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Summary Of Twenty Years Of My Efforts Against fbi Assassins

See my reports that reflect my campaign to stay alive in the face of a flood of assaults by fbi's thugs.
My Activism Against fbi Thugs Begins, Year 2000
My Activism Against fbi Thugs Begins, Year 2000
Collapse of USA:

 link to lissakr11humane.com

Meaning of fbi efforts to silence me:




Police State:




Geral Sosbee
After the initial decade of unfathomable assaults (physical & psychological) against me (beginning in about 1988, continuing to date by cowardly, underhanded & backstabbing fbi) I awakened to the reality of the nightmare facing me and I began my own resistence against the fbi thugs in about the year 2000. The fbi's dirty and criminal/felonious efforts to harm or kill me have continued 24/7, globally and uninterrupted since then to this very moment ( a twenty five year ladder of pain and suffering witnessed in large part by the congress & the courts). This photo is part of an ad I placed in the Hollywood Reporter in the year 2000 as an announcement to the world of the homicidal corruption of the federal burro of investigation (fbi). I was then and remain now in a struggle for life and sanity.

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Thanks for the Look at Idiocy 08.Aug.2014 13:10

Get Help

So the FBI has tried to kill you and stop you from getting your story out for 25 years, huh. What a crock of shit. Delusional is your name, stupidity is your game. You can't make this shit up, wait....... Oh, yes you did!!!

Sosbee Offers Something 08.Aug.2014 21:19


You have lost it to Bush Jr. and Obama. Our Dear Leader now has the power to slay us whenever she/he feels the urge! Sosbee offers something beyond our overwhelming hypocrisy and learned helplessness.

What do the rest of us have to offer that is more real?