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Is Snowden Full of Shit?

He told Brian Williams he was trained not only as an analyst, but as a SPY for the CIA, NSA & DIA. HUH?? Hey Greenwald, Whassup????
Snowden's "new disclosures" he was a CIA spy went in BW's ear & out the other
He also told NBC softball expert Williams that he worked under many false names in various jobs for the CIA. NSA, and DIA. Gee- we never heard this before. Plus he hasn't revealed anything that wasn't already already known to anyone who pays attention. Hey Jeff Greenwald- how come you never revealed any of these little facts either? Hi NY Times and DC Post. Is Snowden some sort of Intel Op for the 21st Century? Does the USA shadow government just want people to believe (like Angela Merkel as well as Joe Schmoe in Omaha) that they're actually capable of bugging absolutely anyone? Oh yeah- and we have 'Alien Technology' in our military too. Is Snowden part of a big dog and pony show, a massive PR event orchestrated by a desperate NWO to "back up" the cock and bull story that they are as omnipotent as Jehovah and have everybody's number? literally? Snowden may have more in common with Lee Harvey Oswald than Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers renown. Things are rarely what they seem since 9/11. Plus Snowwden appears to be having his eyebrows done by a makeup artist, the surefire sign of the nouveau celebrity concerned about out of place hairs in magazine and TV shoots. Just bringing this subject up causes a gut reaction in those who think Snowden is God's gift to humanity. Composting will not make this situation disappear either, my dear bees. Think about it- CIA SPIES are trained to lie professionally. Academy Award level skills are required for the gig. Snowden may very well be nothing more than a sock puppet for the NWO after all.

You Should Learn the "Secret" 06.Jun.2014 20:38

Tracy Mapes

Basically, Snowden admitted to being nothing more than a State Actor.

The Language of "Prisoners" both Media and Politics. I call it the Language
of Fools, because any Man Un-Willing or Un-Able to Speak Truthfully or under
Threat of Retribution is Enslaved Already.

Here is where you can pick up the Basics of "Two-Talking" just watch for the
Hand Gestures, Head Nods, and Inflected Verbal Cues.

This Language, as Best I can describe it, was Most Likely shared in Secrecy and Developed by British Intelligence Operatives and their American Counterparts both prior and during the WWII conflict.

It involves the use of Keywords in the Dictionary, and corresponding adjacent words to decypher the Intended Message over Broadcast Media, Radio, and in Print. It tells the Tale of a Secret Information War that has been going on since at least the 1st World War, and often includes references to Stalinist Russia, Germany, Zionists. Often Metaphor Objects in real Life or on Film, Video, Etc. are used as pointers to these Keywords and help the Audience Decypher the closest meaning without giving away who the Messenger or the Message Receiver's Identity might be.

f You are so inclined? I believe it will destroy every theory you have formulated about the reasoning and validity of all theories represented as truth before this revelation.

The People using these Language Skill use it to Protect their Identities, but I believe that until Men are willing to Speak Freely, of their Mind without fear of retribution, shall we all be enslaved by this Lie.
Here is a basic rundown of the Principles of Participating in the Understanding and Reading of the Secret Language. I am not Great at it myself, and as one that is as Studious and Enthusiastic about the JFK Era, I believe that You could become good enough at it to unravel some of the Answers to the Questions You Seek.

Keycode Reference - Self Training Instruction

Additional Information - Short Media Infiltration List - MK-Ultra OSS Hand Signals, and Mind Control.

Decipher Keycodes in the Dictionary

MK-Ultra Hand Gestures or Signals

The "Dream Police" Document - Portland Indy Media - Article Dated December 29, 2011

Media Subversion List - Part 1

Media Subversion List - Part 2

Current Keycode Dictionary used by Media and the President of the United States.
213MB Download Free:
Once you learn the basics, you will be able to follow along during Presidential Speeches, Interviews, and Newscasts, with this Dictionary.

To Decipher the Information Accurately for the JFK/Oswald Era, You will need to Obtain a Copy of the Webster's Collegiate Dictionary Published between 1953 and 1960.

"Full Size for Reading" - Back Cover 1960 Webster's Collegiate Dictionary

The necessity is due to the vast difference in the amount of words included at that time.

