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Netanyahu Shells Gaza Hospital -- Arrest This War Criminal!

Another Israeli war crime, another transparent and intentional massacre.
According to several international sources Netanyahu tanks and/or heavy artillary shelled the Al Aqsa hospital in central Gaza on Monday morning July 21, killing several patients. By all conventions this is a war crime.

Join in voices calling for the International Criminal Court in the Hague to indict those reponsible for these atrocities.

Is the Wyden protest mentioned in previous post on Monday July 21 or Tuesday July 22?

Netanyahu? What About Obama? 21.Jul.2014 11:36


Obama has been a war criminal since his first week in office. Ask yourselves: Who has killed/terrorized/tortured more innocents, Netanyahu or Obama? This is not a defense of Israel; it's a protest against the hypocrisy of the faux-left. Netanyahu would never commit his crimes without the implicit military, political and economic support of U.S. hegemons.

Want to stop much of the terrorism in the world? Stop Obama and his allies.

Before that 21.Jul.2014 12:50

birds of a feather

And then before Obama it was Bush doing all the terrorism etc.
It is the US / Israel mainstay these days, no need to pin it only on one man.

ok! 21.Jul.2014 13:54


If one of the hundreds of rockets being fired into Israel happens to hit a hospital, I'm sure you will be just as vocal right?

No, of course you won't.

Jim Crow has got to go 21.Jul.2014 19:58


After liquidating Egyptian popular leadership, Egypt appears involved in the liquidation of Gazan leadership with a US truce. A truce that can only be imagined by General Custer.

Jim Crow is coming to an end. Live a slave or dye in a grave. Freedom is coming. If only in a grave. Jim crow will be no more.
Jim Crow has got to go
Jim Crow has got to go

senate resolution 22.Jul.2014 09:19


Oh, but our glorious senate wrote and passed unanomously a resolution supporting this current Gaza action. No dissenters. Mr. Wyden included.

If justice were an eye for a eye, the Israelis are so far ahead in this game that all the fecundity possessed by the current living Palestinians could never catch up. These officials go to Israel, are treated to the religious sites, wined and dined, the corporations who sponsor their membership in our government get to reap in a portion of the billions earmarked for Israeli support, and come home to do this. Do they actually have a conscience that hasn't escaped from them in horror? Doesn't it strike one that Israeli Nazis are now in charge of the ghettos and camps? Like in Warsaw and Auschwiz. Seems the survivors learned very well, didn't they.

Brian Baird, a former Washington rep, after other trips to Israel, actually visited Gaza on, I believe his last as an elected official. For me, and I think many others, there was a decided change in his demeanor and tone regarding this whole situation. I believe that, and the fact that he was treated to obvious physical threats in his town-hall meetings after the shit fell in on the financial sector in 2007, prompted him to not go through another election cycle. I notice he's a registered lobbyist; I guess that's natural. And maybe I'm wrong about him, but he might have been the last real member of either house that I can name besides Kucinich that makes me feel that there may be more than just out-of-touch and condescending mercenaries within its chambers.

Fuck them all.

Nice god they got there, huh?

Why Israel should accept Hamas's terms ... 22.Jul.2014 18:56


The best editorial yet. What Hamas wants is exactly what would flow in any peace plan, once Hamas accepts Israel's right to exist.


Actually no (not by the "conventions") 23.Jul.2014 05:07

Mike Novack

Apparently confusion being caused by the term "hospital" (for the purposes of the the "conventions of war").

The term does NOT mean a building built as a hospital, currently used as a hospital (among other things), etc.

It means those things PLUS not being used as a military site. If, in a conflict, one side (call them side A) arms a hospital, places military positions there, etc. then the site has lost its "hospital" status AND (still according to those same conventions) the blame assigned to this loss of status lies with side A.

