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This Saturday an international group of radical "feminists" (hate group) will descend on Portland to hold what it purports to be a "public forum" on sex workers and on trans folks. Let's show them the door.
This Saturday an international group of radical "feminists" (hate group) will descend on Portland to hold what it purports to be a "public forum" on sex workers and on trans folks. Let's show them the door.

The hate group called WOLF (Womyn's Liberation Front) and Deep Green Resistance's leaders Lierre Keith and Rachel Ivey (plus an "ex-trans" speaker) are main speakers of the "forum" to be held at the Central Library (801 SW 10th Ave) U.S. Bank Room downtown from 11AM to 3PM. We questioned the library administration about allowing a hate group who promotes discrimination and their response is that they cannot kick them out because of freedom of speech. So we also exercise our right to free speech in public space this Saturday to drive the TERFS and RadFems out of OUR library and OUR Portland!

Gather at Director Park (2 blocks away, on Taylor and Park) at 10:30AM, bring signs.

March together to Central Library at 10:45AM and rally on the sidewalk in front of the library entrance to create visibility.

People are also encouraged to infiltrate the "forum" and speak out, call out on the TERF and SWERF bullshit, and filibuster the meeting in general.

On Sunday, a group of TRUSCUMS (self-loathing trans folks who have been brain washed into radical feminism, who are online puppets of Supreme Leader Cathy "Buck" Brennen) are having a secret meeting to establish an ex-trans organization. This location is secret but we are investigating and will inflitrate it.

For people who don't know, DGR and RadFem are people who want trans folks to be outlawed and be executed in prison unless they go back to their birth sex because to them genital is destiny. They claim trans women are rapists simply by existing, AND even petitioned the United Nations to strip all trans and genderqueer people of human rights. This same group of people are also into slut-shaming and against sex workers and also those women who do not become butch lesbians. Funny how they are all white middle class women with masters and doctors degrees, who go after poor trans women of color who experience constant threat of hate crime, denied healthcare, unemployment, homelessness, police violence and just all sorts of oppression. Let's make them check their WHITE, MIDDLE-CLASS, CIS PRIVILEGE!

These hateful FASCISTS do not belong in Oregon! Ya basta!

See Y'all in the streets!!!

"Let us not become the evil deplore" 21.May.2014 17:06

as said Barbara Lee

I am not a member of the Radical Feminists and I was one of the Friends at Multnomah Friends Meeting who spoke out AGAINST Meeting's hosting the Radical Feminist event at the Meeting House. The Radical Feminists' political stance did not seem in keeping with Quaker values. The other issue that arose is that the Meeting House, as a house of worship and not an event center, was under no obligation to accept renters whose values did not seem to agree with their own. The reservation from Radical Fems should never have been accepted by Multnomah Friends Meeting in the first place and probably would never have been accepted had there been some more in-depth research into the prospective renters. When Multnomah Friends Meeting was notified of the potential for conflict and (justifiably and understandably) hurt feelings on the part of other community members, it decided to cancel the reservation.

However, the description of the Rad Fems conference on Saturday, May 24, according to the Rad Fems Facebook page is,
"Free conference open to the public aimed to shed light and open dialogue on controversial aspects of radical feminism."

The Library had the right to accept the reservation. It is indeed a free speech issue. Free speech is free speech. You cannot pick and choose who gets it. The conference appears to meet all the requirements for reservation of library space. It is free and open to all.

Those who are not in agreement with the Rad Fems brand of radical feminism should attend and dialogue with them. Listen and dialogue respectfully and from a position of integrity.

Disturbing and disrupting a public event that is "aimed to shed light and open dialogue on controversial aspects of radical feminism" will only backfire. It will make your group seem like a bunch of fascists who see free speech as something reserved only for select groups who agree with yourselves. A sociology teacher of my college days once remarked, "The further you go to the left and the right, the closer the two groups resemble each other."

There has been too much drama in the activist community lately, most recently at the Law & Disorder Conference.

