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Cut Off All Gas To Europe Forever

Here are some figures from Wiki (propaganda) pedia. (Note that as of August 1, 2014 Wikipedia is still claiming: "As a result of the events called as Crimean crisis, the sovereignty over the peninsula is currently disputed between Ukraine and the Russian Federation." Um... no. It's part of Russia now, period.)
GDP (Gross Domestic Product in US dollars):

Germany 3,635,959,000

Ukraine 176,309,000


Germany 80,716,000

Ukraine 45,400,000 (including Crimea, which really is now part of Russia; Wikipedia gives various differing figures)

So, dividing GDP dollars by the population figures, we have:

Germany $3,635,959,000/80,716,000 = $45.046 excess dollars per person.

Ukraine $176,309,000/45,400,000 = $3.883 excess dollars per person.

The excess produced by each German divided by that produced by each Ukrainian is: 45.046/3.883 = 11.6008.

These GDP figures are rather fuzzy, by the way; some people count sex work as part of the GDP and other don't. If a skyscraper is built and then promptly torn down then both of these expenses are presumably counted as contributions to this GDP. But still, any comparison of Ukraine's productional infrastructure with Germany's should give one a clear basis for accepting the above figures. (If my math is valid.)

The thing to note is that Germany is a valuable place indeed; Ukraine not so much, since each German produces well over 11 times as much. So suppose Russia cuts off its huge supply of gas to Germany, and Germany's economy falls apart? The U.S.A. cannot frack everybody's back yard and send the gas to Europe. It would even have to be liquified via cooling and pressurizing in order to be shipped; and that would use up half its energy on the spot.

So is it really worth having the U.S.A. accepting a very great risk of starting a thermonuclear war (WWIII) with Russia over Ukraine? Do you want to risk getting fried while the eleets run for their deep underground palaces? I surely do not!

So I sincerely hope that Russia tells the Europeans to get in the way of the U.S.A.'s reckless and absurd Ukraine adventure and if they don't, they get no more gas ever again. After all if the nukes start flying it won't matter anyway.

Ignore the Headlies! Follow Nature's Way 01.Aug.2014 21:20


Stop listening to the mafia Main Scheme Media.

Russia is just another nation that refuses to submit to Bill Gates' bullying.

Why must we all die to submit to that fat little scumbag's power lust?

"Nature's Way" - Spirit

Ukrainian Jet Shot Down MH17 03.Aug.2014 12:01


This is some Malaysian Air MH17 cockpit wreckage. There are obviously many projectile holes riddling the fuselage. Around 30 mm. Same size as Ukrainian jets are armed with. check this out at www.lewrockwell.com/2014/08/no-author/was-malaysian-air-hit-by-a-missile-or-not/ This also illustrates the tremendous coverup operation orchestrated by the West to prevent this knowledge from ever becoming known to it's Zombified CNN audience. All that crap about "desecrating bodies" and tampering with black boxes was just so much hogwash- designed to divert attention to the forensic FACTS so clearly displayed in the wreckage. Putin told the truth and Kerry lied once again.
They Knew from The Begining A Fighter Jet Did It
They Knew from The Begining A Fighter Jet Did It