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Sunday Assembly Portland finds meaning without religion

Sunday Assembly Portland is part of a secular global movement of wonder and good. Many people worldwide seek community, positivity and compassion and are looking for non-religious alternatives to provide them. We meet to sing songs, listen to inspiring talks, and joyfully celebrate the wonder of this one life we know we have!
Family friendly - Free - Everyone is welcome!

This month we welcome Will Hornyak: professor, advocate, and "storyteller par excellence" ( -The Oregonian) to present on the topic: the spirituality of storytelling.

homepage: homepage: http://portland.sundayassembly.com

But note the topic of the next talk 14.Aug.2014 15:02

Mike Novack

Possibly taking too narrow a view on the "what is religion" question. Sorry, but as soon as I see "spiritual" but not "religion" my take is that somebody is deciding something religious isn't religion.

There is no physical existence component to the "spiritual". By which I am NOT saying that the spiritual isn't real, just that we have moved over into the realm of discourse of "religion".