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Why now?

NPR reruns old story of how cops help people. The timing seems odd.
While on the way to work this morning I heard the following NPR story originally published on Aug. 19, 2014
 link to www.kaiserhealthnews.org

It is a touching story about San Antonio police helping people. When I heard it, I had a cynic thought, "Hmmm, the time on this seems odd." Why would this feel good story about police be aired now? So, I got online and looked, the original air date was over a month ago. Was it a slow news day? Or, has NPR finally, obviously started running propaganda? I know NPR has been slipping in the last decade, becoming more corporate, but his just seem too blatant for them, unless someone is really scared that the protest of Ferguson will spread, and this story will calm down all of the yuppies.

foward observer? 25.Aug.2014 23:41

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