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corporate dominance | imperialism & war

911 inside Job to Mid-East Nightmare

Ten year plus retrospective
The idiocracy continues
The idiocracy continues
I can blame Israel or the US for current circumstances in the world
as much as I can blame the collapse of the Ottoman Empire to
European industrialization.

Yes the later claim is as true as the former, but we are to blame too.

Perhaps no one is really in charge but corporate persons. The nation state
appear pawns to these groups. The supreme court recognizes them as having
rights as persons too.

Indeed in the last couple of weeks of war watching certain stock values
increasing quite a bit for certain corporations. Yes a logical consequence
of delusional paranoia or realism. Its hard to tell the difference in this
environment and hard to prove either; but by historical coincidence.

What the Dow goes from 8,000 to 17,000 as you standard of living goes to
well some what in the opposite direction. Even for those academics sporting
global climate change. That is if you can manage to afford school.

So will Jim Crow go? Yes, it can't follow us to the grave. Will you let
Jim Crow live for your kids to know? Perhaps, but limiting the sociopaths
corporate propensities is more important than ever as they are programs
not people. What programs?

Oh yes in sum growth programs. Computer programs. Each and everyone
risks your life if you don't take control of yours. Indeed that it.
Sell high and buy low. Divest now.

Lol 31.Jul.2014 10:44


Thanks for reminding me why I check this site, you can't make this stuff up (wait a minute you did).