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world naked bike ride

invitation to annual naked bike ride in portland
What: World Naked Bike Ride
When: June 7, 2014
Time: Assemble starting at 8 pm, ride departing at 9 pm
Distance: Approx 7 miles, about one hour of riding
Start: Normandale Park, NE 57th and Halsey
Finish: Undisclosed, in Portland area. This ride is not a loop
Who: Everyone is invited
Cost: Free, donations are welcome
This year the World Naked Bike Ride launches from an easily accessible park close in to Portland, not far from the 1-84 freeway. Several thousand unclothed bicyclists will travel the streets Saturday evening, following a prearranged, undisclosed route.
The event has been going on in Portland for almost 10 years. It is a celebration of the bicycle and human body. It is a protest against dependence on oil. It is also an opportunity to emphasize the vulnerability of cyclists in traffic. The annual ride also displays the body and the bicycle, both of which can be painted and decorated in colors, shapes and messages.
The motivation for the ride is up to the individual. This is a nonprofit, volunteer-run event, and participants bring their own interpretation.
Riders should plan to bring clothes and any belongings on their bike. The WNBR Ride will not finish the same place as it starts. Route is not disclosed, but will be approx 7 miles and take approximately one hour to complete.
The WNBR is free, legal and fun. Our motto is: Bare as you dare. That means each rider chooses the level of nudity they are comfortable with - none, partial or total.
The WNBR is organized by members of Shift in Portland and sponsored as a 501.C3 by Umbrella, a local organization.
Web: www.pdxwnbr.org
Facebook: PDX.WNBR Twitter: @pdxwnbr

homepage: homepage: http://pdxwnbr.org

police escorts 26.May.2014 11:19


Too bad the police escorts will still be in uniform. Well, they need some place to stick their militarized weaponry, I guess...

gos 28.May.2014 16:01


I am curious which patriarchal religeon curious crawled out from underneath.