We of course are free to disregard these conventions, choose to argue that STILL side B is to blame for "attacking a hospital". But then we aren't entitled to say "according to the conventions". By the conventions, a hospital with a command post bunker in the basement, a rocket launcher in the hospital courtyard, etc. ISN'T a hospital, a school not a school, etc. etc. According to the conventions, "human shields" or "immune site shields" are considered the responsibility of those employing them, not whoever continues to attack despite them.

Don't believe me? Look it up for yourself. There is a LOT we might disagree with in the standard "conventions of war".

no mistake here 23.Jul.2014 10:13


Just what have the Palestinians ever gotten from compromising with Israel? Do they recognize any right of any Palestinian within Israel proper? I think Hamas recognizes the obvious. Israel exists. Will Israel recognize the right of people to freedom, commerce, and liberty or recognize generations of interest other than nationalistic Israeli in Israel? The propaganda and literal ignorance of the situation on the part of so many of casual supporters of Israel is terrible, well beyond confusion of a definition of a word like 'hospital' to military conventions.

Mike, you might be correct, but, sorry, I personally haven't keyed in on the particular word 'hospital'. Israel is taking pot-shots at people in a cage, people whom they've had under seige. Israel does not want peace in Gaza, they want them gone and offer nothing but cease fire, not some kind of just end to the situation. Israel is just as responsible as Hamas for keeping this situation constantly smouldering, is just as stubborn, and just as recalcitrant. While Americans might mistake the fact that Israel has been able to move the discussion from their god in relation to the land of Israel proper, isn't that the basic foundation of this, some crap written by themselves in a book of dubious history? That god even in that book is no less inflamatory and its nationalistic Zionist representatives today in political Israel are no less fervent than the representatives of its Arab cousin, Allah. What one might see in difference is cultural and circumstantial, not philosophioal.

We're all here, right? (share values, assumptions) 23.Jul.2014 13:21

Mike ,Novack

Shaker, let's forget Israelis and Palestinians for a moment (we'll come back to what you said). Let's think about a situation HERE, what we consider "unfair".

Let's suppose for whatever reason you are very very angry with me. So you've gone out an gotten a "Saturday night special", in this case an old rusty .22 with a short barrel. And you are out there is the street 50 yards away from me blasting away at me (who you can see holds a .30 rifle in my arms). Now naturally you haven't managed to hit me yet; first of all you are inexperienced, close your eyes at every shot, etc. More or less blasting away at random. Of course sooner or later you might get lucky. So I, being a reasonable shot, put one through your chest.

Premise? Do you consider that I have treated you unfairly? I should also aim poorly? I should ignore you (and your intent) because you are so incompetent a shot and so poorly armed?

Or try this one (perhaps even more extreme). Again being mad at me but you haven't managed to obtain a gun. All you have is an old machete so you charge me screaming loudly. In spite of the fact you can see that double barreled shotgun I am holding. our premise? That I should reverse the shotgun and try to use it as a club to give you a "fair go"? That it would be WRONG of me not to do so? That I have "murdered" you by cutting you in half with a load of 00 buck?

Back to where we started. YES, the Palestinian militants are hopelessly outgunned. They don't appear to be able to aim their rockets very well, or at least don't care to bother <<remember, these are regular military grade rockets, not home made Kassams>> Are you suggesting that the Israelis should also fire back at random and not aim? Before the ground invasion that began a couple days ago the Israelis weren't firing significantly MORE than they were being fired at. The disparate results were because they aimed. THAT is what we had been seeing. The Palestinians fire a couple hundred rockets and hit a building or two, kill a person or two. The Israelis fire back a comparable number but every one of them hits something.

Hamas demands 23.Jul.2014 14:59


Mashal (Hamas) today said that he rejects the ceasefire suggested by Abbas. So much for the unity government. He also said Hamas would only disarm once Israel disarms ... right. That makes a lot of sense.