This Dictionary would Be Good Choice!
link to www.ebay.com

I'm telling you about the Secret Language that I am still not well versed in. It points to Oswald not only being an Actor in a Rehearsed Play before the Public Audience, it points to Him, Media Personnel, and Public Officials to try to get the Word out that the whole Operation was Contrived by Racketeers.

That the Shooting Scene You witnessed in News Accounts was both Staged and Rehearsed, and the Hidden Clues are as simple as Watching the Film, and picking up a Webster's Dictionary of that era.

That the very Actors in the Play may have been full-time Prisoners that were instructed to Go Along with the plot.

The Secrecy, and the way they tried to get the Story out paints Oswald as an American Hero, and just the fact that you stated about Oswald's involvement with the Civil Air Patrol, may point to why this is True.

If there was indeed a deep and significant penetration of Our Nation's Educational, Media and Political Systems prior to WWII, as I believe there was; the First People to be Warned and Educated in light of such an Infiltration would be Boy Scout Troops and Civil Defense Personnel for their inherent ties to National Loyalty to the Flag of America.

I Guarantee that You will change all of your beliefs in Oswald's finality, and even the Possibility that the entire Dealey Plaza incident was not only a Conspiracy, but may have also been a Play for the Consumption of the American Audience


The Importance of Downloading and Keeping a Copy of Youtube Videos of Historical Significance.

...I seen several Youtube Videos taken down, either due to the destruction of History Itself, the possibility of Copyright Infringement, or the Youtube User deletes the Content or withdraws their account.

If You Think You have found something of significant Historical Value or Interest? You'd better Save it Yourself while it is still Publically Available.
If You have any Interest in History or the Truth? ...a part of that is the Responsibility to do your Best in the Maintenance and Stewardship of that Information. History is about the Preservation of Truth, not the Preservation of Lies. If You have an Interest in a Specific Subject, Do Not expect the World to Maintain it for you.

Go to the Youtube Downloader Site and get the Free Youtube Downloader.

Go to Youtube and Download the Important JFK/Oswald Youtube Video for Reference to the Film to Decipher.

Go to a Used Book Store, College or State Library, or E-Bay and Get This Dictionary.

Then You will have the Information and Tools necessary to know at least the Fact that more than a Conspiracy took Place, a Great Act of Theater both on the Part of the Perpetrators and the Patriotic Gestures of the Actors involved left the Clues for you to Solve a Great Portion of this American Puzzle.


Ok! ...It's Rabbit Hole Time! ... First Published on Craigslist by lover_boy > 05/26 16:51:45


This is Bob Jackson.
Bob Jackson is a Prison Actor.
Bob Jackson Shot the Famous Shot of Oswald's Assassination.
Bob Jackson is Flagged as an Actor by Lee Harvey Oswald as a Participant in the Rehearsal of the Shooting.
Lee Harvey Oswald motions and points at Bob Jackson.
Bob Jackson is handcuffed in front of Lee Harvey Oswald as he is paraded to the Same Location he is eventually to be Shot.
Lee Harvey Oswald Motions to exactly where the Entry Wound of the Shot is to Hit His Body.

You Will Hear a Loud Bang in the Background Audio as a Media Person creates the Sound Effect of a Simulated Gunshot at the Exact Moment that Oswald Taps his Chest where he is to be Shot.

Then You will have the Information and Tools necessary to know at least the Fact that more than a Conspiracy took Place, a Great Act of Theater both on the Part of the Perpetrators and the Patriotic Gestures of the Actors involved left the Clues for you to Solve a Great Portion of this American Puzzle.


Ok! ...It's Rabbit Hole Time! ... First Published on Craigslist by lover_boy > 05/26 16:51:45


This is Bob Jackson.
Bob Jackson is a Prison Actor.
Bob Jackson Shot the Famous Shot of Oswald's Assassination.
Bob Jackson is Flagged as an Actor by Lee Harvey Oswald as a Participant in the Rehearsal of the Shooting.
Lee Harvey Oswald motions and points at Bob Jackson.
Bob Jackson is handcuffed in front of Lee Harvey Oswald as he is paraded to the Same Location he is eventually to be Shot.
Lee Harvey Oswald Motions to exactly where the Entry Wound of the Shot is to Hit His Body.

