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Video: "The Tyranny of Experts: Economists, Dictators, and Forgotten Rights of the Poor"

The technical approach often ignores political realities and normative rights of the poor. Principles are engines of social rights. First, agreement on principles and then operationalization of the principles. Freedom or autocracy is the bigger discussion on development. We are winning this battle.
to watch the 1 hr 16 min BookTv presentation by William Easterly aired on May 24, 2014, click on


William Easterly talks about the failure of the U.N. and other organizations to reduce global poverty since WWII. Prof. Easterly argues that poverty experts too often look for short-term technical solutions and don't consider the role that a lack of political and economic rights play in keeping people in poverty. He spoke at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California.

William Easterly is a professor of economics at New York University and co-director of NYU's Development Research Institute. He was an economist and senior adviser at the World Bank from 1985-2001. Prof. Easterly is the author of "The White Man's Burden" and "The Elusive Quest for Growth." For more, visit: williameasterly.org.

homepage: homepage: http://www.freembtranslations.net
address: address: http://www.booktv.org

'Book TV' Is A Creature of C-SPAN 24.May.2014 19:07


In other words, just another fascist culture palace like PBS and NPR.

Whatever, blues 24.May.2014 20:39


Whatever the connection to some method of sharing, the man has some very good points. I don't use Flashplayer, nor did I see the presentation, I did read it. Well worth it for its ideas.

'He (Prof. William Easterly) Spoke At The RAND Corporation' 24.May.2014 21:53


From Wikipedia, (the "non-profit" encyclopedia (a private asset) built by volunteers):

"Origins: United States Army Air Forces, Project RAND"

You don't see it?

I (blues) am going to speak at the RAND Corporation In Santa Monica, California on July 5, 1014 in Santa Monica, California. They are such a great bunch! Be there!

fascist culture palace? 25.May.2014 08:48



That sounds like an old Rush song from Farewell to Kings.

You do realize you have no idea what the term Fascist means don't you? Starbucks not putting enough whip cream on your triple latte is not Fascist. You are such a First-World spoil brat. Do you drive daddy's BMW and and post YouTube videos about how Sorority blondes dislike you?

'Origins: United States Army Air Forces, Project RAND' 25.May.2014 12:19


"RAND Corporation"

Fascism has has been described by a variety of features. Like ultra-nationalism, belligerency etc.

But the most prominent feature, as proclaimed by Benito Mussolini, was the merger of the state with corporate power.

"Origins: United States Army Air Forces, Project RAND." Then the "privileged law" (private) Rand Corporation.

(Don't miss my speaking engagement.)

Fascist scum.