Let's try to be people of integrity and dialogue honestly with each other.

Ya basta to street theatre! Viva a struggle to understand where the other is coming from. We don't have to agree. We don't have to work together. We do need to practice the golden rule and show the same respect for others' free speech as we expect for our own. I am choosing to operate on the assumption that the Rad Fems' conference is indeed intended to "shed light and open dialogue." Give them the opportunity to prove their intent.

All else is empty street theatre.

Doubling down? 21.May.2014 21:00


This sounds like another effort from the Shut Down Kristian Williams brigade. If you folks spent half as much time confronting capitalists, cops, and politicians as you do confronting other activists, you might have some credibility. But aside from your insular clique, no one is going to get near this with a ten foot pole. You've guaranteed your own irrelevance.

Verify this claim 21.May.2014 21:17


I am not that familiar with DGR and RadFem.

But, in light of the distortions and bullshit thrown around by the witch hunters a couple of weeks ago at the Law and Disorder Conference, I am skeptical about this charge:

"DGR and RadFem are people who want trans folks to be outlawed and be executed in prison unless they go back to their birth sex"

Is this true? Are there quotes or statements that can confirm that DGR and RadFem actually believe that?

WTF is a droplet? 21.May.2014 21:59


Wow. Googled and went to the website.

I was greeted with this -- "A username and password are being requested by  http://womensliberationfront.org. The site says: "Please login to your droplet via SSH for login details.""

They want me to login to my droplet? This is NSA ALL tHe Way..............

RATFEM is Hate 21.May.2014 22:00


The Library's rules on meeting room use

"All groups, clubs, entities or individuals using a library meeting room must comply with these rules and with the Behavior Rules Governing the Use of Multnomah County Library. Failure to comply with the rules may lead to immediate termination of the meeting, exclusion of individuals from library premises pursuant to the rules, and/or loss of future meeting room use privileges."

The Library's "Behavior Rules Governing the Use of Multnomah Country Library"

Any person who violates rules 1-5 while in or on library premises will be immediately ejected and excluded from all Multnomah County Library premises without first being given a warning. Any person so excluded shall lose all library privileges for a period of up to three years, and the incident will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

1. Committing or attempting to commit any activity that would constitute a violation of any federal, state or local criminal statute or ordinance.

2. Directing a specific threat of physical harm against an individual, group of individuals or property. Violation of this rule will result in a minimum exclusion of one year.

Note on 1. The RATFEM group is violation of Oregon Equality Act because it creates a hostile environment by its hate speech including intentional and deliberate misgendering of trans women and open advocacy of legislation that discriminates against transgender and gender non conforming people. Its presence in a PUBLIC space that's open to everyone interferes with the Library's mission of equal and public space. By allowing RATFEM to use OUR Library for propaganda that encourages Oregonians to violate Oregon Equality Act by denying access to restrooms and so on the Multnomah County government is implicit in violating OUR civil rights.

Note on 2. Websites and blogs owned by prominent RATFEM authors direct threats of physical harm against a group (trans women). They encourage uninformed citizens to think of trans women as rapists, pedophiles, sex offenders, and violent psychopaths. See  http://gendercritical.blogspot.com for a list of such blogs, and Twitter account @GIDwatch (owned by a hate group Gender Identity Watch) for their violent propaganda.

These people come from out of state to Portland (not the first time) to do this because they think Portland is the trans capital of the world thanks to our enlightened citizens and politics. It did not come easy, took decades of sacrificial efforts by trans activists. The RATFEM activists spare no efforts to destroy our progress, even by working with far right Christian Fundamentalist organizations such as Pacific Justice Institute and Mass Resistance which is hypocritical because RATFEM activists are butch lesbians themselves transgressing gender.

Let's show some solidarity and get rid of HATE!

