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Is China Staging "False Flag" Terror Attacks?

Almost overnight China is besieged by seemingly endless terror attacks, but no one ever takes any credit. No one gets any personal blame either. Meanwhile all of the country's law enforcement agencies are armed to the teeth and patrolling in gangs, gripping baseball bats and imposing what looks like a new police state. Shades of 911?
A spokesman for the PLA (People's Liberation Army) said on CCTV News last night that all these attacks at train and bus stations and shopping malls was due to "different ethnic groups who don't get along". Of course they didn't name even ONE of these groups. When they "catch" a live terrorist, they never give his name or hometown or any information whatsoever about the alleged perp. Totally unlike the USA, where almost any terrorist is certain of having his sorry life story detailed by the media in an onslaught of propaganda. The Lee Harvey Oswald syndrome. But in China there is zilch. CCTV goes on for hours, milking the story for all it's worth. But it's all a dog and panda show because they never mention, much less discuss, exactly who is doing this evil stuff or why. The closest they get to informing the Chinese population (or the world's for that matter) of what is going on is that China borders known terrorist strongholds like Afghanistan and Pakistan and that there is "leakage" into China. Obama's "Pivot to Asia" has really put the Chinese on notice that Asia itself is the new ideological battlefield. The USA just sold a shitload of major weaponry to The Phillipines, Thailand, Malaysia, and Taiwan. That's the real 'pivot'. Taking a cue from the neo-con engineers of 911, the Chinese leadership has rapidly instituted a police state mentality on 1.3 billion citizens almost overnight. Sort of like "Marathon" Boston, only on a much bigger scale. Gangs of uniformed cops now roam every major city, wielding baseball bats and looking SWAT scary as they eyeball everything, and more importantly, everyone. China, which in the English tradition, never armed it's regular cops, now have everyone with a badge packing heat. Overnight. These attacks themselves usually result in some dead "terrorists" among the civilian carnage. They're now saying that they have identified many of them through "DNA Testing". Problem is, how did they know who to match it against? If they needed DNA to identify them then they must have been too unrecognizable to their families and friends. Where was their DNA profile stored then? And why would they even have a DNA profile in the first place to "match" any specimen against? It's all very illogical. Reminds me somewhat of the Pentagon's claim that they identified all the Pentagon Crash victims by their DNA. Trouble is, no bodies were ever found, much less any remains of a jumbo jet. They claimed all body parts and remnants were "vaporized" (Pentagon's own description)into nothingness. So where did they obtain these "DNA" samples? Fishy isn't even the word for this rotten pond. Somehow Obama and Kerry have almost overnight isolated Russia and China into a potentially frightening scenario. Two totalitarian states in alliance against the USA and it's allies. We already know that Russia is serious about Western hegemony as one look at Ukraine proves. Talk about starting a civil war! Both sides seem suicidal and a replay of Bosnia or Chechnya seems inevitable. Russia leveled Grozny and slaughtered everything with a penis. To see the Chinese go down that False Flag highway as a way to consolidate control and "ensure security" is a sad sight. Let me know when China has an actual "trial" for one of these still breathing "terrorists". Hell, let me know when they mention just one name or "organization" responsible.

"Is China Staging "False Flag" Terror Attacks?" 23.May.2014 12:59


The answer to your question is : NO.

GTFO you paranoid asshole

Argue your point. Another one syllable genius? 23.May.2014 14:32


"That Guy"? Are you Marlo Thomas? You just can't say NO! like you're the LAST FUCKIN' WORD in the Universe. Not on this site anyway. The buck will never stop with you. And please explain why I'm paranoid. Psychiatric advice- 5 cents. If America can do 911's, you think China can't? Dream on. Are you Nancy Reagan? Just saying NO! is the sign of the Intellectual Coward. An Ostrich with it's head up it's ass. Miss Francis gives you an "F" for your non- "response".

OK Rat 24.May.2014 04:58

Mike Novack

I am somebody else, so I'll give you a more expansive answer.

Maybe things are different now, but back when I was in school they didn't teach us much about China. So you can be excused on those grounds.

a) It's a rather different culture. Arguments based upon the sort of publicity you'd expect to see HERE don't hack it. They tend to do things differently than we do.

b) Although most of its history for the past several thousand years the central part of China has been dominated by the Han people there are many other ethnic groups scattered about. And these dominate the population in certain regions. At various times in it's history one or another of the outlying ethnic groups conquered the empire and ruled for a while. But as it is said, can't rule China without becoming Chinese. So the Han eventually return to dominance, as a culture if not pure genetics.

c) At the present moment there are problems with some of these ethnic groups "acting up". Do not draw conclusions about the "playing down" of the seriousness. Leave that to people who have studied China (and of course to the Chinese themselves)

ugh. 24.May.2014 08:35


rAT without a cause. (so just make one up).

At times I think our friend is just a maladjusted "two-incher" who never got enough of mommie and daddy's attention because it just reeks from his posts.
What could be the problem, is that unlike freeing slaves, battling fascists, Jim Crow, or even the cold war, this generation hasn't got shit to do, so it invents crap to make itself feel useful. I think this is his problem. Another useful idiot Private in the army of Climate Change Inc.

rAT 24.May.2014 12:30


I found your kindred spirit. Can't decide which of you is more demented, Tracy Mapes gives you a good run for the money though.

alright! 25.May.2014 11:08


It wouldn't be a rAT post without wild speculation supported by zero evidence. Glad you're still here buddy.