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Video Of Malaysian Jet Being Shot Out of Sky

Scary video of the doomed, flaming airliner falling to earth. It took a long time to drop too.
Malaysian Jet Falls to Earth Over Ukraine
Malaysian Jet Falls to Earth Over Ukraine
To see video go to www.whatreallyhappened.com Personally I think the plane was sent into that war zone as a sacrificial sitting duck, to be shot down as a pretext for American involvement in the Ukraine struggle. Look at McCain chewing the reins and chomping at the bit at the very thought! Indymedia is back just in time for WWIII.

Here is what I think happened 17.Jul.2014 21:08


1) Russian separatists in Ukraine used stolen missile launchers and shot at a plane they believed to be Ukrainian An-26 cargo plane.
2) Next, they posted on a web site that they shot down a Ukrainian An-26 cargo plane.
3) Upon learning it was a commercial airliner, they removed the post.

This opinion o f mine may come as a disappointment to many who desperately want to believe that the U.S. or Israel shot the plane down.

Well, no 17.Jul.2014 22:00

Toe Tag

That's a screen grab from a month-old video by Igor's gang of a shoot-down of a Ukrainian military aircraft. It's not some triple-bank-shot false flag op.


Ridiculous Conjecture 18.Jul.2014 07:16


There are a few BUK surface-to-air missile systems left in Ukraine by the USSR, but what would anyone have to gain by shooting down airliners? Who would benefit? The airliner could also have been shot down by an Israeli F-15 fighter. The invasion of Gaza began at exactly the time the Malaysian 777 was shot down.

The Kiev regime is crumbling quickly now. Everything in Ukraine costs more than twice what it had before, they have a hyper-depression, and the army is not willing to fight very hard. Nobody there likes Poroshenko and his rotten crew. They also now owe the IMF about 15 billion dollars, which they can never repay. If NATO is unable to occupy their country, they can simply join the BRICS and kiss the IMF goodby.

But if NATO gets involved, it will be like Vietnam all over again, but probably worse. The Russian oil would not flow to the industrial parts of Europe, etc. Fine mess they got us into here. One more Bohemian Grove orgy should finish off the remaining brain cells of our parasitic eleet [newspell].

toe tag is right 18.Jul.2014 09:28


whatreallyhappened got it wrong the hell with that site sorry

Check This Out 19.Jul.2014 12:47


The Youtube vid released by the Ukranian military that supposedly depicts an intercept between a rebel SAM operator and his Russian superior is a complete fakery. Although released after the crash, the actual cyber-imprinted date on the video file itself reads JULY 16th!! A full day before the attack over Ukraine. An obvious forgery, but Obama & Co. are using this as their biggest piece of "evidence" that pro-Russian rebels did this and not the Ukrainian military, which has SAM's capable of this act. The massive bombing attacks on the Donetsk region are the Ukrainian military's equivalent of Israel's rampage through Gaza. Dead kids and civilians strewn everywhere, and Nazi-like tactics against the weakest, including rape and pillage. So much for the "forces of Democracy". This is all a big false flag. A Spanish citizen who worked in Kiev as an air traffic controller twittered that Kiev military commandeered the airport tower and told flight 777 to change to a Northerly route directly over the war's epicenter. Sort of like when they changed JFK's limo route at the last second so it passed at 3 mph right in front of the Book Depository. His twitter account was removed a day later! The normal route it usually flew was far south of that evil area. CNN and FOX just dance around this issue of flying over a known war zone, Especially in the same time frame that two transports were shot down in the same neighborhood. The first casualty of war is still the TRUTH, and the MSM is hard at work destroying what little may remain. Bone up now while the info is still available- censorship is just around the corner.

buk you 21.Jul.2014 09:20


Here is a photo from a 7/4 Associated Press story on the Ukrainian military delivering a BUK SAM missile system to it's soldiers in the dangerous Donetsk region. Of course you won't see THIS on CNN.
Ukrainian forces deliver BUK system to War-torn Donetsk area 7/4  From A.P.
Ukrainian forces deliver BUK system to War-torn Donetsk area 7/4 From A.P.