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Captain James Duke, losing his command?

James Duke. Captain James Duke. Losing job after impregnating prostitute and hitting her with his vehicle
Captain James Duke Jr. is likely losing his command in Everett WA, after getting Pepper or Nicole Preggers well known prostitute pregnant then assaulting her with his vehicle. According to Snohomish County Police, Duke admitted to using his vehicle to force his pregnant girlfriend to move. Reports indicate she was supposed to be on bed rest after miscarrying one of the babies days earlier and lost the other due to the incident.

The Navy who has had trouble with their commanders lately, said they are looking into Capt. Dukes judgment, actions, statements and providing false or misleading statements under oath. Capt. Duke claimed he knew her by Nicole Davis and was unaware she was a prostitute until later. He alleged in court documents he was targeted, she was never pregnant, demanded money from him, and extorted him. It was discovered his allegations were false after text messages provided to the court proved otherwise. Medical records also proved she was pregnant and conceived during the time he reported they were dating.
Court records show the prostitute was involved in a prostitution sting, perjury, bribery, money laundering, massage and illegal videotaping case 5+ years ago. I don't know if we will ever know if she targeted him and got pregnant on purpose, if they began their relationship as a business transaction that went bad, or later became one.

The Navy has a very strict policy in regards to its commanders. They have demoted or fired for dishonesty, immorality, drinking and driving. Most notably Commander Michael Ward, who sent an email to a woman claiming he died to end an affair. The Navy fired him after they charged him with adultery, dereliction of duty, and conduct unbecoming to an officer and a gentleman.

Capt. Vernon Parks said in a statement."Our Navy has a very clear and unambiguous standard regarding the character of our commanding officers, spelled out in the" Charge of Command". The Navy's Charge of Command explicitly states, "It is your responsibility to meet the highest standards of personal and professional conduct at all times. All Commanding Officers and others in authority in the naval service are required to show in themselves a good example of honor, virtue, patriotism, and subordination." Anything less will not be tolerated.

Fellow Naval officer confided Capt. Duke was not handpicked for his command. He went on to say "I have no idea what was going through his head when he attempted to move her with his vehicle. His dishonesty, and actions were extremely reckless, demonstrated poor judgment and are an embarrassment on the Navy. It will certainly cost him his command. The Navy will never support such behavior from its commanders." He also wanted to make clear "Our men have come a long way in taking responsibility when getting women pregnant before paternity can be established, and his failure to take the moral high ground shouldn't be a deterrent for all the good men in uniform who do".

Captain James Duke, losing his command 31.Jul.2014 18:52


Captain James Duke

? I want to see the evidence 02.Aug.2014 07:23


Facebook never seizes to amaze me. I saw this link and had to weigh in. I served with Captain Duke, and he is a short tempered hard ass. However, I'd be surprised if he did the things this article is alleging. I do know, last year there were whispers he may lose his command after his last relationship turned messy and became Navy business. His actions were somewhat questionable in my opinion, but nothing like this. He's been around long enough to know that the moment he put it in drive, and let the foot of the break his career was over. In my opinion, the Navy would never allow a commander to stay in command even if he almost hit her. A commander to be deceptive or anything less than 100% truthful and up front will certainly end a career, and likely get you fired. I doubt he would put himself in that position. What would be really nice if someone could go to the court house, and get a copy of the public file and post it. Then we could all see what really happened. So until then don't believe everything you read.

people never learn 16.Aug.2014 19:17


Have you ever seen the movie sliding doors? 2 different story lines that run parallel showing what her life would have been if she caught the train, and what it would have been if she missed it. It just goes to show how even one action can change your life for the worse. I wonder if this commander ever thinks to himself, if I hadn't hit her with my car the police wouldnt have been called. My family, friends and colleagues wouldnt know I got a prostitute pregnant and me and my familys reputation and career wouldnt be in the toilet.How did anyone find out she was a prostitute? I can't imagine either of them would be so stupid to volunteer that information and put their families through that embarrassment. That would have been a secret I would have taken to the grave. Looks like they deserve eachother.

James Duke 08.Sep.2014 19:10


Now we find out that they have covered up a sexual assault from a different woman. How many times can he say he didn't do it, she's lying before the navy boots this guy out.Does he really expect anyone to believe he'd turn down 35g to take a simple test to prove he's telling the truth. Who here would turn down 35g to take the test? Not me!

He turned down $35,000 to take polygraph! 08.Sep.2014 19:24


Who would turn down $35,000 to take a polygraph if you were telling the truth?

What a idiot 15.Sep.2014 15:49

Nancy Mcgowen

Hell no! Are you crazy? I asked everyone I know and they all agree the only person to turn that kind of money down is someone lying. She may be a prostitute but a brilliant one. I would have never thought to offer money and a polygraph even if I had $35,000 sitting in my account. Am i the only one who finds it suspicious that he files for a restraining order for making a scene at his church but wouldn't file a police report for being extorted or defrauding him? I would be filing a police report before a restraining order. Something smells fishy and I don't think its his prostitutes!

the bastard child CAPT Duke sired 17.Mar.2015 07:15


Here is the baby he said he didn't father. He made a "deal" with the mother to not prosecute her for extortion if she didn't pursue paternity or any financial assistance from him for this child.