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I'm not boiling water

A city-wide alert on ambiguous grounds
Portland residents have been fighting scare tactics about the water supply from corporate-owned government, for several years now. We are supposed to believe that, since some East Coast buildings fell down in September 2001, some massive horde of evil saboteurs is likely to sneak into lil' ol' Portland's water supply, and contaminate it. This has always been just as bogus as the Amerithrax "investigation."

I just had a nice long drink of pure tap water.

Naomi Klein warned us against the "Shock Doctrine." When a population is manipulated into fearfulness, it is easy to get them to abandon rationality (most certainly including physics and biology) and comply with Authority. Right now, the Authorities want very much for Portlanders to pay for an extensive retrofit of the water supply. Never mind that it's the same water supply that has been perfectly safe--indeed, remarkably pure--for decade on decade; there are government-dependent corporations to pay. (Notably, there is Ch2MHill.)

Dramatically, most of the city has been told to boil its water, and to call the Water Department with reports of gastrointestinal upset. Gastrointestinal upset is a normal human reaction to stress, and an easy target for suggestion. Most people who even suspect that something they just ate or drank was "off" will immediately focus their attention to their guts, and the resultant stress will almost instantly produce "gastrointestinal stress" from gas to diarrhea. These people are now hysterically calling the Water Bureau, "proving" by sheer numbers that there is a terrible, terrible contamination of the water supply.

The health authorities are stating that the contamination is fecal coliform. Eww, poop bacteria! And they're saying that it includes e.coli. Omigawd! But there has always been some fecal coliform in the water (see below), and it's not necessarily a bad thing--your gut would not function correctly without it--and e. coli is a general term, and doesn't mean the deadly H57:0157 strain. If THAT were in the water, the authorities would say so, and loudly.

I'm sure the conformist pundits are on the air this moment saying, "Oh, why did we listen to those (liberal, moonbat, Democrat, Communist, ungrateful) activists who prevented the (jobs-producing, rational, patriotic) coverup of the Mount Tabor Water supply? Meanwhile, I note with suspicioun that, according to Portland Water Bureau Administrator David Shaff, the order to issue an alert came from "the state" as opposed to normal channels.

From Wikipedia's article on the Portland water supply:

"Long protected by land-use controls, the watershed is free of contaminants of concern except for naturally occurring microbes such as Giardia lamblia, Cryptosporidium, fecal coliform bacteria and total coliform bacteria, which are found in virtually all freshwater ecosystems. In the Bull Run watershed, sources of giardia and fecal coliform bacteria are limited to wildlife such as deer, Elk, Cougar, and North American Beaver. Sources of Cryptosporidium include most species of wild mammals and several bird species. A fence around the diversion pool at the headworks prevents direct animal contact with water near the system intake.[17]

"All water supplied by Portland's public water system meets or surpasses federal and state drinking water standards. Each year, the water bureau analyzes more than 10,000 water samples from reservoirs in the watershed and in the city, from groundwater, and from the distribution system and consumers' taps. The monitoring schedules comply with federal and state regulations, and records of the analyses are available to the public.[29]

"To comply with the EPA's Total Coliform Rule of 1990, the water bureau must collect and analyze at least 210 water samples each month from its distribution system. The rule requires that total coliform bacteria be absent in 95 percent of the samples; if a positive sample is found, three more samples must be collected and analyzed within 24 hours. Any positive Escherichia coli (E. coli) sample followed by a positive total coliform sample, or a positive total coliform sample followed by a positive E. coli sample is a violation of the Total Coliform Rule. In practice, following guidelines approved by the State of Oregon in 2005, the water bureau analyzes between 250 and 350 samples each month.[30] Between 1990 and late November 2009, a total of 14 water samples tested positive for E. coli but all follow-up samples tested negative.[31]

"However, routine water samples collected beginning November 25, 2009, from Reservoir 3 in Washington Park indicated the presence of E. coli in the follow-up test as well as the first test. The water bureau issued a boil-water advisory to its customers west of the Willamette River on November 28, 2009, as well as customers of the Valley View, Burlington and Palatine Hill water districts. The advisory was lifted on November 29, 2009.[32]

"Another EPA rule, the Long Term 2 Surface Water Treatment Rule (LT2) of 2000, has been the subject of controversy between the EPA and the City of Portland. This supplement to the Clean Water Act of 1996 was designed to reduce illness linked to Cryptosporidium and other microbes in drinking-water systems. The rule, which applies to any drinking-water system in the U.S. that uses surface water or groundwater, is relevant to about 14,000 systems. The City of Portland has argued that the Cryptosporidium threat to the city's water is so low that the EPA rule should not apply to Portland, but its efforts to seek legal or legislative relief have been unsuccessful. A legal challenge was denied in 2007, and Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley informed the water bureau in June 2009 that a legislative approach had little chance of success. Meanwhile, the bureau is pursuing "multiple and simultaneous paths to comply with LT2".[33] On January 13, 2010, the EPA rejected the city's request for a variance from LT2 that would have allowed it to continue to use open reservoirs.[34] The city is building new underground reservoirs to replace the open reservoirs, and it plans to treat the source water with ultraviolet UV light unless the EPA grants a variance or an acceptable alternative can be found.[33] The EPA deadline for compliance is April 2014.[33]"

I ain't boiling my water.

