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fbi operatives are evil and possibly insane

See my reports that show the evil and /or insanity of fbi agents and operatives.
geral sosbee combat vet for a nation unworthy to defend
geral sosbee combat vet for a nation unworthy to defend
This report focuses on fbi operatives who are also torturers and assassins. For the past several years I have documented that one particular fbi operative uses many aliases online in his efforts to discredit my reports while he assaults me. He is the same person who, as evidenced by his knowledge of the details of the campaign to kill or silence me, stalks me online even as he engages in ( or is accomplice to) the assaults mentioned in the following paragraph. Note in his statements shown in the first three links below that his language, tone, style and intent are the same.

Chem/bio/viral/DEW (elf) assaults often sending me to the doctor of hospital for treatment; criminal assaults and battery on my person by street thugs and police who are under the control of the fbi case agent; home invasions and destruction of my personal property and my car; psychological operations designed to drive this reporter to the brink, including strategic tamperings of my property in order to remind me that I am under a blanket surveillance 24/7 continuous and uninterrupted for twenty-twenty five years both physical and electronic as I have described on many pages of my website.

Recently, the same assassin who has been on my case for many years appears in the comment sections of the following links; he identifies himself as 'Get Helpl', Get Real' and 'J. Robert Upton'; his ther aliases include: 'Paint me doubtful', 'too cents worth', 'Monique Jamal':

'Get Help':

'Get Real':

'J. Robert Upton':

I suggest that the reader see the comments by the fbi operative as entered in the comments at the above links (where I posted my reports) and note the following: the fbi operative is evil in his intention to discredit as he does not mention in his four letter attacks that he is assigned by the fbi to torture, drive insane, provoke, or kill this Target. The next link shows a general profile of the fbi assassin who is the subject of this report.
Fbi agents and operatives, a profile:

Evil is often a characteristic of the fbi assassins that is distinguishable from insanity by the nature of his deeds and statements. The fbi assassins like the one described above are probably serial killers or serial torturers and almost always are apparent psychopaths. See my report on such monsters here:

 link to lissakr11humane.com


In some instances insanity and evil are one and the same as reflected in the words and actions of a different fbi assassin shown here:
Fbi insanity and evil:

Generally, evil is the dominant characteristic of the fbi thugs sent at me for over two decades with their various assaults and mind games:

Note that I have no computer because the fbi destroys any computer that I purchase, that I must for the past 20 years use the public library for all of my reports, that I am assaulted and harassed when I use the library (see parts 19, a,b,c of My Story); that the fbi destroys my car recently and forces me to purchase a new car with extended warranty; that the fbi has not been able to prevent me from publishing online because I am dedicated to exposing their atrocities for posterity. In a sense this work is my calling, my destiny and my tormented labor of love for mankind.

Thank you kindly.

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Fbi operative as presumed serial killer 28.Aug.2014 10:23

geral gsosbee@gmail.com

For more evidence on a fbi operative identified as a presumed serial killer see

 link to austin.indymedia.org