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Protests against US bombings and attacks on Gaza

Over 1,000 people rallied and marched to express their outrage and grief at yet another Israeli attack on Gaza.
Over 1,000 people rallied and marched in downtown Portland yesterday to express their outrage and grief at yet another Israeli attack on Gaza. Over 700 Palestinians, mostly
civilians and over 100 children, have been killed. After 60+ years of a relentlessly brutal, violent and crushing occupation, how much more do the Palestinians have to endure??
What can we do here to stop this horrendous injustice and occupation?

What can we do? 25.Jul.2014 20:19


The following is an opinion:

I tell you want we can do. We can encourage the innocent Palestinians to think next time before they democratically vote in to power, an unbelievably incompetent group such as Hamas. Given the overwhelming strength of the Israelis, you'd think that the innocent Palestinian people would not hand over decision making to a group such as Hamas. You'd think that the people of Gaza would channel their efforts towards positive economic practices rather than having more children and agreeing to store crappy Iranian rockets in their buildings and make tunnels (Tunnels, WTF?). Some people would suggest that if Gaza wasn't turned over by the Israeli's, lives could have been saved since the Jews would have been able to prevent rockets from being set up in the first place - this may have prevented the ridiculous practice of provoking a superior enemy. However, I have read the Hamas Charter (Outrageous!) so I know what the Palestinians really want - they voted for it.

David and Goliath 25.Jul.2014 22:32


Tons of computer guided explosives launched from air land and sea, against pounds of launch pointed ( guess) rockets. One side standing up against Jim Crow. The other side takes on weapon debt such that their children may be permanently enslaved by violence. Both with God on their side. Good luck.
Choose Freedom Over Security
Choose Freedom Over Security

hey, anon... 26.Jul.2014 12:58


"Despite the difficult conditions, the people of Gaza and their political leaders have recently moved to resolve their conflicts "without arms and harm" through the process of reconciliation between factions, their leadership renouncing titles and positions, so that a unity government can be formed abolishing the divisive factional politics operating since 2007. This reconciliation, although accepted by many in the international community, was rejected by Israel. The present Israeli attacks stop this chance of political unity between Gaza and the West Bank and single out a part of the Palestinian society by destroying the lives of people of Gaza. Under the pretext of eliminating terrorism, Israel is trying to destroy the growing Palestinian unity. Among other lies, it is stated that civilians in Gaza are hostages of Hamas whereas the truth is that the Gaza Strip is sealed by the Israelis and Egyptians."


This is written by people who've been there, not subservient media or our political leaders who go there to be wined and dined and lick their chops over the donations they receive from arms-makers and well-funded political action committees.