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Solidarity with Ferguson rallies, Saturday 1pm - two seperate rallies

Solidarity with Ferguson rallies, Saturday 1pm

1. Dawson Park, 101 N.Morris bet Williams and Vancouver Avenues in North Portland
2. Lownesdale Square, SW Third and Main in downtown Portland
Solidarity with Ferguson rallies, Saturday 1pm

Dawson Park, 101 N.Morris bet Williams and Vancouver Avenues in North Portland

Lownesdale Square, SW Third and Main in downtown Portland

(email repost)
Solidarity with Ferguson rallies, Saturday 1pm

Dawson Park, 101 N.Morris bet Williams and Vancouver Avenues in North Portland

Lownesdale Square, SW Third and Main in downtown Portland

> From:  copwatch@portlandcopwatch.org

Action: "Portland Solidarity with Ferguson" rally Sat 1 PM
> Hi
> It's both shattering and exciting that police brutality, racism, and
militarism have become issues being widely discussed across the country
and on mainstream media after 18 year old Mike Brown was shot and killed
by police in Ferguson, MO last weekend.
> Below is an announcement about a rally being planned for 1 PM tomorrow,
Saturday August 16, at Lownsdale Square (SW 3rd and Main, downtown
Portland) by Center for Intercultural Organizing and other groups.
> There's apparently a different event at Dawson Park (101 N. Morris between Williams and Vancouver Aves.) also
at 1 PM, which follows one of the two events that happened last night...
one at NE Precinct called by Occupy Portland folks but attended by many
community folks, and one in Pioneer Courthouse Square called by Amnesty
International Group 48.
>  http://www.portlandtribune.com/pt/9-news/230364-94081-ferguson-vigils-held-in-portland
> The militarization of the police and military equipment coming to local
agencies has been mentioned in the Oregonian, on the Mercury website,
and was a big article in today's New York Times:
> In Wake of Clashes, Calls to Demilitarize Police (NY Times 8/15)
 link to www.nytimes.com
> I assume folks have also heard about the grassroots social media
campaign showing what picture the media will run if they are shot by
police, another example of the dehumanization that takes place when
someone is shot (and it's not limited to people of color, though that's
who started the campaign):
>  http://iftheygunnedmedown.tumblr.com
> And of course it always helps the cause when members of the mainstream
media get caught up in outrageous police tactics, as happened to
reporters from the Washington Post and Huffington Post in a McDonald's
> Ferguson the other day:
>  link to www.huffingtonpost.com
> So, as we always say, there's plenty of police misconduct issues to
tackle, it's great to see so many people taking up the cause and
connecting it to what's going on here in Portland...
> --dan handelman
> --Portland Copwatch
> From: Kayse Jama Date: 08/15/2014 4:03 PM
> Subject: TOMORROW: Portland Solidarity with Ferguson rally
> Like many members of our community, CIO was horrified at the police
killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, and the suppression of
that community's right to protest police brutality. Please join us and
our partners in solidarity with Ferguson tomorrow, August 16th, at 1pm,
at SW 4th & Main in downtown Portland, and help us demand an end to the
militarization of our police departments. Please see our statement on
tomorrow's rally, and we hope to see you there!
> Community-based organizations to hold August 16th Solidarity with
Ferguson rally, demand an end to police militarization in Portland
> Portland, OR -- A coalition of Portland-area community-based
organizations dedicated to racial and social justice will rally in
solidarity with the people of Ferguson, Missouri, as their community
protests following the police killing of unarmed teenager Michael Brown.
> Portland Solidarity With Ferguson: Demilitarize Our Police, part of a
national day of solidarity and action, will take place on Saturday,
August 16th, at Lownsdale Square (SW 4th Ave. & Main St.) in downtown
Portland at 1pm.
> ?The killing of Michael Brown and the aggressive police response to the
community?s justified anger are sickening. This violence against people
of color is nothing new, though,? said Kayse Jama, Executive Director of
the Portland-based Center for Intercultural Organizing. ?In Portland, we
have a police force which has also targeted, maimed, and killed black
youth, while ignoring the community?s demands for transparency,
accountability, and justice. Tomorrow, we stand up to say: we will no
longer be silenced.?
> The coalition demands that Portland Police Bureau and other local law
enforcement agencies publicly account for their own military-style
equipment and tactics, and that they commit to immediately and
permanently ending their use. We also call for a national dialogue on
racial justice, to collectively work to invest in our youths rather than
killing them.
> ?Again, America is confronted by the tragic loss of one of our young
adults, in a violent and horrific way,? said Cyreena Boston Ashby,
Director of the Portland African-American Leadership Forum. ?We stand in
solidarity with others who rally for justice and for a full examination
of the justice system that was designed to serve and protect ALL
Americans that most seemingly operates under the double standard of
institutional racism.?
> Coalition members include the Center for Intercultural Organizing, OPAL
Environmental Justice Oregon, Portland African-American Leadership
Forum, and the Urban League of Portland.

