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Work For The Single Payer Health Insurance Petition

Yes there is a paper petition for single payer health insurance.
You have nothing to do this summer? Is it the dog days of summer for you? Then why not get outside and do some walking. But before you start walking you should print out the paper petition for HR 676. HR 676 is a single payer health insurance bill which has not passed either house of congress in Washington D.C. So where do you print out a paper petition of HR 676. You go to the internet site of ( Healthcare-Now ). The internet site of ( Healthcare-Now) also has a complete text of the HR676 bill.
With HR 676 there are no insurance companies, no deductibles, no co-pays, no bills and no premiums. Sounds like a good deal to me. I wonder why no democrat in congress ever mentions HR676? Its almost election time and no democrat, newspaper, or reporter ever mentions HR676.

Thanks 10.Jun.2014 03:17

appreciate the info

let's please all attempt to make it get some headway

VA perfect example of Single Payer 10.Jun.2014 22:54

Wake Up

Yeah buddy let's all get some of that single payer, dying while waiting for an appointment, 57,000 of which are on a ignore list in one hospital. Yeah lets spread that single payer shit around. Fucking idiots, government can't run anything.

" VA perfect " 11.Jun.2014 00:51


Medicare For All


(not "VA" , which is an improper and different analogy........... furthermore, both the military and Vet Admin are far different today, than they were 50-60 or more years ago when at their peak. anyhow YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID)

Equal Medical Care For All (2) 13.Jun.2014 05:55


I said this before, but it needs to be said again:

Well the doctors do make many times more than they should. The government should create its own medical schools and charge much, much less for medical education. These schools should not need to be licensed by the AMA. The government should train medical professors who will not charge the universities too much. It could easily raise money for this by taxing the private medical schools. Then these government medical schools should roll out an army of doctors who will compete with the absurdly high-priced, often lousy doctors from the private schools. Then we "consumers" can shop around for doctors that are really good and competent.

Drug companies, hospitals, and medical instrumentation manufacturers charge vastly too much, of course. They should be required to register as public utilities, and their prices should be regulated.

The government should pay for all medical care. Everyone should be required to receive the same level of care, and rich people who try to purchase special care should go to jail for five years. Rich people's lives are not worth more than our own.

This is the only true path to medical care sanity.

What argument is invalid? 13.Jun.2014 13:02

Wake Up

You actually think that single payer will be medicare/medicaide? It will be the VA in to a power of 10, mismanaged healthcare by incompetent government morons totally fucking things up. Private hospitals will no longer exist. Your premise that my argument is invalid is stupid logic from a moron.

But With Equal Medical Care For All 13.Jun.2014 17:30


The rich will suffer the same pain as the poor. That will hurt.

They will suffer our pains. Not live to be 102 years old like all the Rockefellers.

Too bad for the imperial gangsters.