All what u need to know about RATFEM and Deep Hate Resistance 21.May.2014 22:11


Who are the TERF?  http://theterfs.com/

Who are the DGR?  link to www.decolonizingyoga.com

Featured speakers

LIERRE KEITH (DGR founder)  http://veganideal.mayfirst.org/content/lierre-keith-case-study-anti-trans-hatred

RACHEL IVEY (DGR)  link to rabble.ca
 link to earthfirstjournal.org

SAMANTHA BERG  https://secure.huffingtonpost.com/monica-shores/prostitution-experts-vers_b_756845.html




A lot of hate speech in original posting 21.May.2014 22:26


What does TERF mean? What does TRANSCUMS mean?

There seems to be a lot of misogynistic speech in the original posting -- talking about "butch lesbians" and going on a rant about "white, middle-class, cis gendered females."

The rant about "white, middle-class, cis gendered females," some apparently with masters and doctoral degrees, could probably describe the poster's and most of the protesters' mothers (?!).

What is this emphasis on "cis-female" and "cis-male" about anyway lately? I am okay with identifying by personal pronouns. However, I was born female. I have more privilege than a transgendered person. I have less privilege than a male. No one should have to apologize or feel guilty about being born into a specific gender. To quote Lady Gaga, "I was born this way." I refuse to talk about myself as a cis female married to a cis male. And, frankly, I find it absolutely ridiculous when I hear people ask that people use the gender pronoun "they" to refer to an individual person. Is that like the "royal we"? I also find it ridiculous when people say that, today, I feel like my personal pronoun is a "she" but tomorrow it may be "he." Maybe we should all be "its."

This sounds like it was posted by Westboro Baptist Church 21.May.2014 23:20


This post would be silly if it wasn't so hateful. The above commenter is right about the hatespeech...is there a way to report this to indymedia? I don't think misogynistic language like this belongs on this site.

The website of this event says it's an open event intended to promote dialogue...and THIS is what you're spending time trying to shut down? There are so many legitimately awful things going on in the world, including in Portland, and you're spending time silencing discussion instead of engaging in it? You're either a bored teenager or a fundamentalist, or both.

Example of TERF hate speech agit prop 22.May.2014 00:50



Like all other hate groups (racist, anti-semite, islamophobic, anti-houseless, homophobic) the TERF propaganda posits all trans women as criminals or potential criminals who are responsible for society's problems.

People such as Lierre Kieth and Rachel Ivey having an "open public forum" facilitated by an obviously biased facilitator Samantha Berg who has a preconceived agenda of promoting their ideology, is no better than letting KKK have an open forum of race or OCA have an open forum on gay rights. All progressive radicals must fight fascists such as these who throw the most oppressed groups of people under the bus in the name of struggle.

The DEATH of Radical Activism 23.May.2014 16:21


After reading such a hyperbolic post, I decided to do my own research before chiming in. NOT by clicking on any of the cheap, thrown together, ad-hoc links others have left, but by googling the two groups in question. First off, there is no such thing as "WOLF" or Womyn's(sic) Liberation Front, much less any hate group by that title. Deep Green Resistance is a well-established, global organization. However, further research into DGR turns up NO such evidence of "trans-phobia" nor so-called "slut-shaming". I didn't even waste my time looking up acronyms for "TERF" or "SWERF", as these seem to be completely made-up, aggro-gibberish whose meaning is only known to the person who invented them. "TRUSCUMS" is so obviously derogatory that the use of it all but voids what ever credibility the OP might have been attempting to go for.

What this really looks like, is one group having a personal agenda/chip on their shoulder against another group with whom, ideologies differ either slightly or wildly, depending on how one examines it. This sort of micro-managing and brown-nosing is EXACTLY why Progressive/Radical-Left movements in this country have been in such disarray. This very sort of shouting down and calling out of each others niche politics has done far more to destroy the Left than any FBI/NSA/CIA/Co-INTEL PRO/maniacal govt. program could ever do! It's sad and pathetic. And yet, so damned typical of Portland. This is what I've come to expect from you people.


"See Y'all in the streets!!!"

