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Mad, Maleficent, Murderous Main Street Media

See my comments with supporting evidence that the main street media is a murderous fraud on the world stage.
geral illuminates fbi corruption, criminality, gratuitous treachery
geral illuminates fbi corruption, criminality, gratuitous treachery


For almost two decades I have reported to, government officials, politicians, media, courts, etc. the multiple and ongoing felonies committed against me by the fbi/cia in their efforts to silence criticism of fbi atrocities. I have presented compelling scientific evidence and personal testimony supported by indisputable factual data that the fbi/cia/nsa are torturing me 24/7 with directed energy weaponry (microwave or ELF), and with chemical/biological and viral assaults even as the fbi/cia continue their 24/7 electronic and physical surveillance with psychological torture of me as a Target globally. Not a single main street media group has made the slightest effort to report on this phenomenon which threatens all the world's population in one way or another.
Yet, great global, main street media news coverage is provided to the so-called NSA whistleblowers who run around the globe revealing only a fraction, peripherally, of the real substantive murderous corruption by fbi/cia/mossad,surete, and their friends Germany, Italy, Australia, etc., that I and others report. Perhaps the intelligence services use the NSA stories to deflect or distract from the real atrocities affecting millions globally. In any event the main street news representatives are mad, maleficent and murderous because they cover up the atrocities and crimes against humanity that I and others labor and suffer to bring to light { Note that each time I use the computer to send out my reports the fbi intensifies the DEW assaults which have the effect of incapacitating me as though I am imprisoned in my own body via sleep deprivation and other disturbing symptoms}.
Thus I hope that the world notices the complete fraud that is today's main street news group and their so-called reporters in main street media may now be seen for what they truly are:
mad, maleficent, murderous

operatives of the evil thugs and assassins of the global intelligence apparatus that presently seek to control the minds of men and women everywhere and for all tie.


Torture program:


My Story:



Political Persecution:

 link to rudy2.wordpress.com

My Story:

 link to rudy2.wordpress.com
Synthetic Telepathy:

 link to rudy2.wordpress.com

USA intentions are gaged in the way the fbi/cia conduct affairs, foreign & domestic:
Collapse of USA:


Meaning of fbi efforts to silence me:


twenty years of my work:




Police State:




Eugenics (New Orleans Indy Media bans this report):


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Oh Hell Yes 14.Aug.2014 12:42

Get Real

Millions of dollars and thousands upon thousands of manhours wasted on one single moron trying to kill him and shut him up, and here he is still posting the same insane shit over and over again. Nobody has stopped you from saying or posting any stupid shit you want, Geral, You have been at it steady for years and years repeating the same delusional, insane crap over and over. You must be a fly, good only to eat shit and annoy people. Why don't you worry about something real, like the cops murdering minority teens all over the US, get the fuck out in the street and protest about that, you selfish old dork.