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Bellingham's Pipe Bomb Man Killed by Police?

Was Oleg Panchenko (Bellingham's Pipe Bomb Man) actually killed by the police? YouTube video included.
Oleg Panchenko
Oleg Panchenko
I've met Oleg Panchenko several times through my cousin. Oleg was somewhat nerdy and soft-spoken. He was also a very kind and gentle soul. Some of Oleg's friends told me that Oleg was always fixing their computers and would never ask for anything in return and that he was a very generous person. Oleg was extremely computer literate and when I first met him he told me he was writing, freelance, a software program for a large corporation in Washington State. Oleg also informed me then that someone had been planting bugs in his computer system and was monitoring his work. Even though Oleg had a mental illness, other friends of Oleg's detected the bugs in his computer system themselves, confirming that Oleg was not imagining all this due to his mental illness.

On June 6th, Oleg wrote the following on his Wall of his Facebook account at  https://www.facebook.com/BLUXtech where he claims he went St. Joseph's Hospital to have a fractured bone in his hand treated and the doctor, nurses and a security guard forced a blood withdrawal on him without his consent, drugged him and gave him no discharge papers upon his release:

"On June 3, 2014 I went to St. Josephs Hospital in Bellingham, WA. I had fractured bone in my hand and needed treatment. Everything went well at intake, x-ray, and making a cast for a hand. But after the treatment for the problem was completed, and I asked to be released, hospital security guard came and later doctor or nurse that applied cast on my hand for the fracture came and told me that he needs to do a blood draw and a urine sample. After questioning him further regarding his reason for taking blood & urine sample, I found out that he also wanted to hold me at the hospital overnight to see a social worker because he was concerned for my safety. In conversation few minutes earlier he mentioned talking to social worker and I asked him. Why do I need to be detained? If he just spoke to social worker why can't I do the same now? Plus he also failed to provide any reason for taking blood & urine samples. It was strange. But still, I was courteous and cooperative, I offered that I wait in a lobby, there was no reason for any unnecessary additional work or detention. I also told him that I did not consent to the lab work and detention and requested to be released. Additional nurses came with one more security guard. I re-stated again that I did not consent to any of this, and asked to be released, and offered again to wait for a social worker in the lobby of the hospital. I was concerned for safety of my computer & hard drives that were in my backpack. And also that I was concerned for the safety of information I had at home that is evidence and requested to talk to federal agent and also requested that I did not want to be separated from my backpack. I attempted to find someone to call on my phone but couldn't think of anyone to contact who could have helped me at that moment. Asked security to contact local police, my request was ignored or denied. Hospital security came into the room, and immediately escorted me to a holding cell inside the hospital. Cell had a camera mounted in the corner of the ceiling. Security pushed me onto the cot that was on the floor, separated me from my backpack, and nurses strapped me down on a stretcher. Then nurse did a blood draw, I again prior to blood draw re-stated that I did not consent to this and it would be an assault, but nurse just told me to stop moving unless I wanted to have painful experience. Immediately after blood draw I was given intramuscular injection from what I can remember was Haldol and some other medication. And again, I also had said that I did not consent to it. If the camera in the holding cell was on, then there should be a recording of it all.

When I woke up I was told that social worker will be there soon, while still intoxicated from the shot given earlier, social worker had asked some questions, I don't even remember about what, and I asked to be released, my clothes and backpack were returned to me, I got dressed and was shown how to get to elevator. There were no discharge papers or consultation given to me.

Is this considered a normal?"

Is what St. Joseph's Hospital did to Oleg even legal, I wonder?

On June 10th, the Bellingham police and SWAT team showed up at Oleg's apartment and raided it and also found Oleg dead allegedly from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Here's what the Bellingham Herald newspaper had published about the raid and Oleg's death:

"Gunfire at an apartment building on Sunset Drive led to a seven-hour police standoff Tuesday, June 10, that ended with one man dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to Bellingham police.

The daylong stalemate began around 9:30 a.m. when someone fired a gun in a second-story apartment at 1716 E. Sunset Drive. The bullet passed into an occupied unit next door, Bellingham Police Lt. Bob Vander Yacht said.

A woman fled the neighboring apartment unharmed, and police evacuated everyone from surrounding homes.

The man in the apartment where the shot originated didn't respond to officers' entreaties to come outside. So a SWAT team fired tear gas and rounds filled with pepper spray at the apartment. But there was no response.

