. Which came first? Only useful to shift blame.

It's a cycle of violence that has multiple starting points and goes way before 1947. Jews have been killed and Arabs have been killed long before Israel.

Time to quit wasting time trying to say "who started it" and start working on resolution of the conflict. Anything else is a waste of breath.