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Mayor Hales' war on the streets (not the tax)

Asking the mayor to consider bunker style housing as a solution to affordable housing for homeless; 200-300 bunk beds at $200 a month = profit for state instead of wasted money on programs that don't work, no more missions enslaving people, no more real estate investors making life impossible, no more cops treating homeless like criminals, and a sense of community restored.
Letter to representative district #3

Portland is the one city with over 200000 people where people cannot find a mission to stay at or a place to store your bag. instead everything is a program for people willing to wait 6 months on a pissed on sidewalk just to get a years worth of free rent- they often end up here again next year.

furthermore there is no place for people to congregate which gives safety in numbers and allows a nights rest without looking over your shoulder, but also gives a sense of community to someone who desperately needs it.

My purpose is this: please consider bunker style housing. just like the mission in Eugene Oregon except without the curfew and enforced chapel service. the state can even make money off of it; 250 bunk beds for $200 a month is even more profitable than using that same space for apartments. and anyone can afford that.

a lot of people end up on the sreets or doing drugs which lead them to the street just to get a sense of community and live with each other instead of next to each other; it's hard for many to adjust back to societies way of life after being on the streets.

Bunker style housing kills three birds with one stone; affordable housing no longer an issue, clean the streets of homeless and potential drug users leaving needles on the sidewalk, and restores a sense of community.

Between you (indy media readers) and I,

Mayor Hales war on cleaning the streets over the last year is a joke; out of 4000 homeless on the street who he claims are "lawless" for being on the streets he advertises his success of placing a whopping 14 families in "permanent" housing. Unfortunately some dirty little punks give Deusche bags like this a reason; a small group of punks stab each other and destroys everyone's right to congregate- I guess there was not a more intelligent solution, but hey he's a politician so it's all I can expect from him.

All the while the organizations involved in eating up all the resources for these programs walk away with a pretty penny- he even advertises for them. All he's accomplished is forcing people with no where to go into separating and trespassing into lonely dirty places where they stay on the run. Next thing you know a kid steps on a needle in a public park; jeez i did not see that one coming. Besides he probably helped contribute to such things; last year all was peaceful then he ordered the cops to sweep the streets and basically herded people to just a few locations that could not even fit them all; fights started almost on a daily soon as this happened. just a politician using his power to manipulate people; cram them like cattle, treat them like criminals, and get them biting at each others throats so you have a reason to violate their constitutional right to congregate; like I said - Mr. hales your a dirty rat.

I ask myself why they do this? and i remember speaking to some rich guy in a bar telling me how all those dirty people on the streets really just make Portland an unattractive place to live. I'm sure these rich folks are the very constituents mayor hales is doing his service to in an effort to make Portland more attractive to such people all the while tearing the heart out of it for the rest of us.

I used to enjoy coming down and being a part of this- many people do, all sorts of churches and groups come down just to hang out and give what they can just as an excuse to be a part of it....Portland is no longer weird in a good way.

maybe he's not 100% deusche though.......a few days after originally writing this I read in the paper he is now the first mayor to let airbnb pay taxes making them a legitimate company. Airbnb hooks travelers up with renters to sublet their homes instead of a motel- they are calling it the beginning of a sharing economy and real estate folks and bankers call it criminal, after all, sharing should be illegal right?
still Mr hales is at least bi-polar on this sharing thing.

City Government, Profit? Impossible 18.Jul.2014 20:28


This is my opinion:

1) Doing drugs is a choice by individuals.

2) There is no "War" on homeless persons (We're tired of that overused expression). Mayor Hales is a true believer - he will always side with the "marginalized" - just not enough for some.

3) Having worked in the NFP homeless system for a few years I can tell you this fact - the overwhelming majority of homeless people are nasty, hard core alcoholics who are increasingly aware of their so-called "entitlements" and will lie, cheat and steal to get what they need for the next 12 hours. Most of these people LEACH resources from people who TRULY need help (people who need mental health care).

4) A grass roots effort needs to happen which rejects the alcoholic manipulators and help the people with mental issues.

5) Alcoholism is NOT a disease, it is a choice - ask Bill Williams.

Alcohol Is A God's Blessing! 19.Jul.2014 08:53


It invigorates the Spirit in the hard times. It raises the flush of sexy men and ladies. It inspires us to be fruitful and to multiply, as God has commanded.

We changed the entire constitution to allow the common people to imbibe in the luscious wine of the grape. You will never take that away from us again. I am going to go out and buy another bottle right now. You gonna try and stop me? Jackass. That would be a big mistake.