Dawson park gathering in solidarity 16.Aug.2014 17:04

joe anybody

Over 100 people show up for the 3 hour rally in Dawson park in N Portland

-video coming soon

update from FB 16.Aug.2014 20:06

solidarity = love

The rally Don't Shoot at Dawson park was VERY productive. We agreed to build an email list, create a Facebook page called "Don't Shoot PDX", write a mission statement with demands, activate a don't shoot Pdx gmail account, a phone list and rally (plus potluck) every Saturday 1:00 P.M. at Dawson park. Junko Suzuki agreed to create the image of Don't Shoot PDX, Benji Bao Vương and Joe Anbody has video record the event and the group asked me to put the face book page up, create the email list and gmail account don't shoot. We gathered close to 100 email contacts for the FB page and some phone numbers and also some members from the rally is going to reach others in different rallies today to be a unified collective. This rally is going to organized. They sounded pretty serious. A lot of them said "We want a movement, another not march!". Come to the next rally at Dawson Park and bring food. Haribol, solidarity

[video coming soon]

Info will be re-posted on PIMC

2 pictures 16.Aug.2014 20:07


dawson park pics

Police Terrorism 17.Aug.2014 05:13


Police terrorism is a plague in every city, be it Portland, Ferguson, Gaza, Cairo, New York, Oakland, Rio de Janeiro, Phoenix, L.A., or where ever. And people face a siege wherever they may be. And here, it is no better than it is in Ferguson. Just because most of the folks here are White, don't be fooled by some myth: a KNOWN neo-Nazi cop gets his record expunged. The beasts who murdered James Chasse have NEVER been brought to justice. And we are saddled with a tax cheat mayor who makes a good talk about "diversity training", but he once smeared a local victim of police terrorism as a "gang member". He kissed the police union's ass, and [they] still refused to endorse his candidacy! Oh, btw - the beast who murdered Aaron Campbell gets to collect unemployment, when his sorry ass should be in prison for murder by now! These so-called "liberals", if they simply ask and beg that a cop lose his job for murdering an innocent person, you're lucky. Murder is MURDER! Aaron Campbell, Keaton Otis, Oscar Grant, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, etc. were all MURDERED! And none of their killers are in prison nor on death row currently. THIS is the situation we are all in right now.

What is the REALITY of the situation we are all in now? A man can be choked out and murdered for ALLEGEDLY selling "loose" cigarettes, walking in the street, making a u-turn, wearing cloths, being out, being, etc. And who in the fuck sits in the center of the White House??? A guy who wantonly murders people with his drones, or capitulates to dictatorships/govts. who commit genocide - all fine, so long as its in the "best interests" of the U.S.

And people want to bitch and whine about "rioters" and "broken windows"??? FUCK THEM!!!

Just curious 17.Aug.2014 07:58


We went to Lownesdale Square.

I was just wondering why there seemed to be so little publicity about either of these events if they were both part of the National Day of Solidarity. I found out about the Lownesdale Park rally through an e-mail (not from the organizers of either rally) late Friday afternoon I found out about the Dawson Park rally through a Portland Tribune article, a very brief mention about a rally at Dawson Park "sponsored by the Oregon Black Museum."

Also, why were the two events occurring at the same time? I know that Center for Intercultural Organization was the primary organizer for the Lownesdale Park rally, with some other organizations as coalition members. When I did an internet search for Oregon Black Museum, I could only find a location in Salem. Or did the Tribune mean "Oregon Black Pioneers"?

In a city the size of Portland, having 100 people at Dawson Park and 150 at Lownesdale respond to a national call is nothing to pat ourselves on the back about..... Admittedly, the Thursday rally and vigil attracted more people. People can't come to your event if there is no outreach.

Media 17.Aug.2014 12:11


Say what you will, that video of Michael Brown throttling Danny DeVito is the fly in the ointment here. That clip played on national news the very same day of the shooting! But now everyone is screaming about how unjust it was to "release that video days later" just to stir up shit. Looks like a gun went off inside the cop car before the fatal shots were fired from 35 feet away. So what the hell happened? Brown just pulled off a strong-armed robbery for a box of cigars. He grabbed the short, small store owner by his neck and assaulted him on the way out the door just minutes before the deadly confrontation. Did Brown go for the cop's gun initially? There was an APB out for Brown already for the robbery and assault. It begs insanity to think the cop hadn't already gotten that message over his police radio. Did Brown force the cop to discharge his weapon in the patrol car? If so, if he tried to injure or kill the officer, the cop had every right to bring him down. Did he really have his hands in the air already? Who really knows? There's zero sworn testimony and even if there was, would the media cover it? The MSM has already established their own particular scenario of probable cold blooded murder by the cop. It's sooo politically correct as well as profitable. Endless interviews about what a "gentle giant" Brown was flooded the airwaves. Don't misunderstand me. Ferguson is f**ked up for sure, and probably almost any small spark would have set it off eventually. But the facts behind this individual situation still remain a complete mystery and the local Ferguson cops, their Mayor, and the Governor of Missouri are partly responsible for the chaos due to the fact they are not laying their cards on the table. It's an inexcusable lack of professionalism in a situation like this. But the MSM is milking the increased confusion by feeding into the falsehood that because there really are critical problems between Black % White there, this incident must be due to Nazi-esque racism by the cop. They have all gone judge and jury while accusing the cop of that.. Race will always be America's thorniest issue, and the CNN and MSNBC Pressitutes understand that viewership soars when any massive ongoing violence is broadcast live and direct for days on end. The bombing of Baghdad comes to mind. Broke the Neilson's ratings chart record. The whole operation feeds on public fear of the unknown and grows and morphs into a story that is becoming uglier (thus more compelling for viewers) by the day. All I'm really trying to say is that Michael Brown is such a lousy poster child for intolerance run amuck. Another thing the MSM refuses to cover is the large amount of organized gang bangers in that area. That's who is escalating the violence most. East St. Louis and vicinity has been the murder capital of the USA for decades. Will the FBI get to the bottom of all this? Ghosts of Mississippi or self defense? Stay tuned.