Gastrointestinal Disruption ... 23.May.2014 19:23

Tracy Mapes

Do Not Discount Irradiation.

I've dealt with 2+ years of it. Microwave weapons are being employed against ground Targets inside the United States. They "Are" Killing People.

One Day the Target will "Go Crazy" from over-heating, act out and be shot or captured by the Police. Build yourself a God Damned Shelter if you feel this fits your situation.

I believe Kurt Cobain was Targeted in a Similar Manner in the Early 1990's, so this is not a new phenomenon.

The Best shelter I have been able to create to this point on a limited budget of nothing, is a plank of wood with No Sides suspended above the Floor Approx. 2' Ft. with only with 2x4 uprights. You will also need some sort of Shear Framing to ensure it does not collapse on you. The Plank of wood can be a 4x6 sheet of 5/8" - 3/4" plywood. Then cover the surface with 12"x12"x2" Red Patio Bricks.

This is not Tin Hat Shit People!

If you get Targeted in this Manner? They can and Will Kill You. It's only a matter of Time.

General Symptoms of Microwave Targeting:

1. Diverticulitis

2. Blood in Stool due to Diverticulitis

3. Extreme onset of Abdominal Cramping (One Version of this Ray will take 10 to 15 Seconds to Wish you were Dead). Do not panic. Just Step or Roll to the Side. It will take about 15 Minutes for them to Find You Again. They Target by Body Heat with Infrared FLIR Technology. The "Beam" is approx. 1' Foot in Diameter. Roll to the side and let it hit the Floor next to you. You will become sensitive enough to hear it hit the Floor next to You. Just lay on your side, in a Spooning Position and let it hit the Floor between your knees and head.

4. Acid Reflux, Esophageal Narrowing, and Heartburn. Pop some Rolaids to help counter the Effect. You may wake up choking up Stomach Acid into your Mouth, Swallow or go to the Bathroom and quickly spit it out.

5. Most any of the Syndromes that are Advertised on TV in the last 10 years are Just a Cover for these Symptoms, including Osteoporosis. People are dying. Check the thickness difference of the Yellow Pages Phone book in your area. Between 2012 and 2013, My Areas Phonebook was reduced in sized by 2/5ths it's normal size. This is an indicator. People are moving due to discomfort, and or death. Economies are being destroyed.

6. Loud, High Pitched Hum. May be present as well. You can half the Volume with Silicone Ear Plugs like Equipment Operators and Loggers Use. You will not stop it though. Apply Water or Light Vegetable Oil to your Ear Drums with Cotton Swabs. Your Ears will become Dry and need Hydration on occasion.

7. Wear a T-Shirt to Bed, and Cover Your Entire Body with a light Sheet. This will help absorb the Impact of Residual Radiation that is not blocked by your Protective Structure.

8. Very Important, Hydration. Drink Water, more than Normal. If You are Targeted in this manner, you will have a tendency due to the Effects of Irradiation to Not Hydrate Properly. Drink Water and Use a Brita Type Filter.

9. Sleep Deprivation will also be a Factor. Get as much sleep as you can and try to Schedule Sleep time at different times. Fucking up their Schedule with Unpredictability can work in your favor. These People are most likely using Drones, and even though they can stay up for 24 hours, they need to refuel and have shift changes.

10. If You are Being Subliminally Targeted and Interrogated? Do Not answer any Questions. I've Talked to these Assholes for about 2 1/2 Years to figure out their Ploys. Learn from what I learned. Do Not Describe Your Personal Structure Dimensions or Location. Do Not give them any Directional or Personal Information. These are CointelPro Types and will use that Information to Cutoff any Escape Routes or Family Support System you may have developed in your Lifetime. This is not a Fucking Game.


Here is a Shelter Manual I developed for PDX Indymedia. It is your Best Friend when you don't have any left.

Other Manuals of Importance are the FOIA Document on EMF/Microwave Weapons PDF. It covers Non-Lethal Devices.


Full Manual U.S. Army FOIA Document




Photographic EXIF Data 2006-2010


Shelter Construction Manual

The Exposure to these Weapons over an Extended Period of Time are being used to Destroy Your Personal ability to Support, Sustain or Maintain Economic Viability and Kill You through the breakdown of your Biological Cell Structures, and Death though Aneurysm of the Brain, Stomach Ulcer, Intestinal Blockage, Starvation.

I'm Sorry I have to present this to You with Free Webpage Services, as I have been in this War since 2006. I have not resources and even have to pilfer "wifi" from other source to deliver this to you.

I truly am in shit world.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

Other Related Image Links:





A reverse psychologists wet dream 23.May.2014 19:53


Tell you to boil and you refuse to.

I guess the best way to get you not to drink contaminated water is the tell you you must drink it.

What was it that Napoleon said about getting your enemy to move where you want him to by making him think its his idea?

