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Who Should the Average American Blame for CIA Torture?

Blaming primarily people in the CIA and the military for egregious torture and murder doesn't recognize these acts fall within this far broader set of corrupted cultural realities (even as we realize the very egregious nature to this globally expanded clandestine archipelago of secret prisons and hundreds if not thousands of renditions). And yet a lot of this stuff should be pegged to the many political figures and pundits who are not employees of CIA or the Pentagon, but because of a great deal of government and media deceit became the prime movers in getting our country involved in illegal wars.
Who Should the Average American Blame for CIA Torture?

By William Wraithwrite

"Hell is empty, And all the devils are here"
The Tempest Act 1 Scene 2 lines 213 William Shakespeare

"Bad men are full of repentance"

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Essay: Who Should the Average American Blame for CIA Torture?

Now that CIA torture and the closing of Gulag Gitmo are 'again' off the mainstream media's radar, due to plenty U.S. instigated distractions such as heavy meddling in Ukraine's internal politics or the politically manipulated debates about U.S. security measures in Libya, we can explore deeper questions as to previous events and players who instigated U.S. aggression abroad in the first place.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein, current chairman of supposedly our (the American peoples') Senate Intelligence Committee, who is, for the most part, still a proponent for NSA spying on the entire world's metadata, is far too fatuous like a fat-cat can be gullible (as many elected Congress-persons are in their overly ambitious while naïve perspectives—more so then many care to admit). Plainly many of our elected officials are close to idiots in not down right so (although Senator Feinstein does get credit for taking on the Orwellian War State with her "... we're better than that... " (regarding releasing documents of CIA torture).

Yet take the bantered factoid "metadata" (newspeak), for example, that any deductive logic would equate that metadata means little if the NSA does not equally have access to the actual contextual data itself—duh! Not, of course, a great deal of information can be gleaned from such indicators, but given the constancy of lies from the Beltway, it is little wonder the Director on National Intelligence, James Clapper, has barred any employee of U.S. Intelligence Agencies, from discussing any related matter to journalists? Why else would they have so much emphasis on huge super computers?

Yet one precedent Clap did set was to define a journalist as "any person engaged in the collection, production or dissemination to the public of information in any form related to topics of national security". This broad definition may be good news to Alternative News Sources, some who actually report more real news and less manufactured propaganda and consent. Meanwhile more Mainstream Media pundits are now attacking Edward Snowden (and get this some are Jewish intellectuals at the forefront on this because, truth be told, too much of American foreign policy is really very much Israeli foreign policy and so exposing American corruption is also exposing the Zionist exploitation of the American government and its tentacles). See Justin Raimondo's recent piece "George Packer is Good at Fellatio: But he calls it journalism" as even Packer is doing journalism of some sort?). See:  http://original.antiwar.com/justin/2014/05/22/george-packer-is-good-at-fellatio/

But herein already lies one major problem for the American public, that is besides the manufactured propaganda by the mainstream media and government, and that is the lies continue to get stretched beyond capacity as more leaked revelations continue to show old official statements as blatant falsehoods. And again we can go back to when torture was first revealed (not by the mainstream media but because of leaked photos of Abu Graib) and then many talking heads of main media (people who insist they are the real journalists) kept harping on the singular question of whether water-boarding was in fact torture (completely ignoring harsher forms of torture and concurrent murder).

And yet it is hoped we Americans will still believe, in our general lack of political street smarts, and willingness to be patriotically bamboozled, our leaders are actually telling us mostly the truth? Perhaps even a few staffers of the Senate and House Intelligence Committees hope along similar lines, even if other Executive branch careerist officials are working diligently to maintain a long corrupted status quo (not to mention hundreds of media coolies and other corresponding corporate elitists).

Maybe they seldom if ever have told the truth? This is certainly a worthy question (and such level of cynicism, given the historical nature of politics ought not be ruled out).

Nevertheless people like Senator Diane Feinstein and Representative Mike Rogers assume, because they hold titles of power and privilege and therefore assume they actually have the foremost insider scoop to truth and intelligence (when it is more they are animal-feed-bag-fed some of the most debunked packages of disinformation and useless detritus one would hope could be flushed out of all intellectual orbit—that is hoped, had been given to any deranged or psychiatric-person-of-neglect would still have spiritual wherewithal to bury, plastic-wrapped as dog-doo-doo, into the nearest dumpster). And this is not a hyperbolic overstatement. This is the reality of the United States of America people who have entrusted leadership to many spastic idiots. Our leaders too are routinely lied to and it is no wonder they too are being spied on.

