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Calling All Artists

We can help you sell your art.
Are you an aspiring Musician, Film-maker, Painters or Author. Do you get frustrated by empty promises to help sell your work, by web sites who only want too take your money. We I think that we have come up with the perfect answer. You don't pay us to sell your product, we buy you product wholesale from you and sell your books, films, or music to our costumers at market value. Their is no risk to the artist because you have your cash up front. You would still want to do some self promotion because the better your product sells the more we buy. We are a non-profit organization whose goal is to help stimulate the American economy by promoting small businesses. For more information visit www.ourcompanypublishing.weebly.com

homepage: homepage: http://www.ourcompanypublishing.weebly.com

love these 16.Aug.2014 20:29


I love these things. These are such great programs