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Anarchists Sabotage Equipment at Mcdonalds Construction Site in SE Portland

Earlier this week, several pieces of heavy equipment, including a dump truck and water pump, located at the construction site of a Mcdonalds restaurant off 29th and Powell in S.E. Portland, were sabotaged by having bleached poured into their fuel tanks.
Through the hyper exploitation of an ever growing precarious workforce, the wholesale slaughter of billions of sentient animals, and the destruction of ecosystems and wild spaces--Mcdonalds has always been a global symbol of capitalist exploitation and ecological destruction. Mcdonalds also acted as a sponsor of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil which has lead to the forced displacement of thousands of people and the implementation of economic austerity on an already hyper-impoverished area of the world. We act in solidarity with all those internationally who struggle against austerity and imperialism; for a world without borders, prisons, and nations states.

This simple, easily reproducible act, is dedicated to the 5E3 prisoners Amelie, Carlos, and Fallon and to the silent ones on the run and in forced exile.

-some anarchists

WHY 15.Aug.2014 14:52


Why would we even want to eat there
Burgerville is better!

Thank You! 15.Aug.2014 15:12


I was elated when I passed by that area several weeks ago and saw that the Mcdonalds had been completely demolished. A week later I noticed that all the rubble was removed, but that sign still remained. It was still there a week later, then I had realized that they were simply rebuilding it.

GOOD JOB on the bleach!