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End Of Days for US and EU and World Economy total economic crash predicted by Geneva

Total economic crash predicted by Geneva think tank headed by Arthur Swenson depression 20x worse than 1930s.
Arthur Swenson Relaxing in an Undisclosed location
Arthur Swenson Relaxing in an Undisclosed location
End Of Days for US and EU and World Economy total economic crash predicted by Geneva by BBC UK 10:14am, monday July 21 2014 from london UK End Of Days for US and AU and World Economy total economic crash predicted by Geneva think tank headed by Arthur Swenson depression 20x worse than 1930s. A Think tank in Geneva tracked Dr Swenson. Stated World Economic downturn 20x's worse than Great Depression to start in Fourth quarter of 2014. Peaking in 2015 and lasting till 2017. Money will have no value all basic sevices will be off, you will have to be prepaired to ride it out. Geneva think tank states comoditys will be the currency during this Depression the likes of the World has never scene. Arthur Swenson states the best things you can do to ready yourself and your family are.Buy all the Silver you can untill end of2014 to retain some wealth. Find a small home or peice of land in an unpopulated area if you can not buy a small home put a camper on the land and drill a well have a pump. Things you need a generator and fule to run the generator 6 hours a day for 2 or more years. Buy a ham radio (there will be no internet)buy 2 or more guns and cartriges 300 or more each. Stock pile canned/dried goods and everything else you would need. Put togeather a medical kit with antibiotics and a medical referance book plus instuments. (there will be no emergency rooms in operation)Also have packs of seeds to grow squash is easy to grow as is Swiss Chard and beets.Have a 4 wheel drive car and extra basic parts for it most importsnt a battery, and 2 100 liter drums of fule for the car incase you need to get out of the area your in.REMEMBER thoses who did not plan will attempt to steal from your and your family and group. If desperate they may even attempt to kill you trust no one outside your group. Over a million Americans Have Been Making ready to survive in isolated areas. They are stockpiling Supplies to last years. The 3 best spots to build a secrete refuge are Montana Vermont and Colorado. Anyone who fails to prepare is going to not weather the Economic crash. Predictions range from Other think tanks. 2012 to 2016. Genius DR. Swenson predicts April 2015 as the final collapse thats the date Americas debt interest will equal the GNP product but fast downturn will start Fourth quarter of 2014. Swenson states I started hoarding supplies last year and expect to have 10 years worth at My Vermont refuge. Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/current-economic-collapse-news-brief-jul-19-2014/#Wee1C5HXJRsSD5c3.99

Thanks For The Really Cool Picture Of Dr. Arthur Swenson 22.Jul.2014 00:01


Yes, we will surely have a "bugout location" somewhere up in the hills. This is probably a great idea. Except like, who can afford it?

I am hoarding laundry detergent. I figure people will be desperate to clean their socks, etc. They will give me some of their past-sell-by-date food for the detergent! It will beat gold by a country mile!

Thanks for the warning. We appreciate it. Especially the really cool picture of Dr. Arthur Swenson. This will surely help a lot in the bad times that are coming.

Buy silver now! 22.Jul.2014 19:41


Buy silver now, save some wealth for after civilization has collapsed.

Except, you can't eat silver, it doesn't help you get food or clean water, and I sure as hell ain't going to trade any of my food for it. This actually seems like pretty poor advice. It makes me almost question the motive of the person who posted the advertis... I mean article, and the motivation of anyone who agrees with it.

I was wrong 29.Jul.2014 22:01


You were right gos, this article is bullshit

I was wrong 30.Jul.2014 13:28


You were right blues, this article is great.

I belive this will happen 03.Aug.2014 00:20


The swanson guy is right I belive him.