About four hours into the standoff, the SWAT team and a police dog rushed into the apartment. The dog found the man tucked into a small closet. As the dog tugged on the man's leg, he screamed at the police. Officers didn't know if he had a gun. They decided to leave the apartment for their safety, then try to convince the man to surrender, Vander Yacht said.

That was the only contact they had with him. He never responded by phone or to the many efforts police made to contact him, yelling through a megaphone, Vander Yacht said.

The SWAT team entered the apartment a few more times but bolted outside each time, some members coughing as they came out. They were not wearing gas masks.

They used robots to explore the apartment. Officers shot out the apartment windows to toss in a small dumbbell-sized robot with a camera and possibly to ventilate the lingering tear gas. Police tore apart parts of a staircase railing so a large robot had room to make a turn up the stairs.

Shortly after 4 p.m. police re-entered the apartment, with the robots still inside. They found the man's body in the same closet. They believe he shot himself.

The man's body was expected to be removed from the apartment Tuesday night. Crime scene technicians are expected to go over the apartment on Wednesday, after the tear gas and pepper spray dissipate.

An autopsy will be performed to confirm how the man died. A 37-year-old tenant lived in the unit, police said, but the deceased man's name had not been released Tuesday.

Four blocks of Sunset Drive were shut down for the duration of the standoff, leading to traffic gridlock on surrounding streets. The road reopened around 5 p.m."

On June 13th, the Bellingham Herald newspaper published a second article about Oleg being killed - not by a self-inflicted gunshot wound - but by a pipe bomb explosion:

"A pipe bomb explosion - not a gunshot - killed a Bellingham man who sparked a daylong standoff with police on Sunset Drive, authorities announced Friday, June 13.

Oleg P. Panchenko, 37, set off a pipe bomb around 9:30 a.m. Tuesday in his second-floor apartment at 1716 E. Sunset Drive. The blast injured his right wrist and right thigh, but he could have survived with timely treatment, said Dr. Gary Goldfogel, the county medical examiner.

Panchenko died much later, in the afternoon.

Police suspected it was a bullet that had passed through a wall into a woman's apartment next door. So for the next seven hours, a SWAT team surrounded the home believing Panchenko had barricaded himself in his room, armed with a gun.

"I don't know if I'd call it a mistake," said Bellingham Police Sgt. Mike Scanlon. "Typically that loud of an explosion, followed by a projectile through the wall, would come from a firearm. So that was the working theory at the time."

Officers set off tear gas and pepper spray, but Panchenko would not leave. After four hours of fruitless efforts to get a response, the SWAT team and a police dog rushed into the home. They found Panchenko alive in a closet. He screamed as the dog bit him, but still he would not come out. SWAT members didn't know if Panchenko had a gun, so they retreated.

Bomb squad robots with mounted cameras explored the room. Over a megaphone police told Panchenko they knew he was inside, and he needed to come out so they could help him. SWAT moved in for a final time around 4 p.m. They found Panchenko dead in the same closet.

Minutes later police told media they believed he'd shot himself. But the autopsy found no evidence of a bullet wound, and Panchenko had no firearms in his home. Other unfinished explosives were recovered, however.

No suicide note was found in the apartment. The explosion was presumed to be an accident.

Detectives have not determined if Panchenko had any connection to a pipe bomb found later the same afternoon in the parking lot of Child Protective Services. Scanlon emphasized that both cases remain under investigation.

Panchenko served a three-year prison sentence for molesting a girl younger than 16 over the course of many years. Before confessing to that crime in 2004, he told police he'd been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and he "had blackouts sometimes." "

If you go to YouTube at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPJo5eRE10I and watch the video of the Bellingham Police and SWAT team at Oleg's apartment, towards the end of the video, after the remote-control robot enters Oleg's apartment, you will see the SWAT team standing on the steps leading up to Oleg's apartment door. One of the SWAT team members standing at the bottom of the steps makes a hand-signal, and a split-second later, you hear a bomb explosion and see Oleg's window shatter from the explosion. Now, the police claim that Oleg blew himself up with a pipe bomb he had. But in this video you hear an explosion and see Oleg's window shatter a split-second after the one SWAT team member makes a hand-signal.

Was Oleg actually killed by a bomb the remote-control robot brought into his apartment, which could have been later detonated by the police? Taking into consideration that Oleg's computer was being bugged (according to Oleg and his eyewitness friends), and also St. Joseph's Hospital forcing a blood withdrawal on him a week before his death, this all seems rather fishy to me. Was there foul-play involved in Oleg's death?