You Will Hear a Loud Bang in the Background Audio as a Media Person creates the Sound Effect of a Simulated Gunshot at the Exact Moment that Oswald Taps his Chest where he is to be Shot.

Here is the Film in which it may be Found.

Here is the Timecode to Find It.
5:01 to 5:15.

I believe the Keyword is Gunshot at an Angle of Approximately 30 Degrees, Left High, Right Low.

Bob Jackson is Handcuffed to Oswald.

Also, For a Quick Shot of Reality. Go to Timecode 3:00 - 4:05 an Watch Oswald's Head as he Motions what Direction to Look in the Dictionary at the Accentuated or Inflected Keyword. The Easy One is: Hall
There are many More Operatives in this Film utilizing the same Secret Language. Watch the
Man's Eyes as He motions toward Oswald's Wife's Mother. The Keyword would Be "Mother" - Down.

At Timecode -1:48 to 1:53

The Most Relevant Terms I found in this Section are Mother Hubbard (Dianetics - DIA), Motion Picture, Motive Power, Motorcade, Motorcycle, Motorman.

Large Version Available Here:

If You need Specific Pages of the 1960 Dictionary? I will Take Pictures of them and Upload them. I do not have a scanner now.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

P.S.- Those are the Patio Bricks I Sleep under every night. Tin Hats don't work anymore for the Hardware They are using Today.

"It Is What It Is!" - Please Read the Back Cover of the Websters - Collegiate Dictionary of 1960.


Don't consider the information I imparted to you as a defeat in the Seeking of Truth in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, but more a Challenge for the Future of Knowledge. I am not great a this Two Talking Stuff, but you can tell that this game has been played for a long time as you read the Words, I would Like to Challenge You to Grab a Dictionary and Start Deciphering the Truth from the Films of These Actors, Players and Great Men that venture to Risk Their Own Lives in Telling You the Truth.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

honestly, i agree with rat 06.Jun.2014 21:24


Suddenly he goes from low level contractor/analyst, to making claims that he was doing undercover overseas work.

I find that to be really unlikely. I don't know for sure that CIA/DIA/NSA uses contractors for US intelligence cover work, but it seems doubtful.

I don't think this discredits the stuff he has leaked, but i think he is trying to refocus attention on himself by making claims that are probably grossly exaggerated.

Questions all along 07.Jun.2014 07:54


Despite Tracy, there've been questions all along, and rAT's are valid. As for Greenwald, he's a bit actor, the 'character' who has his quirks that gives him the feel of being real, while the main character is basically some cardboard cutout that no one would think of inviting out to Friday night beers. His story is basically the ethical child who really does want to be part of the family but objects to some being murderers, kidnappers, rapists, liars, extortionists, and just wants them to reform? He also appears to be naive enough to think that others don't already know of their sins and are going willingly or ignorantly (or both at the same time) along for the ride?

The worst to me was his choice of mouthpiece and the method of dissemination of information. There are truly experienced people and organizations that take part in revealing information regularly. And, wait...It gets better. He (Snowden) will be selective of what information he will release even to Greenwald.

Constructive suggestions for Snowden's act. 07.Jun.2014 21:50

Converse Murdoch

His demeanor is out of sync with the part he's playing. I'd expect to see him look distraught and haggard considering his position. He looks overly confident and trying real hard to suppress a smirk.

Also you might want to crank up the volume on the Snowden show. Some assassination attempts would help his credibility. Do an interview with him in a hospital bed looking near death and making his most startling revelations yet.

As much sense as I can make out the extraordinary amount of publicity he's getting is that this is the govt.'s way of plastering "Big Brother is Watching You " posters all over the place.

Nice post rAT.

Dear Blues ... 08.Jun.2014 04:21

Tracy Mapes

My Point is that it is all entertainment. Theater.

To Ask the Questions that raT asked become invalid once you are aware that nothing Reported in the News is Accurate, for Julian Assange to Snowden, Rachel Ray to 300 Girls held hostage for Show.

It's All Bullshit.

Take Care.

