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Hunger Strike In Solidarity With Palestine

I will be starting a hunger strike on Tuesday the 22nd on July.
For too long we have supported and armed Israel. When do we take a stand? How do we take a stand. Democracy is and has been an illusion for a long time. If we think voting every couple of years is enough we are sorely mistaken. We have moments in history when the time is right to take a stand, and this is one of those important moments. The bombardment of the open air prison we call the Gaza is a war crime. A crime of aggression. The Allies hung many people after World War 2 for crimes like this. Why do we hold ourselves to a different code than we did the Nazis and Imperial Japan?

We must take action. Please scream at your representatives all over the world. Now is the time.

I do not take this hunger strike lightly. My friends and family are begging me not to follow through. They are convinced we are past the point of anything mattering. I do not believe that. I believe that we have come to yet another moment to do what is right. I will make my own body my protest. My own free speech zone so to speak.

Please stand with me and the millions around the world that have chosen to say enough is enough.

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