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Video: Portland Rally to Support Immigrant Children Refugees

Rally in Portland Oregon supporting immigrant children refugees. Features testimonials from "dreamers" who have grown up in the United States.

Video: Portland Rally to Support Immigrant Chidren Refugees
Rally was held in front of the Portland Federal Building in downtown Portland, sponsored by a number of organizations, including religious groups. Prominent among these was Interfaith Movement for Immigrant Justice
The event was moderated by Marco Mejia of Portland Jobs with Justice, who introduced the music as well as the three young people giving testimony regarding their status in this country.

These youth spoke about their experiences in this country and their desire to remain and continue being productive citizens of this country.
Video is about 19 minutes in length.

Video: Portland Rally to Support Immigrant Chidren Refugees

135,028 people 06.Aug.2014 21:05


> The number of legal processed (people who chose follow the process we already have in place) immigrants from Mexico in 2012.

What should be the annual limit? 1,000,000, 5,000,000 10,000,000 ?

Obviously, Mexico is a crappy place to live for the poor and minorities (you think we're racist? - visit Mexico!) but it's to the point where legally immigrated Mexicans (and Central America) question the policy - people I know personally wonder why the U.S. allows so many cartel criminals to live here under the guise of "family" people.

Fact: 20% of all people who identify themselves as Honduran (everywhere in the world), are in the United States.

This Makes No Sense 07.Aug.2014 08:33


Why would "child refugees" even exist? Did they simply run away from home to a foreign country?

I'm hearing a totally different story about this, and certainly not from "right wingers." It goes like this:

NGOs (U.S. funded "non-governmental" agencies) are simply stealing little children from their parents in central and south America. And simply shipping them up through Mexico to the U.S. border, from where they are sent to various locations here. No one seems to know what will be done to these children. It would seem that they should be sent back home to their parents; refugees are not normally just stolen from their parents.

Most of Mexico (aside from the drug-lands) is not a bad place to live (and it's not where the children are said to be coming from). Homeless people in central Mexico are far better off than those in California, for example.

The border patrol forces do not really stop criminals from entering the U.S. But unless an American is wealthy, a doctor, or an airline pilot, or Jessie Ventura, for example, any American will be prevented from escaping from the U.S. to Mexico.

Not everything is a freakish conspiracy 07.Aug.2014 08:58


Blues--get a grip man. These kids are coming here to get away from the violence, much of that a product of our trade policies, as well as our support for right wing military dictatorships. Stir in the drug war, and you have a lethal mix. Most of these kids are not even coming from Mexico--they are largely from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras, all places where our foreign policy has helped devastate society. Many also are seeking their parents who have migrated to the US to make something better for their children, much of that need again a product of US policy.

You really need to spend more time talking with people, such as those who have fled the violence, instead of reading conspiracy theories on the internet.

Yeah, Everything Really Is A Freakish Conspiracy 07.Aug.2014 10:09


Except for you, Garth.

You think they are going to just come out and tell you, Garth?

Maybe not?

what in the hell 07.Aug.2014 23:39


Blues, I seriously think you are delusional. As someone who has spent a good amount of time in mexico, reading shit like "Homeless people in central Mexico are far better off than those in California, for example" shows me you are completely pulling this stuff out of your ass. You have no idea what levels of poverty exist in Mexico. There is nothing like it in the US, and even the limited services we have here for our homeless folks is miles ahead of what is available in Mexico.

yes, we have had decades of people crossing the border illegaly, but now suddenly it is due to an evil American NGO plot? Get a grip dude.

After you are done rallying for these kids, 08.Aug.2014 09:31


can you rally for our kdis?

There are over 3000 homeless families in tech rich Seattle.

The free/reduced lunch rate is over 40% in Seattle Schools.

The Seattle food banks are serving more and more every week with less and less to give.

We need all the rally help you can give.


Actually, yes 08.Aug.2014 09:50


Yes Blues, I do think people will come out and tell me. Because you know what I do? I talk with them, and I talk with them as an ally with a track record. And that track record of working with immigrant rights groups might not even matter. Go to VOZ sometime and talk to people and ask them their stories. People want to talk, as Studs Terkel understood. If you actually tried this, you would find that to be true.

Really, think about what you are saying. You refuse to believe the stories of the numerous people who live this reality every day--and by the way, this is nothing new for these folks who have had this type of refugee based migration since the Dirty Wars, while the migration for economics goes back further--but because somebody on a website tells you something that you want to believe, you buy into the latter. That's not rational.

Rally Aug. 9 at Noon in Portland! 08.Aug.2014 11:58


Be there!

I Doubt The People Who Are Shipping In The Children Will Tell Anything 08.Aug.2014 12:18


Just talking with Mexicans who jumped the border means talking mostly with people in some sort of trouble, running from the law, from gangs, etc. They are not representative of typical Mexicans. And Mexico is a very big country, so some places are more civilized than others.