Give me a fucking break, I have not seen any real action in the streets here in years! And given the track record of most of you, it's surprising to see anyone make an appearance at all these days. All I see are chickenshit bully tactics and intimidation/smear campaigns waged exclusively online and NOWHERE ELSE! The hugely discredited ANTIFA are a prime, glaring example of this. Phoning in death threats to a venue in order to [try] and get a concert shut down, only yo NOT make any physical presence at venue in question has been ANTIFA's m.o. for several years now. Such is becoming the norm for Portland "radicals". If a single opponent shows up at the library tomorrow, I'd be shocked.

Q'all want to talk about hate speech 23.May.2014 16:58

just a guy


Just take a gander at the words thrown at these women for having the gall to host a open public discussion on Prostitution and Gender. Q are you and your nonviolent buddies gonna call these people out?

But this all started with exclusion. Women wanting to have discussions without the presence of men. Not Extermination, this is a strawperson's argument to further vilify radical feminist and ideas you don't agree with. So now there's an event that isn't exclusionary and y'all don't like it which goes to show you'll never be pleased with anything they do.

I've been following this conflict for a number of years and in all the discussions I have witnessed, I have NEVER seen radical feminists respond with the visceral hatred that I've seen from folks who allegedly "support" trans people. It's no wonder they want to have meeting without you around. I as a dood wouldn't want to be in the same room with you.

I didn't plan on going until I saw this post. Now I am, to support Radical Feminism and this very important open discussion.

Dialog is only dialog... 23.May.2014 18:30

Not about to let the TERFs dox me.

Dialog is great. I love dialog. I love the concept of peace talks after the never ending assault TERFs have spearheaded against trans women and sex workers.

But, there's a problem with Radfems Respond. This isn't dialog. It's not peace talks. It's one side having the mic and dictating the terms of engagement while
everyone else gets to ask preapproved questions.

Yeah, sorry, if that's your idea of peacetalks, then you are doing it very very wrong.

The sex industry is a global industry that has created much 23.May.2014 19:55


suffering for mostly women and children. I have not seen those who politically question the sex industry vilify sex workers. But I have seen them talk about the social harm done to women by both the messages in most porn, and the harm done to prostituted women directly.

The unqualified acceptance of the sex industry and calling anyone who questions it hateful is extremely unthoughtful. In some misguided effort to align with sex workers, you end up aligning with their pimps. In my experience as a social worker helping women to leave prostitution, none felt that it was a meaningful free choice, and they escaped with lifelong trauma. There are some women for whom this is not the case, but by and large, the sex workers rights folks seem to be those who are either more privileged sex workers (higher end strippers/escorts), and those who have nothing to do with sex work but consuming it.

Have some more nuance in your perspective. You are not aligning yourself with the real victims.

I am not this body. 23.May.2014 21:50


I am not this body, and therefore I am ungendered. Remove the genitals and change the chemistry, and I am still me. When I die, my body will decay and then what will I be? Always and forever, only me, ungendered and free. Gender is a trap for your mind; don't hold it in your lap, or it will make you go blind.

Same old anti-feminist shit 24.May.2014 05:38


This is misogyny. Nothing more. People alleging "support" of transgendered folks - by peppering their speech with angry hate-rhetoric against feminists - are just the new misogyny. The version that seems to be "acceptable" to the four or five people still going around claiming to speak for the radical "community." And it DOES sound just like the tiny little in-group crew who recently disrupted Law & Disorder. Shame on YOU all. Go home.

Curious to know... 24.May.2014 23:15


... how things went today. Did the slut-shaming, shout-down, call-out gestapo - fronting as Trans supporters - succeed in "filibustering" the event? Did anyone even bother showing up?

Nobody I saw 25.May.2014 00:01

dood that waz there

It was a very successful event. Hopefully the talks will be available on the internets in the not too distant future. Other then anti monsanto signs, there wasn't much out there. 10:30 at director park was empty.

Guess it was too early for these folks to stop by. Even with an open forum, it was still a majority of women. Here was your chance and you blew it.