Video: Stop Dont Shoot. Portland Dawson Park Ferguson Solidarity 8.16.14 17.Aug.2014 15:09

joe anybody

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5gsvp_A-t8 [video 2hr 35min]

A rally in Dawson Park 1- 4pm on Saturday 8.16.14

Citizens of Portland Oregon gather in the park, out of concern for police accountability and community safety. The stood in unity and in Solidarity with the community of Ferguson Missouri in public... to demand and end to police violence and the abuse of their authority leveraged on the people they were sworn to protect and serve. This gathering was open to anybody who wanted to speak. The rally started slowly and eventually grew in size with over 100 people. There is a Facebook page "Stop Don't Shoot Portland" and there will be an email list anybody can join to stay in contact and to unite. [more info and links forthcoming asap]

The group intends to meet next Saturday in the same park to share food, conversations, ideas, tactics, education & facts and networking for a safer community.

{below is the national call-out re-post}

[[St. Louis Calls for Solidarity Actions for Justice for Mike Brown, for Trayvon Martin, for Eric Garner, for Renisha McBride, for Amadou Diallo and so many others
Groups on the ground in St. Louis are calling for nationwide solidarity actions in support of Justice for Mike Brown and the end of police and extrajudicial killings everywhere. On Saturday at 1pm CST -- one week after the murder of Mike Brown by a Ferguson police officer--we in St. Louis will gather at the location that Mike was shot in the Canfield Apartment buildings. We ask that you gather at the places in your community on Saturday where police and extrajudicial killings have occurred to memorialize lives that have been lost and demand justice by ending systemic violence upon communities of color]]

Rise Up!
Be Involved!

[FB info]

pix 18.Aug.2014 15:58


The MSM tells America and the world that no tear gas is being used in Ferguson. Well, they're using multiple launch rocket weapons to spread deadly CS gas, a military grade currently banned by the geneva convention for warfare. And the Federally controlled false-flag front group, "The New Black Panther Party" is stirring up violence every night. Here's a pic of their leader "consulting" with Ferguson Chief during riots. The whole protest has been hijacked by the DOJ, NBPP, and the MSM for strictly political purposes.
launching ballistic CS with Multiple Launch Vehicle- Roman Candles of Gas
launching ballistic CS with Multiple Launch Vehicle- Roman Candles of Gas
Clouds of Tear Gas waft through Ferguson
Clouds of Tear Gas waft through Ferguson
NBPP "Leader" going over the "Plan" with local Police Chief

robbery disproven 18.Aug.2014 18:23


watch the second camera angle, bad St. Louis police propaganda.

disprove THIS 19.Aug.2014 09:39


disprove THIS
disprove THIS
disprove THIS

this 19.Aug.2014 09:59


disprove THIS
disprove THIS

check out this little stunt 19.Aug.2014 10:44


Trolls at work demonizing protestors. Hello NBPP?
"ISIS" my ass

Cop was Attacked? 21.Aug.2014 10:16


FOX News is reporting inside sources say that Officer Darren Wilson was brutally attacked by Michael Brown. He suffered a fractured eye socket and was severely beaten when Brown reached for the service weapon. It went off in the car and Brown took off, then turned and rushed the cop, who shot him dead. I know what you are thinking- "Fox NEWS??? You must be kidding rATso" But think about it. MSNBC and every other MSM "News" team has soooo much invested in the present scenario being presented that they wouldn't admit Brown attacked the cop if there was a 3-D video proving entire incident was self-defense. And now discredited clowns like Jesse Jackson are calling for the cop's arrest for homicide! Talk about judge and jury. MSNBC just ignores any evidence that doesn't fit in with the accepted narrative. ie: The cop is a racist murderer period. When the smoke clears there is going to be a lot of sticky egg on a lot of faces one way or the other. Now Sharpton and the other professional "civil rights" hustlers are threatening to unleash more violence if Wilson isn't immediately crucified in the name of justice. Pretty crazy shit all around.