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War Is At Hand

we need to yell!
We need to fight or all is lost
We need to fight or all is lost
Tuesday, 6/17/14 on the east-side of the Burnside Bridge about 1630 (4:30 PM)

Individuals For Justice joined Jan who organized Stand For Peace on the Burnside Bridge and put out a call for help. We have been there for the last few weeks and continue to support her efforts to bring information to the people of Portland. We were joined by Veterans For Peace, Chapter 72, and members of Peace and Justice Works who stood with us flying flags from VVAW and VFP. Dan Handelman, a noble fighter for justice, had this great sign that stood large as one came across the bridge to the eastside and people where excited to see the large sign that said, No War in Iraq, or words to that effect. I know someone took pictures; please post them so I can send them off to Vietnam Veterans Against the War. We had a total of about 15 people on the bridge and surrounding streets, it was very cool and most people coming across were receptive to what we were saying. I continue to be disappointed that activists from the different organizations are still sitting on their asses and doing nothing about what is about to happen. We are once again suffering the warmongers being put on national TV to tell us how war is good and peace is not in the cards. We need all of you and your organizations to get into the streets on this issue. Can't do it on Tuesday, then do it on your timeline, but don't think for a moment that the politicians from DC will keep us out of war. We now have 300+ marines in Baghdad and a carrier group in the Persian Gulf; if we are attacked by ISIS or some other lunatics, we will be back to square one and Sen. McCain will get his wish. You must tell them NOŚNO. War is always failure and Peace is always success. Call, e-mail your reps or do something but don't sit on your hands, this is going to be very sad for humanity. We will return next Tuesday and hope more and more people get to know us and start doing something to stop this madness. We will continue to remind you of our efforts. We have some extra signs but bring you own if you can, be creative and be proud of what you write.

Peace on earth is up to us!!!