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Cascade Media Convergence September 19th-21st

Invitation to be part of the Cascade Media Convergence, a weekend of workshops, networking sessions and for community based media makers and artists taking place September 19th-21st. Events will primarily take place at the University of Oregon, Turnbull Center at 70 NW Couch in Portland's Old Town.
The Cascade Media Convergence will be an experiment in the power of democratic community based media. Along with sharing our skills and examples of awesome media based organizing, we will look to find ways to better integrate the work we are doing as media makers and artists on a regional level and begin the discussion of how we can build a media movement. Consider this an open invitation to initiate a process, we're not looking to be the final word on alternative media organizing in the Pacific Northwest, but we want to create a space to explore the possibilities of closer collaboration.

The CMC will be a regional gathering of community based media organizations, journalists and artists to come together to network, explore democratic models of media production and distribution, and discuss ways to continue collaboration and build toward a regional media coalition. The convergence will seek to strike a balance between providing structured space to learn tangible skills, network with each other, and make strategic plans, while at the same time allowing for open space where new ideas, projects and partnerships can emerge. We want to have a wide spectrum of mediums represented at the gathering such as radio, video, community TV, print, tech, music, art and more. The primary goal is to highlight initiatives by organizations and artists using media as a transformative tool to empower the communities they work with.

Website: www.cascademedia.cc

E-mail:  info@cascademedia.cc

This event is sponsored by the University of Oregon Turnbull Center, the Wayne Morse Center for Law and Politics, and KBOO.

View the list of endorsing organizations  http://cascademedia.cc/wp/partners/

homepage: homepage: http://cascademedia.cc
phone: phone: 503.662.2185

media mixer 27.Jul.2014 10:16

Tuesday Aug 5th

The pre-event mixer 6-9pm is in August
At Weird Shift 201 N Alberta Ave
The Convergence is in September