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Palestinian Genocide

War is back
No Eye For Isreal
No Eye For Isreal
Once again I imagine a free fire zone in

No free press to record these events.

Divest from war.

Palestinians got what they wanted 17.Jul.2014 20:08


This time, I really don't care. It seems like the democratically elected leadership of Hamas truly wants violence, so much so they are willing to provoke a much more powerful and educated neighbor.

anonwrong 17.Jul.2014 22:20

got what

nobody wants their hospitals and children bombed

only one way forward 18.Jul.2014 13:10

tired of this

The only way forward is for political will in both Israel and in Palestine, to move forward on making a political settlement on borders, ensure everyone's security, and make a just resolution of the plight of refugees. Until the politicians in both countries more the stalled peace talks forward, this is just another flareup in what has been a continuous conflict. Tragic.

RT 19.Jul.2014 13:18


RT TV is on the ground in Gaza. It's a fuckn' NIGHTMARE.