Dawn Schiller was AWESOME and Rachel Ivey and Heath Russell's talk will be worth seeking out.

Surprise, surprise... 25.May.2014 13:29


A complete NO-SHOW by these cowardly anonymous dipshits who claimed to have been standing up against "Transphobia". Not at all surprised! A complete NO-SHOW at a recent Death In June concert, a complete NO-SHOW at this open forum held at a library here in Portland, by a supposed, slut-shaming "hate group". WHAT'S THE MATTER, QuiddityQ, GenderAngel, bleh,
antifa, etc.? You gonna just let some "hate" group come to town, have their way, and walk all over you like that? Couldn't you get your sorry asses out of bed? YOU were the ones who set the meetup time, RIGHT?

"Gather at Director Park (2 blocks away, on Taylor and Park) at 10:30AM, bring signs.
March together to Central Library at 10:45AM and rally on the sidewalk in front of the library entrance to create visibility."

(((QuiddityQ))), did you NOT say this? Are these not YOUR words? Here is what happened: a radical feminist "hate" group (RATFEM, was is?) from outside the state (your claim) who promotes genocide against Trans-women (supposedly, according to YOU) along with assorted "TERFs", "SWERFs", and "TRUSCUMs" or whatever, just held a "public forum" at the largest library in Portland... and YOU did not do a damned thing to stop them, nor your fellow comrades (so much for solidarity) . Not even a single filibuster.

"See Y'all in the streets!!!"

Unless it's too early in the morning. Why, no one can possibly be expected to do battle with "hate" groups at 10:45AM, are you MAD?! THERE WAS E-COLI IN THE WATER AND ALL THE COFFEE SHOPS WERE CLOSED!!!!!

A Statement from the Anti-TERF/SWERF Action Team of Portland Oregon 25.May.2014 16:13

QuiddityQ (Cathy Brennen forgot to misgender me, I am FTM)

The Anti-TERF/SWERF Action Team strongly and unequivocally condemns TERF hate groups WOLF (Womyn's Liberation Front) and DGR (Deep Green Resistance) holding their propaganda rally at one of our finest public institutions, Multnomah County Central Library. This is a 150-year-old library, first in the western United States west of the Mississippi River. Multnomah County has been a champion in Queer rights in Oregon. Given its stellar history, we strongly condemn the Library Administration for allowing hate groups to abuse our cherished Constitutional Rights.

On late Friday night, two of the protest organizers were unlawfully detained by law enforcement for trumped up and unfounded reasons, at two separate location, two separate cities, and two different times. The other remaining organizer was followed around by a masked and hooded "man" (appeared to be a man but can as well be a TERF) early Saturday morning near qis residence. Qe attempted to call 9-1-1 but qis cell phone was inexplicably not working. Qe has PTSD due to history of sexual assault pre and post transition. Qe is still yet to recover from that incident. Give TERFs' standard M.O. to work closely with FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS and state/local police, and their ability to dox anybody on earth thanks to them having access to expensive subscription databases, we are not at all surprised by these attacks against us. We are indeed at war with TERF for our very own survival. TERF oppression of trans and genderqueer people is real but thanks to TERF propaganda we are blamed for being a victim and "asking for it."

We practice super security culture and therefore Director Park was just a pick up point for those who saw our public post, with a look out persyn positioned to direct anyone who looked like protestor. Our actual meet up point was several blocks further, but we did not do a good job at finding out other actions in town. We believe that several of protestors who actually showed up were confused into joining the Monsanto march gathering at Shemansky Park instead.

We stand in solidarity with all trans, genderqueer, and gender non conforming people whose rights are daily undermined by irresponsible and incendiary TERF propaganda. We urge good citizens of Oregon and America not to give them any airtime more than any respectable persyn would allow West Borough Baptist Church or Creationists or Global Warming Deniers to speak and be taken seriously. We also call those who prefer to work within the capitalist democratic system to lobby harder for laws that will make a felony any speech against transgender and genderqueer people. As some of this country's most persecuted population we deserve special legal protection as well as reparation from TERF groups and their leaders.

