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The Gathering

each month we remember murder by the Portland police
Died of a broken heart
Died of a broken heart
Roberto and I, representing Individuals For Justice, were out and about again, the 12th of each month we stand to remember Keaton Otis and his father Fred at 6th Ave. & Halsey. Last night was very cool as Roberto created a large sign that had Keaton's and Fred's picture on it and you could see it from across the street. Jo Ann gave us an update on the Settlement Agreement and what she thinks may happen with this case. Without a doubt this case is coming to a boiling point with the federal judge and could go to trial. The city of Portland, the city attorney, and the police union all are working against any meaningful changes. There were about a dozen of us and Joe-Anybody joined us so we should have some good video. This is an important gathering, and you should try to join us next month, good info is put out that is not appropriate to put out here or other public forums. We signed Roberto's sign, we thought about what happened four years ago at this spot, we remembered Fred's fight for justice, we remembered a father's love for his son. We stand to say to the city we have not forgotten and will continue as long as it takes for the city to understand that killing a young man because you can is not acceptable and there is a cost to that action. Come join us next month on the 12th of July.


homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

Video Keaton Otis Vigil 6.12.14 - JoAnn Hardesty speaks on police accountability 15.Jun.2014 15:47

Joe Anybody iam@joeanybody.com

 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEV2NFapG7o [39 min video]

Keaton Otis Vigil 6.12.14 in Portland Oregon - JoAnn Hardesty speaks at the vigil about police accountability and the recent DOJ trial [and] the city of Portland's inability to workout a settlement agreement.

This monthly vigil gathering is held at 6PM every 12th of the month in NE Portland at the site where Keaton was shot by the police which is on the corner of NE 6th and NE Halsey.

Video: Keaton Otis Vigil 6.12.14 - JoAnn Hardesty speaks on police accountability