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imperialism & war

End Portland's 'sister city' relationship with Ashkelon, Israel

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Ashkelon became an Israeli city when Israeli armed forces invaded the city in 1948, forcing out most of its native inhabitants. In the shadow of Israel's latest war against the Palestinian people, Portland's City Council can take a stand against colonialist, imperialist war-making by the Israeli government against the Palestinian people. We call on Portland City Council to end the 'sister city' relationship, sanctioned by city government, with Ashkelon.

Portland City Council, Councilperson Amanda Fritz
Mayor Charlie Hales, Mayor
Nick Fish, Commissioner Nick Fish
Dan Saltzman, Commissioner Dan Saltzman
Steve Novick, Commissioner Steve Novick

End Portland's 'sister city' relationship with Ashkelon, Israel.

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 link to www.change.org