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"United" Nations- Eyeless In Gaza

With all the millions the U.N. sucks up they can't even provide band-aids and water.
As tens of thousands of Gaza residents flee the devastation of their neighborhoods, U.N. schools have become the mecca for the majority. Even Netanyahu isn't going to bomb the United Nations. But these "shelters" have zero food and water and medicine. Why is the U.N. publicly pleading for supplies? They certainly are good at begging $$$ to "feed" the 3rd world and bring "medical care" to it's poorer residents. And why hasn't the U.N. tried to stop this seemingly endless senseless slaughter of civilians? Because they are a bad joke, that's why. We are sliding into WWIII here and no one seems to give a shit that the atomic clock is ticking faster than ever. There's Feinstein in bed with McCain. Reincarnating the Cold War. They must really want a hot one because that's the only direction this thing is going- straight downhill. Now that Indy is back online you'd think we'd see more discussion about the incredible claims being made by US politicians and military leaders concerning the downed Malaysian 777 before any real OBJECTIVE proof is offered. It's "Weapons of Mass Destruction" time once again. The only ones with anything to gain from that is the Ukrainian military, who are dying for the US to get more deeply involved with their "civil war". The U.S. Military-Industrial Complex is all geared up to sell weapons to the highest bidder as they pump up the pitch on their war wagon. But I've never seen anything that reveals the utter impotence of the modern United Nations than this pathetic Katrina-like response to an illegal and immoral invasion of another nation. Of course these U.N. characters are all on CNN, hugging bloody children and acting like they're some sort of saviors.

I take it back 25.Jul.2014 10:10


I take it back. Shelling a United Nations school full of refugees ain't no big thang to Bibi.