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The Conspiracy Movement Strikes Again!

The obviously brand new passports also proves no one listed actually boarded any flight MH17.
Every passport gathered from the wreckage was absolutely totally and completely sparkly new as if it had never been touched before. This was shown in numerous youtube videos and higher quality photos. In any stack of passports gathered from people at random you would probably get one or two like that, but the fact that not a single one showed any wear at all proves that they were all printed a couple days prior to be used for falsifying who was on the plane. There should have been a mix of new, lightly used and totally dog eared passports if they really were as claimed. Once again, along with the phony DNA identification claims, the all 100 percent sparkly new passports reveal the lie. Obviously ZERO passports were on that plane, and a psy op team went through the wreckage and threw them there. The shoot down was well planned and teams were ready.
The rotten bodies proves no one living boarded that plane

Military commanders confirmed that a large portion of the bodies in the wreckage were rotten, drained of blood and dead for days before the plane even took off. HOW DO YOU EXPLAIN THAT ANOMALY WITH A RATIONAL BRAIN? Well, Rense said they were in the cargo hold and regular passengers were in the cabin, but that is a dubious claim when the air in the cargo hold of a 777 (which is pressurized) gets circulated through the main cabin as well as a normal matter of course which would have stunk so bad NO ONE would ever board, there were TONS of sparkly new passports and not a single used one, and "everyone was already DNA identified on DAY TWO" which would be flatly impossible.

The fact that flight MH17 continued on schedule without a hitch afterward also proves no one living boarded MH17 BECAUSE THAT ROUTE LOST ZERO AIRPLANES.
The fact that it is business as usual already also proves Route MH17 never lost an airplane. Can you see what I am getting at here? If you are waiting for the liars in the media to say OH, WE DID IT, THAT WAS FLIGHT 370, WE FAKED THE PASSPORTS, FAKED THE BOARDING LOGS FOR MH17 TO SPOOF BUSINESS AS USUAL AND SHOT DOWN FLIGHT 370 WITH ROTTEN BODIES ABOARD you are waiting for pathological liars to get well.
The media lies in this psy op just keep on giving - such as the 108 dead aids researchers on the plane, which this web site totally trashed, forcing a redaction of that statement and a reduction of that number to SIX. 108 DOES NOT EQUAL SIX. HOW DOES THAT MATCH THE BOARDING LOG? Quite well if it was phony and NEVER EXISTED.

This Was Not Developed By Me 21.Jul.2014 19:34


It comes from a very exotic conspiracy movement website. It would not be so exotic if I just outed it.

Wait, what... 22.Jul.2014 19:37


I'm confused are posting this because you think it is important, or because you are amazed at what a dump truck load of crazy looks like?

The Guy Who Researches These Articles Is Not At All "Right Wing" 23.Jul.2014 00:37


He does an amazing amount of solid research, and is a very intelligent engineer. His analyses tend to be "extreme," but they seem to broaden my perspective regarding possible narratives. (His site is JimStoneFreelance.com.)

I don't know if his various conclusions are valid or not, but we certainly do live in a time when cynicism seems quite appropriate. He backs up his conjectures with extensive details, and does avoid the goofyness that has become so common on many websites. So I think his material is worth reading, even when I don't agree with it.

Wait, what... 25.Jul.2014 06:55


Avoid the goofiness? Did we read the same article? Did you post another one that isn't batshit crazy?

So I have a theory, and it isn't batshit crazy because it has been proven in other cases. It is that people will come on to community website, where they don't agree with what ever the community is organized around, and then they post batshit crazy articles, so that any reasonable person coming to website for the first time sees the batshit crazy article and says to themselves "wow, that is batshit crazy, maybe this is not a website that I want to visit again." All they see is the batshit crazy stuff that some idiot posted and they don't look around for the more important information contained there in, and are driven away from the website.

The moral is: if you post batshit crazy articles, either you are batshit crazy, or you are doing it from a desire to see the website ignore and avoided by people.

So blues, which are you?

This Is Not An Academic Journal 25.Jul.2014 14:16


I put articles up here every so often and nine out of ten of them are very conventional. I doubt that you have really seen people attacking websites by posting conspiracy material. You think I would run such a conspiracy?

There sure are a lot of "coincidences" around this alleged MH17 shoot-down, and the website I mentioned above is not the only one to note them. Here's another site completely unrelated to the one I mentioned:


Also, as I said, I do not agree with Jim Stone on everything, but he seems to have no hidden agenda. He even posts retractions when he feels his evidence might have defects. For instance, today he has put up:

July 24 2014


Flight 370/MH17 flag/window report redacted due to possible error, However, the wreckage piece is STILL not from MH17, something is amiss.

My final report on this is being left up to show people how the possible error was made.

HERE IS THE REDACTION: It appears that the flight 370 photos online have been tampered with to move the flag forward after the flag location anomaly was mentioned. (the flag on MH17 did not match the wreckage, but the flag on flight 370 did and subsequently it appears photos of flight 370 have been messed with to move the flag forward to the same position as the flag on MH17.) So I have another way to make all of this obvious, despite tampered with photos online:

Take another look at the wreckage photo:


It's obvious that our current awful political crisis was mainly created by the 9/11 conspiracy, which has now been completely proven. Please check out:

Paul Craig Roberts (former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury) — WTC 7 Now A Proven Case Of Controlled Demolition

If they would do THAT...

I see... 25.Jul.2014 17:56


So batshit crazy then?

good work, blues 13.Aug.2014 08:15

a man

try to ignore our "bat shit" troll