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What happened to Indymedia portland?

Where did the community go?
What the hell has happened over the last few years on this site?
I can't remember the last time I saw any actual new on this site. Now it seems to be a whole lot of nothing, while Portland gets swallowed up into the rank asshole of upper middle class yuppies and entitled baby boomers. What is anyone doing to stop this? It appears NOTHING!!! have the left become as neutered as it seems on here? or is it just a front so the nsa stops bothering Indy-media declaring a victory over the new left?? I am ashamed at whats become of things in Portland and elsewhere people are fucking lazy and need to get active again.
Here's my proposal we start using this independent media thing to report the news of our neighbourhood report the next giant house going up on the small lot. band together stop the take over of our loved city. We have to band together or they win.

Huh ? 10.Jun.2014 03:16

wha ?

troll harder bro

I'm frustrated too with the lack of "progress"

(i.e. every anarchist seems just fine with the official story of events on 11 September 2001, for mere example)

But this site seems to be doing quite well on the 'neighborhood news' and local activism front and has continued this tradition from the "good ol' days" (?)

hell they're even highly skeptical about the site's local Radio counterpart, KBOO (and had a notable public dirty-laundry-out discussion over it)

As if His-story and Her-story even matter, given the inexorable march of the Corporatocratic Empire (locally and internationally).

But go ahead, keep it all up with the pointless activism, "telling your story", and even Kvetching about "demise of PDX IMC".

See if the Corporatocratic Imperialists give a **** about such blah-blah-blah.

We Are Simply Continuing What Was Done Here 10 Years Ago 11.Jun.2014 14:49


Nothing here has changed much. The battle continues. The articles are still very good.

If you don't like them, start your own website.

(And you have started thousands of them, all dis-info, of course.)

what happened to indymedia portland? 31.Jul.2014 16:11


I think Portland is doing good.