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NO MORE U.S. BOMBS ON IRAQ! Rally this Saturday

On Saturday, July 26, there will be a rally for peace at Terry Schrunk Plaza (S.W. Third and Madison/Jefferson) in downtown Portland. The rally will start at noon and is coordinated by Peace and Justice Works - Iraq Affinity Group.
As of July 9, President Obama had sent at least 800 U.S. troops, ostensibly "advisors," to Iraq. Although it is claimed they will not engage in combat, there has already been talk of using drones, cruise missiles and Apache attack helicopters piloted by some of these "advisors." The potential for the situation to engulf a much broader conflict is heightened by the fact that Syria, Iran and Russia already have actively engaged militarily in Iraq on the same side the U.S. wishes to support, even though the U.S. position on those countries' stance in next-door Syria's civil war is completely opposite.

The U.S. destroyed Iraq's infrastructure twice -- in 1991 and 2003 -- and with its invasion the second time installed a government that emphasized, rather than downplayed, the sectarian lines along which Iraq is now fracturing.

The U.S. action comes amidst rising tensions all across the region, stretching from Ukraine and Pakistan to Israel/Palestine and Libya, as the U.S. economy (and infrastructure) continues to crumble under the burden of unparalleled military spending.

A rally for peace ("No More U.S. Bombs on Iraq!") is being held this Saturday (July 26) at noon at Terry Schrunk Plaza (S.W. Third at Madison/Jefferson), in downtown Portland.

The rally is coordinated by Peace and Justice Works - Iraq Affinity Group.

Supporters include: Veterans for Peace, Chapter 72; Recruiter Watch PDX; Oregon Physicians for Social Responsibility; Occupy Portland Elder Caucus; Freedom Socialist Party; Little Light of Mine Friends Worship Group; Women's International League for Peace and Justice; Portland Peaceful Response Coalition; American Friends Service Committee; and others.

More information can be found at:

Thank you.

no more bombs 23.Jul.2014 23:14