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Revolution Through Art

We are looking for artist revolutionaries, activists and canvassers that are interested in living and working at our Eco-Village in N.E. Portland. We are addressing issues like homelessness and police abuse among others. Feel free to drop us a line!
As artists at this point in the evolution of our species, we can no longer do art for arts sake. We must take responsibility to put out and live out creative archetypes for Planetary Survival - or there will be no art. Ask us what we call the great, "What If". What if we took over the Empire State Building, made it into a giant solar collector, into artists' studios, or into...? What if we did away with currency and replaced it with communication?

What if we organized neighborhood communities, began growing our own food, doing our Art locally?
What if! Sure, you can scoff at these ideas with your slick, well developed cynicism, name them naive, idealistic and therefore unrealistic. Are we to believe it is realistic to continue our diversified suicide by killing the oceans, destroying tropical rain forests, depleting the ozone, extincting species, poisoning our air, water, and soil? Is it realistic to remain a lonely soul-shredded drone clone for this death culture? Are we to passively accept this destiny like the gutless Germans did in WW2? Are we to ignore the stench of charred intestines? That's not realistic, that's really stupid.

So listen deadweight, your cynicism is a lack of mental tenacity in disguise because if we live for anything less than the ideal, we're dead. We realize these What If mind-drawings aren't just going to pop into existence. We've lived community for years and we know that changing reflexes is ceaseless and arduous work. We understand that there will be incredible dues to pay, but the alternative is to lose the Planet, to lose Life. Your "No". your cynicism is just another self-indulgent cop out, another rancid rationalization to maintain your pathetic and lame deathstyle. That weak line of dilettante drivel disintegrates in the rare radiance of reason. So get to work in the Art of the Cosmic Revolution. It's infinitely more exciting than "Working for the Clampdown". I mean what else is there to do, painfully pretend and play out some listless phony image that you were taught was success? How fucking boring! Commit yourself to Planetary Work. The last and ultimate adventure is in Alchemic Art, creating the Real from the Ideal. Apprentice to the Art of Life. There is power. There is magic. Believe it! Then work it!

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