Sounds like the Portland experiment is moving along nicely with.

psyops comments 24.May.2014 01:12


Hmm, red herrings already. Must be close to the mark....

xnonymous, nothing left to say 24.May.2014 08:22


If you believe drinking distilled water for a few days is a trilateral commission plot, then you are beyond hope.

This makes sense 24.May.2014 08:27


I think it's suspicious this this boiling water issue comes just a couple days after KOIN reported about the massive number of leaks in the new Powell Butte water tanks. David Shaff and the Portland Water Bureau along with their corporate cronies who built the tanks were exposed for their incompetence,greed,ignorance--all of those and more. I just went to get coffee and the coffee shop said no coffee cause they had no bottled water! If they mess with the coffee supply in Portland, they are messing with the primal forces of nature. This is looking like pure BS.

institutionalized f**ks 24.May.2014 09:28

scarred portlander

from  http://www.cnn.com/2014/05/23/us/oregon-portland-boil-water-e-coli/index.html

"Independently, we had all of these things happen. Normally, ... there would be nothing further," Shaff said. "The state, though, has said with these three incidents right after the other, we're going to require you to (act)."

scarred Oh No! 24.May.2014 11:42


No no no, not corporate news! Fuck E-coli, that is contamination itself. We should give credit to CNN for breaking away from looking for a missing jet long enough to inform citizens of something that actually might affect their lives.

Funny how when corporate news enters the site, everybody here goes "Quaker in a titty bar", but everybody here would be deaf, dumb, and blind without finding out first from it. PIMC a new generation of hypocrites is here!

Boiled Water Notice Has Been LIFTED 24.May.2014 13:07

1:05 PM 2014-05-24


FUD comments 24.May.2014 13:26


That huge comment below me is FUD. Either it's some organization trying to make the author look crazy by associating him with crazy conspiracies, or it's some victim of one of those organizations who feels driven to express his mental upset everywhere he posts. There are those who fear conspiracy theorists, and wish to ruin the reputation anyone stating that any organization could possibly have malicious intent. They do so by conjuring up fake conspiracies that nobody could believe, and then by flooding you with ranting and raving about those conspiracies, they trick you into extending your disbelief to all conspiracies, even the ones that make sense. It's the same strategy as you saw in the schoolyard, where a bully wanted people to hate who you are so they acted in an over the top retarded way, saying "this is you!"

So, don't let some lunatic raving about radiation make you disregard someone talking about conspiracies about reservoirs. You disregard someone when they don't have any evidence to support their theories, not when they get spammed by people seeking to make any conspiracy look crazy. It's public knowledge that construction companies have been lobbying to redo all the USA reservoirs since 1993 so it's not even a conspiracy, just regular old exploitation.

cy 24.May.2014 15:22


you said "some organization trying to make the author look crazy by associating him with crazy conspiracies"

I believe the OP needs no help from anybody regarding this.

If most of the planet followed the OP's opposition to boiling water because of a biological contaminate, then most of the planet would be dead by now. You have to be a rich spoiled First-World Nutter to even think like this.

Dear, Psy Losers ... (Cy) 24.May.2014 17:05

Tracy Mapes

The Information I provided the Board is True and Correct.

The Northwest/Seattle Area was one of the first Areas to be Attacked with these Tactics to destroy the effectiveness of Citizens the Government deemed as Counter-Culture.

Grow the Fuck Up.

These People are spend Dept. of Homeland Security money to kill your stupid asses. One day your will say, "Fuck! I should have read that stupid fucking article on Portland Indy Media a little closer."

I am a fucking newsman. Listen the fuck up.

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes

^^^^^^^^^^^^Even Uses Real Name. Shocking.

Tracy 24.May.2014 21:35



Nobody doubts your sincerity of insight into the events you have experienced. We find what you write some of the most disturbing reading on the web by far.

didn't boil water 31.May.2014 11:32



"On Tuesday, May 20, a water sample at the outlet of a Tabor reservoir tested positive for a problem indicator known as Total Coliform, which was then identified specifically as E.coli. A follow-up sample was taken as soon as that E.coli result came in, to verify the result and rule out error. That follow-up sample came back clean. On Wednesday, May 21, a water sample at a site down by the waterfront came back positive for Total Coliform, which was then identified as E.coli. Again, a follow-up sample was taken as soon as that E.coli result came in, and that follow-up sample came back clean. On Thursday, May 22, a water sample at the outlet of a Tabor reservoir tested positive for Total Coliform, identified as E.coli. That result prompted a follow-up test on Friday, and while the City was waiting on the results to that test the Oregon Health Authority ordered Portland Water Bureau to issue a city-wide boil water notice. Two of the three sites had already retested as clean. The community had already been drinking the water for 3 days. In my opinion, this boil order was largely pro forma."

So---how much harm was caused, in terms of stress and labor costs and bottled water costs, by this chicken-little alert? The amount and type of bacteria wasn't even enough to harm immunocompromised people. And, might I add, this is the same tap water system that has served us so well for decades, sans alerts.

I will examine any future boil-water alerts carefully.