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VIDEO: A die in protest in front of Sen Wyden's office - PDX 7.21.14

A large group of people gathered outside of Sen. Wyden's office on Monday in Portland to protest the US involvement and support of Israel. After a couple speeches many folks laid down on the sidewalk (Die In) to simulate all those being killed in Gaza with US taxpayers money.
A die in protest in front of Sen Wyden's office in NE Portland Oregon on Monday at 1:30 in the afternoon.
This protest was to demand and end to US aiding Israel in attacking the people of Palestine.
Sen. Wyden and 100 other Senators approved a bill to help fiancÚ the recent attack on the Palestinian people with US taxpayers money.

 http://youtu.be/5y0GlRA7Luw [video 17 min]

Israel is now carrying out a ground invasion of Gaza. In Portland Oregon an emergency rally / die in was organized with the demand for an end to the recent bombing campaign of Gaza, along with an end to the ongoing siege of Gaza. The protest also demanded an end to Israel's raids, killings, beatings, and arrests in West Bank.

"We must act to stop this escalation before it continues any further and more lives are lost."

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