PROBLEM #1: Elected Leaders too are often misinformed and dis-informed as are average Americans—a very serious problem. It is only now they are beginning to see some wool come slowly off the eyes. Edward Snowden revelations reinforce how much the American public has been misled by deliberate and professionally trained techniques of deception and propaganda. Little wonder why people like Secretary of State John Kerry publicly demand Edward Snowden come back to the United States to stand American Justice (which has become a mockery in many ways, including that it widely now know through several sources that many prisoners held in Guantanamo were there because War Lords of Afghanistan decried them terrorist (see Amy Goodman's interview Anand Gopal and his new book "No Good Men Among the Living: American, the Taliban, and the War Through Afghan Eyes" for the latest at  http://www.democracynow.org/2014/5/28/obama_extends_nations_longest_war_to ). See also:

"Revised: U.S. Government Plays Yahweh with Gulag Gitmo" by Very Vagabond at:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2013/06/423883.shtml

"YOU CANNOT DIE IN HELL: Using Indefinite Detention for" Political and Religious Purposes" by William Wraithwrite at:  http://www.indymedia.ie/article/104610

PROBLEM #2: Our American system itself has become even more financially corrupt. Many investor types, including and especially war/ intelligence industry experts that work for financial markets, made twenty tons of money on our "illegal wars" and never-ending "non-declared black operations" abroad (often approved and advocated by the Holy Land of Israel and supposedly Christian peoples of the West) and continue to be especially lucrative for the fascist reality of private contractors in places like Afghanistan (perpetrated by the United States Government using tax payer dollars bilked from common people).

And if this were not enough corruption to fathom we should mention the U.S. State Department acts very much to have turned into another faucet for corporate exploitation. For example, we spent FIVE BILLION taxpayer dollars since 1992 illegally manipulating Ukraine internal politics (all the while, of late, accusing Russia of their external influence)? And you can pretty much assume at least half of that 5 billion (if not much more) was siphoned off into private and corrupt pockets—but by who? Here is a real investigative question for the mainstream media they will never watch dog over but this is what Congress should be investigating.

Nevertheless our subject, blaming primarily people in the CIA and the military for egregious torture and murder, falls within this far broader set of corrupted cultural realities (even as we realize the very egregious nature to this globally expanded clandestine archipelago of secret prisons and hundred if not thousands of renditions).

And yet a lot of this stuff should be pegged to the many political figures and pundits who are not employees of CIA or the Pentagon, but because of a great deal of government and media deceit became the prime movers in getting our country involved in illegal wars.

To primarily focus on CIA as singularly ruthlessness is a cop-out in respect to the American Empire and the entire culture (that all share in such culpability). Americans willingly and sometimes gleefully approved of the torture tactics—even if they were not willing to know anything close to the actual extent of its reality.

Much of our entire system has been corrupted in its arrogant overgrowth with so much corporate profit power involved in warfare of one sort or another (for any reason). And yes the intelligence process became viciously sadistic (one doesn't need to be an insider like Seymour Hersch to know this much.)

Still specific episodes of torture (far more than what people like James Clapper would like us to know), only occasionally startle miniscule and narrowly defined debates in the mainstream media, and yet this stuff happened AFTER other forms of war corruption transpired. After 9/11 the war propaganda machine went into high gear "mere hours" after 9/11 to place, completely set to change American foreign policy into its currently horrific and tumultuous war against terrorism everywhere (understatement).

War itself is terrorism to the receiving cultures: even a so-called war on terrorism too often uses terrorism tactics. Many Americans are now feel terror of their own government—now knowing these people cannot and should not be trusted.

After 9/11 we Americans were told, via the mainstream media, to "... connect the dots... ." as this metaphor was broadcast over and over to our general naiveté (which was, for the most part, not prepared for the sophisticated propaganda campaign created to get us to go along with so much American aggression abroad (often with Israeli approval).

Few people, if any, to this day, years later, much question why the Bush Administration felt so confident to go full force on the offensive so quickly, almost immediately after 9/11, when prudently trained and cautious people would have still have been focusing on the possibility of more eminent threats (and would not have likely formulated an accusation as to who were the perpetrators so quickly and how it was necessary to seek revenge)? Within 24 hours the mood of the media was one of presuming the attacks were over, to changing the media message, on mere day two, into our own need for aggression abroad. This should have been, in itself, a shock and awe red flag for reflective people. Officials claimed they had no idea prior to it happening, and suddenly they have absolute certainty Osama bin Ladin did it—yet never showing any video of any of the so-called Arabs being in airports of loading planes?

