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Local papers reporting on O'bryant Square

Local papers have contrasted the new park three blocks from o'bryant and in the process have stereotyped the homeless with insulting, unintelligent, and unfounded reasoning.
It's ridiculous how one sided reports about o'bryant are; Does anyone interview the volunteers who come down here every week? Do these reporters even question the validity of the claims that it is a 'dangerous' place to be? The nature of trouble on the street is that you usually need to be involved with a bad crowds drama to end up being a part of it. And how is it 'intelligent programming' to waste tax dollars on constant surveillance and ousting people with no place to go instead of asking why Portland is the only city in the northwest without alternatives? Sounds like 'programming' kids to see criminals instead of human beings that would benefit from intelligent changes to society.

What I've learned from homeless people is people are products of their environment, homeless people tend to know how to live with each other instead of next to each other, they know how to share with each other, and they see each other as neighbors instead of competitors. But this is a side you'd only see if you rolled your sleeves up and did some REAL investigative journalism and approach people with a genuine interest in getting to know them and why they are where they are and what CAUSES it.

That's the problem no one reporting on O'bryant is interested in the cause only the effect. Then they promote self interested businesses to stamp their name on and control public parks? there is nothing intelligent about that programming.

ohh and the kelly park thing? do notice families have retaken it when drunks used to be prevelant last summer. Now a few clean and sober looking homeless are there co-existing with evil but happy little kids. How did this happen? Was 'intelligent programming' and profiling round-the-clock security guards treating people like discarded pieces of crap necessary to do it? NO. It got hot and families started using it again to let their kids swim. period. You want your park to be something other than what it is- use it. It is what you make of it, Or fail to.

This is another case of yuppies taking over Portland; they are the one crowd who is intolerant of almost every other crowd around them and unfortunately they have the money so it is the handful of people with no place to go and finding refuge in one of the few parks they have left who are painted out to be the intruders...But who is it that takes up EVERY piece of open land and posts 'NO TRESSPASSING" even when they are putting it to no good use? Who makes establishing a livable camp illegal and leaves nothing but a dirty pissed on sidewalk for human being to sleep on? who then calls the cops instead of speaking to a persons face and asks them to treat those people on the sidewalk like cattle?

You think homeless people want your park so bad but birds and flock fly together; homeless just want to be around their own kind and feel at peace like anyone else. they see you as much- or more- of an intruder as you see them. And believe it or not they actually don't dream of every worthless thing you have all day long and plot to steal or deface it. But it would be nice if you learned to respect what little they have.

How about 'intelligently programming' a simple piece of grassland near downtown for them to go to? How about creating REAL affordable housing for people in transition by filling a building with bunk beds and renting them for $200 bucks a month and letting the state MAKE money instead of WASTE money on programs? Because that would not work out too well for some of those same self interested businesses you think should stamp their name on public parks- that's why.