Tracy Mapes

Actually 08.Jun.2014 11:38


Actually Snowden is a clone of the CIA operative who shot Kennedy. He also blew up the World Trade Centers, and in between was part of every other conspiracy that rAT comes up with. I know that by looking at his eyebrows.

Thank you for making my morning so entertaining. Seriously.

[quote:] " Greenwald, he's a bit actor " 08.Jun.2014 12:44

w t f ? ! ?

Greenwald is the __only__ USA journalist who consistently covered and investigated the Anthrax attacks of (immediately post-9/11) fall 2001.

the NBC interview may ? have been journalistic 'theater' of some sort, but make no mistake: Greenwald is the real deal, and as proof would not have ended up entirely blackballed from USA residency (and even citizenship) as he presently is due to the NSA-Snowden revelations.

not reassuring 08.Jun.2014 14:57


w t f ?!?

I'm truly not sure that your reply to my statement that Greenwald is a bit actor is appropriate here. I DID NOT say that he wasn't a real reporter, or that he is not an honest person, or that he is wittingly complicit in some intention with this that I might not understand without being suspect of his personal intentions. What I'm saying is that he is a character ripe for the part. Don't you agree? That bit with his partner in England was pathetic, as much as I sympahized with their plight; his residence in Brazil that obviously have connections to his lifestyle and reporting. Christ, it's right out of hollywood, and I'm truly amazed that Greenwald might not have some thought and resevations in that regard. I'm aware of some of the criticisms leveled at his making the most of the situation, but I believe that's expected of him once in the position he accepted and I've no problem with it. Again, there are other anonymous avenues that Snowden could have chosen, and with his (Snowden's) personal vetting of the material, it would have suited the same purported purpose and would have made much less of a show with the situation and let the emphasis been on the released material. It's truly just too cute, and more than once these stories brought to us in this manner are 'just too cute'. I understand that reporters are people and that they have their personal stories that might inevitably influence their output, and I'm sorry if you found offense, but I don't see your remark as anything that might change my view. However cynical it might seem regarding Greenwald personally, I choose to look at him as intentionally naive, and expected.

Greenwald is as "Fake" as Wordward and Berstein 08.Jun.2014 15:08

Tracy Mapes

It's Seems to Be the Standard Contract for Anyone who Gets Air Time.

Snowden My Two Cents 08.Jun.2014 15:21


Snowden and company have not, as far as I know, revealed anything new that I didn't read about 30 years ago. No real secrets. In fact beyond a few appalling "scandals" (Kennedy assassinations, 9/11, Area 51, etc.), I doubt that the government has many real secrets. So when rumors started up about his planning to release stuff about space alien contacts I started paying a little attention. Besides that, I really have no interest. The militarized media pretends it's all very important, but I could care less, and I bet that hardly anyone else does either (even though Angela Merkel went all nuts about it). However, there is one very important side effect that really hits home:

Ed Snowden is living it up in Moscow right now, with a great new job, all the sexy Russian babes he can manage, and so on; livin' the life of Riley! Meanwhile, your average American schmuck is greeting the sheriff at the front door about the foreclosure while the repo guy is towing away his cheap old Nissan Rio. Wish you could emigrate to Russia too, maybe? They even say the cops are nicer.

[quote:] " sorry if you found offense " 08.Jun.2014 22:49


wtf are you talking about ?

You - like the other amateurs on this 'discussion' thread -

can blab all you want about Snowden / Greenwald "insignificance" or "cute"ness.

Greenwald is not -- and has not gone -- 'whole hog' about 9/11.

He had thoroughly researched the Anthrax attacks, published about it via a USA corporate media outlet (from which he was finally banished, or knew he was on his last legs with, due to the Snowden circus), and was properly ignored by the rest of the USA corporate media echo chamber ... except for those discerning readers who have some self-information and interest on the events of September 11 2001, and the closely-subsequent Anthrax attacks' connection with that day's events.

Snowden's revelations have to do solely with NSA domestic (and international) surveillance. He was not privy to, and is not necessarily interested in, the types of information that translator Sibel Edmonds, for one example, knows about and had access to RE: 9/11 foreknowledge, plot traces, etc.