George Bush was back at the White House, to which we get a convenient story prop a much larger "bin Ladin family" happened to be here in the States at the time, then requesting to fly (when flights were canceled elsewhere) insinuating this set of facts somehow proves they should be the prime suspects of 9/11 (which sounds very red herring—as the bin Ladin family would not have even been around in the first place had they known it was to happen or that they were suspected to have been involved)? Yet this is a conspiracy theory some on the left and in Zionist circles, such as previous Senator Phil Graham, are happy to espouse (and no one calls such ideas conspiracy theories—yet few are willing to consider what Israel's role might have been).

This is to say no one calls it anti-Semitic to call Arabs, Palestinians or Islamists terrorists? Whereas many take umbrage at the idea of claiming Israel and American policies are such? Yet it is crystal clear that the United States is engaged with a war against Muslims worldwide as a new Age of Christian Crusades. There was supposed to be a separation of State and Religion but our foreign policy, three branches of government and intelligence apparatchik have been high jacked to fight religious wars under the guise of fighting a war on terrorism.

Consider how much war and aggression has been carried out since 9/11. Consider how much profit private corporations and individuals made. Are these realities separate from innocent people who were tortured and who may be still tortured and illegally imprisoned? See essay: "9/11: Who Really Benefited?" by Captain America see:  http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2011/07/23/18685784.php

Some people who tortured others, we can presume, actually believed they were dealing with real terrorists and people involved in 9/11. Others went along with the idea that anyone Muslim or Arab-like was a bad guy. They may have thought the trade-off was ugly but necessary. Yet there were intellectuals who knew lies were being perpetrated in the government and the media, some who directly participated but did not torture anyone (and yet they are the people who created the mindset for such allowance of evil). Will public relations people like the pantheon of NeoCons such as Richard Pearle or Judith Miller of the New York Times become indicted for their awareness of the lies told to the American public?

We Americans fell for it. We believed the Bush Administration. We so often are too ready to suck up the dis-information they throw at us, because we so desperately wanted to believe in "our" shared American cause.

Nevertheless, from 911 there was immediate blitz to start all manner of violent intervention and warfare elsewhere. The Corporate Military Industrial Complex came back in motion (no longer to suffer Vietnam syndrome) to make more megabucks (and a 'little' torture and violence (like also happened in the Vietnam War hidden from the mainstream), in relation to profits was just part of the Mephistopheles bargain. After all who cares here if Judeo-Christian enemies are tortured and murdered —nothing the Old Testament has not already justified?
Therefore to simple point fingers at a very corrupted institution called the Central Intelligence Agency is a lie in a major way. It has been corrupt by Congress people not taking responsibility and thus allowing this agency to become so, such as decades of torture hidden in their archives. What about those who backed up George W. Bush to get him illegally elected? What about Vice President Cheney, no doubt supported by his staffer Scooter Libby, going to the CIA and demanding distorted intelligence (and then willingly taking critical lies from the special Pentagon project run by Douglas Feith and Wolfowitz and coordinated via Israel's military who came secretly to visit that Office of Special Operations)?

Our military machine of death profiteering and corporate/ bankster conspiracy of the one percent has allowed so many lies to transpire in the name of profit. Real torture includes corporate elites who sit in corporate boardrooms—even if all they think they do is give elected officials lucre (drinking Sarah and eating Sirloin steak to meting out tips to pretty waitresses).

And who really got all the many stolen artifacts from Iraq's museums'? How was it that that looting was so easily allowed to happen?

Where are The People who should be demanding real SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE in ALL Middle East countries, including the fact that we support a Zionist State that espouses its own ethnocentricity?

We need to challenge the moral worthiness of Judaism, Christianity and Islamism. There are messages of war, messages of cruel punishment, messages of hypocrisy, messages of dysfunctional and enabling tyranny in all three of these religions and some of their adherents. Jesus Christ too was tortured and murdered like a common criminal and slave. He could not even save himself. This is not something people should honor. It was a symptom of Empire.

It is time for secular rationality to demand we be free "from" religion—not just freedom to practice religion—because religion, thanks to the Middle East traditions has lent too much into justifying injustice.





[Note: If you agree with this essay and think it important then share it with many others—email, fax, publish, post, discuss, etc. Tweet/twitter "YOU CANNOT DIE IN HELL: Using Indefinite... by William Wraithwrite". Only everyday people will make any difference in the larger scheme of things.]

See also: "When God Became the Terrorist: Traces of the Authoritarian Nature of the Three Abrahamic Religions at:  http://www.indymedia.org.uk/en/2013/07/511565.html (e-book)