He justified the indiscriminate targeting of Israel with rockets by claiming that Israelis were not civilians but rather armed settlers. He called for the release of prisoners, an end to peace negotiations, and a halt to Palestinian security coordination with Israel. None of the rockets from Gaza have been heading to the West Bank, only to what is considered by the international community to be Israel proper. If we go with this logic, Hamas continues to go back to the 1948 position that there can be no Israel, no Jews, anywhere. Great way to get to a cease fire agreement.

"Our victims are civilians and theirs are soldiers," he charged. "We are the victims, despite our steadfastness." These are not the words of anyone looking for a way out, these are not the words of a movement that advances peace and human rights.

The Goldstone report listed specific events that it though Israel should investigate more clearly to prove there was no intent to harm civilians. Israel shot itself in the foot by being very slow to take the process seriously, but eventually investigated better and has held some people responsible for their actions in 2009. In particular, Israel isn't making the mistakes of using White Phosphorus flares, and is telephoning buildings well in advance of air strikes to ask people to leave. So Israel is killing innocent civilians, but not as policy.

In the same Goldstone report Hamas was blasted for clear human rights violations against Israeli citizens, and there has never been any response by Hamas. How come we don't hear about war crimes by Hamas?

No doubt Israel's tactics of a blockade on Gaza are not effective, but until Hamas gives up it's arms with which it declares it has the right to kill any Israeli citizen, anywhere, and until it re-joins the PLO and agrees to work towards a peace accord, what is Israel to do?

By the way, all the recent demands by Hamas (except for disarming Israel) are part of what is proposed in every serious peace plan on the table. Gaza is slated to have serious investment such as a seaport, etc. and have the blockade lifted. But only as part of a comprehensive peace agreement with a unified Palestinian government.

Mike 25.Jul.2014 10:56


You put it in terms of a couple of thugs on the street. Israel is a sovereign nation, supposedly responsible. Hamas is what? A reaction to the policies of that nation. What you're seeing here is another very calculated response as punishment. It's patently ridiculous to place it in the terms that you have, ignoring the fact that, despite that Hamas has it's share of blame in this particular situation, it is a response to the terror and injustice that was always the policy of Israeli government since the early days of its terrorist assumption of power. It will not end because Israel has not made an effort to that end and any concessions have been resisted and forced upon them. And were rockets the provocation for this incident? Hardly. There's no excuse for Israel's stance.

I'll admit that years ago the Arab states opposing Israel made some great mistakes (the wars). But the last one was? It's long been time to get over it. They act just like tribal Semites have done for millenia. The injustice continues within its borders and it's expected that there be no indignance? The UN has been useless. While I've little respect for what might be the modern, responsible state, Israel is even worse, fostering attitudes that have mere citizens harrassing the oppressed without retribution, no less the IDF doing the same in carrying out official governmnet policy. Terrorists are still running Israel, though it's not of the order of a Begin (who some in his movement even nicknamed 'the little Nazi'0. There's no excuse to ignore the injustice.

Mike, I find your comments generally very even-handed, well-thought, and considerate of the background of a situation. And I do understand your point, but I can't agree with that point at all.

Ah, perhaps THAT'S why we don't agre 25.Jul.2014 12:29

Mike Novack

"You put it in terms of a couple of thugs on the street. Israel is a sovereign nation, supposedly responsible. Hamas is what? .........

Mike, I find your comments generally very even-handed, well-thought, and considerate of the background of a situation. And I do understand your point, but I can't agree with that point at all. "

You imagine governments are composed of some higher, more rational beings than those "thugs on the street" (to me, ordinary people behaving as we humans tend to do). I'm an anarchist. I don't expect
"better behavior" from governments or other collective groups. Special situations can be set up in which the collective result is better than the sum of the individuals, generally when there is a rule that there must be at least grudging consensus << they all have to agree to accept the result >>. If you have ever worked under such rules you would know that either the groups must be rather small or it takes a great deal of time to come to any decision.

Enough 01.Aug.2014 01:41


Israels Serbia with a fancy lobbying group. Go shill for someone else Mike. Boycott Israeli war crimes. #Icc4Israel