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Movement As Metta~phor; A 24 hour Journey FREE and FOR ALL BEINGS

Show up and dance or walk your vision of healing for our animal brothers and sisters...Pioneer Square Sept 2,2014
Bring your signs, your literature, your heart, and raise awareness to that which moves us!!!
We have a very public space...come make this a peaceful, beautiful potent event.
I need all of our passion!!!!
This is an endurance ritual as well, so if you feel inspired, join me in finding your edge.
I will be moving/dancing for 24 hours, you may join for as long or little as youd like...only requirement is the holding of a vision!!
Hold the vision of a better world for all beings.
This is a FREE PUBLIC event.
Please spread word, and come on out! I need you! :)

homepage: homepage: http://www.movementasmettaphor.com