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Video; No Immigration Amnesty is protested at Portland Ore. Mexican Consulate 7 18 19

A protest by March for America attracted a couple proponents in front of the Mexican Consulate on July 18 2014 in Portland Oregon. Only a couple people were there to protest the No Amnesty idea. The couple dozen other people who were at the Consulate were anti-protesters who were there in solidarity of immigrants rights and human rights and to stand united against the rise of unjust immigration laws.
Portland Oregon:

 http://youtu.be/34VN369bUho (video 27 min)

A protest for 'March for America' was held around the US and in Portland on 7.18.14
The "No Amnesty" Protesters (two) in Portland Oregon, were met by over 2 dozen folks who are against their "No Amnesty Immigration protest".

The two March for America protesters debated principles with the "anti-protesters" who are standing in solidarity with human rights issues and our southern geographical neighbors who are impacted by US Trade agreements, US imperialism borders and unjust laws.

This anti-protest action --> to counter the rally's around the US, was filmed on 7.18.14 in front of the Mexican Consulate in Portland Oregon.

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