[quote:] " Christ, it's right out of hollywood "

-- Why do you keep harping on this meme ? (and btw, this was an NBC-conducted interview.... hollywood indeed)

Who cares, really, what Snowden revealed about NSA (which many of us have either suspected or known of for at least a couple of decades prior to this year) ?

The discussion is regarding the (myriad) trails to 9/11. Which Greenwald was only willing to follow based on his (relatively, considering scope of the 9/11 plot overall) limited verifiable information that could be gleaned on the USA - U.S. Army source of the Anthrax used in the Fall 2001 attacks... which if your memory is too short, was blamed on / "sourced from" an anonymous postal mail letter which had "Allah Is Great" among other scrawl crayoned onto it....

anyway pull your head out of your ass for just a half second and quit playing into NBC's own psyop. Stop the " Christ hollywood " hysterics and never mind about the damned NSA or Snowden


ok Shaker ?

no one ultimately gives a shit about what happens to Greenwald RE: the Snowden circus, whether Snowden's a "traitor" blah blahy etc.

(plus at this point they're both permanently outside of the USA, so ___really___ no couch-potato American gives a shit anymore)

The only thing that ultimately matters, is whether a (lower ranking) member of the U.S. government or its contractors will ever (be able to ??) come clean on additional info related to the September 11 events.

or for that matter, whether investigative journalists such as Greenwald will dredge up enough verifiable evidence and witness(es) -- prior to their dying in freak accidents / small aircraft crashes etc. -- to further tie the Anthrax / 9/11 / USA Patriot / pre-planned Afghanistan-Iraq military occupations together, or otherwise blow them wide open.

i.e. Greenwald was 30% of the way there, back in the mid-2000s, via a USA corporate mass media outlet (Salon.com), with his largely glossed-over/ignored Anthrax series.

What's curious is, what precisely ? caused him to stop / not pursue further....... connect any more dots ....... or even, a few years later, to contact/begin working (on another topic entirely) with Ed Snowden.

In Case None of You Noticed? 09.Jun.2014 03:20

Tracy Mapes

The Picture at the Beginning of this Article Tells You the Same Story I've Been Telling You for Years now.

The Faces of Brian Williams and Eric Snowden Superimposed over the Central Intelligence Logo Behind the Red Curtain.

It is a Theater for You Consumption.

This is how "They" the Media try to tell the Real Story, but it's not very Damned Effective.

I Want them to Quit Being Pussies! and Just Say It Already! They are Prisoners in Fear on their Lives. But if You won't Stand for Anything? What the Hell are You Living For?

The Media Uses this Metaphoric Language and "Two-Talking" Every Day on Every Broadcast. But don't Get Too Wrapped up in it, because it Won't Mean a God Damned things until they Stand Up and Admit the Truth to the American Public.

Come Get Rayguned Like Me You Fucking Pussy Mother Fuckers!

There is Great Power in the Truth. But Only if You are Bold Enough to Tell It.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

9-11 Doesn't Mean Shit! If You're not willing to pull the Curtain Back All the Way.

reality 09.Jun.2014 07:27


The reality of the situation is much more depressing.

Indy Media is almost entirely populated by trolls. This might as well be called the government information outlet plus a smattering of consevative verbal diarhea.

This quite possibly one of the most important stories of our life and every comment is about how it is bullshit.

Yeah. Snowden Is The Biggest Revelation Since Sliced Bread 09.Jun.2014 14:08


And we are belittling it! How awful!

What Snowden did for us 10.Jun.2014 08:57


What Snowden did for us was reveal the actual documents.

We all suspected or "knew" or had heard rumors or stories. But Snowden confirmed it all with the spymasters own documents.

(And how dumb are they to leave all that stuff around for someone to copy? Just as dumb as the military leaving stuff for Chelsea Manning to find and copy. We knew war was horrific but Manning showed us the "proof".)

And if you think Snowden is making funny faces, it's because you have forgotten what a real hero, rather than a FOX/Murdoch/CNN media invention, looks like.

May you do something half as heroic in your lifetime.

Hollywood 10.Jun.2014 09:02


The "Hollywood" angle is real. Oliver Stone is going to make a flick about Snowden! No shit! A match made in Heaven? Stone's "911" movie certainly was an eye-opener- NOT!