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The only bubble that matters has burst, The mosquito bubble.

The mosquito bubble.
The only bubble that matters has burst, The mosquito bubble.

By Lloyd Hart

As I sit here in my truck in Toronto watching the hustle and bustle of the city go by I have been alerted to the fact that there's almost no mosquitoes to be found anywhere in the city not even down at the lake and that the diversity of song birds is seemingly reduced to sparrows and robins. Even when I was outside the city visiting a farm there were no mosquitoes regardless of the fact that there has been plenty of rainfall lately around the Toronto and southern Ontario area

As the fallout from Fukushima continues to settle in and continues to flow West to east in the northern hemisphere it joins all other forms of pollution to produce a paramount affect. Producing a persistent toxic effect on the bottom of the food chain. An affect that keeps on climbing up the food chain.

The difference between this fallout and other nuclear plant disaster fallout is that it is the same as the fallout from nuclear bomb testing which ended with the above ground bomb testing treaty in 1963 that moved nuclear bomb testing below ground because Linus Pauling and the St. Lewis Baby Tooth Study linked a radical increase of childhood leukemia to above ground bomb testing. The difference is that Fukushima fallout contains enormous amounts of plutonium because of the fact that it's fuel contained MOX fuel which is reprocessed nuclear bomb material then reused as nuclear fuel.

There isn't anywhere in the northern hemisphere that hasn't been affected by Fukushima fallout. Just as Three Mile Island washed it's core into the river then into Chesapeake Bay and then into the Atlantic ocean wiping out the Atlantic cod so to is Fukushima fallout wiping out all life in the Pacific Ocean and it's continued flow into the atmosphere through normal evaporative cloud production off the Pacific Ocean and then falling as rain across the land is punching a giant hole in the food chain.

As the food chain continues to collapse our human ability to keep up with feeding the billions of humans on planet earth will collapse to a critical mass very quickly within the next 5 to 10 years. I know everyone has been concerned about the catastrophic collapse of beehives over the last many years but believe it or not the collapse of the mosquito population is easily as important if not more important.

With the constant flow of Fukushima fallout in almost all rainfall the mosquitoes are having a very hard time repopulating just as the Atlantic cod are suffering from the persistent radioactive pollution from Three Mile Island in their spawning grounds preventing them from repopulating.

I'm sure it is needless to mention the entire web of life that is dependent upon mosquitoes as food and all of the other creatures that are dependent upon the creatures that eat mosquitoes as food and so on. But all of the life that is affected by all of the Plutonium and other radioactive material that Fukushima has dumped into the environment will eventually, sooner than later, begin to radically affect human society.

Keeping the effects of Fukushima fallout secret and away from the publics attention is not just a matter of protecting corporate liability but is now the greatest crime against humanity ever committed.

The folks at radiation.org proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the radical increase in infant mortality after the fallout from the explosions at Fukushima reached North American cities was directly linked to that fallout.

The fact that the Japanese as well as the American and Canadian governments have swept Fukushima under the rug will not make it go away and will not make the effects of Fukushima fallout go away. Eventually people are going to wonder why there are no mosquitoes, why there are no fleas, why there are very few bugs surviving the persistent pollution caused by Fukushima fallout because the creatures that eat insects as their primary food source are also disappearing right up the entire food chain.

Just the radical increases in human pathologies caused by the intake of enormous amounts of radioactive particles from Fukushima should have everyone alarmed, until our political leaders actually admit in public that there is a problem, a radical problem, I guess people will just walk around wondering why they have all of these maladies that have come on so powerfully all at once when in fact they are all driven by the enormous intake by humans of Fukushima's radioactive hot particles.

I have been told by several government insiders that the Japanese, US, Canadian and Western European governments
are completely aware of the radical increase in infant mortality rates, thyroid diseases, childhood leukemia, an enormous jump in cancer cases over all and an increase in a broad range of maladies from diabetes to radical amounts of tendon damage associated with the intake of radical amounts radioactive particles distributed in the norther hemisphere by the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Well if the governments are fully aware of what is truly happening as a result of Fukushima fallout, their silence can only be equated with what prime minister Abe in Japan is doing to the Japanese people, pretending like there is nothing wrong at Fukushima prefecture and just allowing the people and life in general to die off as a means for governments and their corporate and military sponsors to escape liability for the disaster they have unleashed on us all.

If you are worried about the next economic bubble bursting well I think you should pull your head out of your ass and figure out how to start breeding gazillions of Mosquitos.

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I doubt that. 17.Aug.2014 16:13


I think you can thank Monsanto for the lack of mosquitos and birds.