Anyway, real wealth is the possession of happiness and security, not of swimming pools, fancy cars and computers. The website of the great Dmitri Orlov, who lived in the USSR during the economic catastrophe that ruined that country during the Yeltsin Regime, (Orlov was born in Leningrad (now Saint Petersburg) and moved to the United States at the age of 12. He has a BS in Computer Engineering and an MA in Applied Linguistics.) has made this clear:

CLUBORLOV.com — Village Medicine — by "A Canadian MD" — July 08, 2014

A large proportion of the population of North America (probably around 15-25%, although precise figures are unavailable) takes antidepressants, anti-anxiety and/or sleeping medications—and this is during the supposed "good times"! We can expect to see this figure increase in the coming years as more people become subjected to acute psychological stress. What causes the psychological stress? There isn't a simple correlation between psychological stress and living standards. For example, people in present-day "poor but happy" countries such as Costa Rica, with a much lower material standard of living than we do, enjoy happy, fulfilling, purposeful lives. It's difficult to tell whether people today are generally happier than people in the past, but judging by our antidepressant and tranquillizer intake, this seems unlikely. The main factor seems to be the direction of change in living standards rather than the absolute level. People don't seem to like change, especially change for the worse, and especially when they are unprepared for it. If this is the case, then if we are psychologically prepared for a fall in living standards, we may respond better if and when it comes.

But the real issue of this article is little children who are removed from their families in countries to the south of Mexico, and sent to places in the U.S. Who pays for that, and why? And just what will these children be indoctrinated to do here? To what uses are they to be put?

And as we all should know, we are not even taking care of our own poor children:

Hunger Notes — How Many Children are Hungry in the United States? A Reader Asks — by Editor, Hunger Notes — published in 2003 or later

--36.3 million people--including 13 million children--live in households that experience hunger or the risk of hunger. This represents more than one in ten households in the United States (11.2 percent). This is an increase of 1.4 million, from 34.9, million in 2002.

--3.5 percent of U.S. households experience hunger. Some people in these households frequently skip meals or eat too little, sometimes going without food for a whole day. 9.6 million people, including 3 million children, live in these homes.

--7.7 percent of U.S. households are at risk of hunger. Members of these households have lower quality diets or must resort to seeking emergency food because they cannot always afford the food they need. 26.6 million people, including 10.3 million children, live in these homes.

Why do we need more hungry children when we won't even feed the ones that were born here?

Exact Problem 08.Aug.2014 12:54


See Blues, you showed the exact problem I was talking about. In my original comment I wrote that 3/4 of these kids are from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. But your first sentence right above deals only with Mexicans, and makes an incredible generalization at that which has nothing to do with reality. Since reality butts up against your conspiracy, you don't care about reality and keep throwing out things that uphold your unreality. Standard for you, I might add. All I am waiting for is you to tell us how simple score voting will solve this problem.

I'm Documenting Things. Some Others Just Make Big Claims 08.Aug.2014 14:13


My tiny opening paragraph supposedly expressed an "incredible generalization [....] which has nothing to do with reality," but which simply stated that people jumping the border from Mexico must be in some sort of trouble, and thus not be representative of typical Mexicans. This is only logical since many of them have perished attempting to do this. That tiny opening paragraph is all I said about Mexico, and it is comprised of exactly 47 words.

The rest of my comment contains 555 words, and expresses (1) that many people south of the U.S. border feel happy and secure remaining where they are:

"For example, people in present-day 'poor but happy' countries such as Costa Rica, with a much lower material standard of living than we do, enjoy happy, fulfilling, purposeful lives."

And (2) that vast numbers of U.S. citizens are living in misery:

"3.5 percent of U.S. households experience hunger. Some people in these households frequently skip meals or eat too little, sometimes going without food for a whole day. 9.6 million people, including 3 million children, live in these homes."

Note: 47 words/555 words = less than 8.5%.

I solidly document my assertions, include good impartial links, and use basic logical analysis. Then commenters simply make big claims supported by no links, evidence, or logic, and then say to me: "you don't care about reality and keep throwing out things that uphold your unreality." And then they add petty insults. Why should I play this silly game anymore?

Wrong 08.Aug.2014 18:14


You don't use logical analysis at all. If you ever did, we would declare a national holiday.

To the real point, who gives a flying fuck about use of depressants? The fact is that kids and adults from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala have stated they are fleeing violence, and in general other people in that region who leave do so because of trade policies as well. The depressants thing is a nice point, but you might as well follow it with your approval of Darwin's work. It has nothing to do with the point at hand.

As to the US children, yes, but again not the point. It is US policy here that causes those problems, and US policy there that causes those problems. I have no idea what your point is as it relates to children--and adults--fleeing violence that we have largely caused.

But please continue with your NGO plot. And tell me when simple score voting fits in.

yes he is 10.Aug.2014 19:42


blues is batshit crazy, just accept it.

I only check this site anymore to see what kind od crazy shit he is posting.