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Seattle just passed 15 per hour

Power to the low wage workers
Seattle pases the 15$ minimum wage law - June 2

15 per hour 02.Jun.2014 18:03

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great news! 02.Jun.2014 21:33


Wait for the onslaught of increased prices for everyday people, and the inevitable layoffs of low-wage employees and businesses that flee the city. Great job idiots!

reply to ellipses... 03.Jun.2014 01:00

in the form of a question.

nice work with the ideological analysis. (faint praise) now, care to back it up with some empirical evidence? (socratic)

well... 03.Jun.2014 08:05


I guess this is for everyone, not just fast-food workers. But, seriously, is there really anyone out there, for example, lawyers, worth $300/hr that isn't due to a system rigged to allow them that? Granted, there are technical people and professionals (really, I hate that word, as 'professional' just means that one gets paid to do what one does, not that one is good at it; how many .250 hitters in baseball get paid millions?) that are worth more than others, but just how much of this system demands payment for the just plain contrived frivolousness? Just what is the difference? Some kind of equalibrium will be found. At least these people might produce a real product you can put in your mouth, or produce the tool you can use to accomplish something beyond taking part in the absurd.

a few thing to read 03.Jun.2014 10:13


 link to www.washingtonpost.com

 link to www.forbes.com

and a specific piece about a specific small business in Seattle:  link to www.thestranger.com

I'm sure the socialist drones will be out in full force to call all of this stuff propaganda as usual. As if the washington post and the stranger actually publish right wing material.

15 Now discussions 03.Jun.2014 13:59

Sounds Good 2 Me

15 Now PDX Discussion Group has this information:




propaganda 4 sure 03.Jun.2014 14:14

socialist drone

the washington post and forbes?!

those are your two sources, you got to be kidding, what planet are you on?

F* corporate media!

pay fair wages!

[if] business owners raise the costs to the consumer its done at their own peril!

Yes, simply attack the sources! 04.Jun.2014 20:47


Don't bother reading them and certainly don't address the points that are brought up! Just keep blindly believing in socialist utopia. Never mind the lost jobs, reduced tips, decreased benefits, comrade. Just keep your eye on the prize.

I have to say something. 04.Jun.2014 21:20

a skeptic

Ok while I don't want people who work living in poverty I think this is compleatly catering to the emotional and not reality. It comes down to basic economics if you raise someone wages where is the money that you have to make to pay the higher wages going to come from. There are three options one raise the cost of your products two fire some of your workers and three take it from your profits. Well most people on the left would not want to two the first two options so they are looking at the third one. If you take money from your profits then that leaves you running at a loss with now money to invest in your business thus ensuring you will go out of business in the future. This will take some time it will not happen over night but it will happen eventually. This is exactly what is now happening in Venezuela they took money from the oil companies which lasted for 14 years but now everything is falling apart with no money to invest in the oil infrastructure and oil production is declining leaving them with nothing.

capitalist double speak 05.Jun.2014 03:39

pinko commie

"Don't bother reading them and certainly don't address the points that are brought up! Just keep blindly believing in socialist utopia. Never mind the lost jobs, reduced tips, decreased benefits, comrade. Just keep your eye on the prize."

So for the sake of argument lets assume that your premise is correct and that increasing the minimum wage will result in reduced tips, lost jobs, economic turmoil, etc. What does that then say about capitalism? If the system you are advocating for cannot afford to meet the needs or even raise the standard of living for large sections of the working class (those who actually produce the wealth in society), then why would you continue to prop up and defend that system? You are essentially saying that providing a living wage to workers is detrimental to our capitalist economy and then spinning it as if that's some sort of critique of socialism, when in fact it's an indictment against capitalism.

$15 an hour is a mirage. 06.Jun.2014 10:04


The $15 minimum wage in Seattle is a mirage.

There are numerous riders on the bill: tip and health care inclusions; 'training" wage, start dates way down the road; business exemptions; etc. Sawant is making a name for herself but the accomplishment is hollow.

Living wage is now $25 in Seattle. By the time anyone gets $15 an hour they will actually need $30+ for basic survival.

I'm more concerned about HB-1 visas - Microsoft et al importing low wage workers when high unemployment is still causing massive havoc, housing evictions, etc.

Insult to injury, They now want to allow the spouses of HB-1 visas to have work permits also. Pitting starving Americans against starving Indians.

Bellevue, home to Microsoft, is now called Little Bombay, and not in a loving way.

Senator Cantwell's nickname as the Senator from Microsoft is not a funny joke any more.

When is the real revolution?