The City of Roses shall no longer tolerate feminism! You TERFs and SWERFs are not welcome! Do not come back again!



What are you talking about? 21.May.2014 22:45


What are you talking about, saying that DGR supports executing transpeople? Could you please offer evidence for that claim?

Multnomah County Library Responds 23.May.2014 11:43

Cindy Gibbon, Access and Information Services Director cindyg@multcolib.org

Dear QuidityQ--I'm reaching out to let you know some options you have that will allow you to express your opinions within the Library's policies and rules of behavior. Your first and best option is to contact us and book a library meeting room for a meeting where you can hold a public discussion that presents your views on these issues. You can also attend and participate in tomorrow's meeting. Meetings held in library meeting rooms must always be open to the general public. You may participate in the meeting by expressing your views and allowing others to express their views. You may not disrupt the meeting. You may protest on the public sidewalk and hand out information there, so long as you don't block access for library patrons who are trying to enter and leave the building. If you'd like to call me at 503-988-5496 I'd be happy to talk more about these options and a few others with you. For those following this discussion, this quote from Multnomah County Library's Public Meeting Room Policy will set some context: Multnomah County Library supports and endorses the American Library Association's Library Bill of Rights, which states:

"Libraries which maintain meeting spaces, exhibit space or other facilities open to the public should make them available on equal terms to all persons, regardless of their beliefs or affiliations."

In keeping with the role of a limited public forum, public libraries have traditionally provided free meeting room space for community groups when space is available.

The fact that an organization is permitted to meet at the library does not constitute an endorsement of the organization's beliefs by the library, its staff, its advisory board or the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners.


what is going on in oregon 23.May.2014 13:00

Tobysgirl Tobysgirl5@yahoo.com

I have yet to read one radical feminist suggesting that trans people should be murdered. I have, however, read transwomen threatening radical feminists with rape with a rusty chainsaw, assaulting their children, etc. I really hope people in Portland aren't so dumb they are willing to accept screams of transphobia, TERFs, etc. But, then again, you are a state which farms out its prisoners to private corporations while polishing your liberal image.

Out of town hate group using OUR taxpayer funded resources 23.May.2014 15:38



These people do not even live in Multnomah County. Rachel Ivey is from Eugene and everyone else who are members of this hate group are out of state. Multnomah County Library, as a "limited public forum," has no obligation to accommodate non-taxpayers from outside the Library District.

As I see their intentions they are in clear violation of Library Policy. The event organizer website says registration is required ( https://radfemsrespond.wordpress.com/registration/). Library Policy prohibits organizations from soliciting personal contact information from participants ("Therefore, the individual or entity offering the program may not hand out business cards or brochures promoting any business, product or service and may not solicit personal information (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) from the program participants, either as part of a pre-registration process or during the program itself."), nor can they "require" people to register implying that they intend to exclude those who do not divulge personal information to event organizer.

What you call "disrupting" of event is vague and will be challenged in court as necessary. If this is a genuine "public forum" it ought to be a two-way avenue, not them propagandizing under guise of free speech. What is disrupting? Someone saying things that the event organizers don't approve of? Content-based discrimination is unconstitutional.

We are aware that the Library has Sheriff's Deputies and Portland Police is within easy reach. Although we are strictly non-violent we exercise our constitutional rights to educate the public and attendees about the dangers of this hate group. We are well prepared to counter any violence on the side of library staff and law enforcement. We seriously doubt that the Library staff will allow Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, Skinheads, Volksfront, Oregon Citizens Alliance etc. to use facility if their speech and conduct will create a hostile environment for the other library patrons. Your permitting of this hate group holding an event creates a very negative and unwelcoming environment for GLBTQ residents of Multnomah County who utilize the Central Library including many street youth who are trans or genderqueer. This is an issue of justice and as you say American Library Association also promotes justice, antidiscrimination and equal access to library resources all of which are violated by having a hate group around.

Local 23.May.2014 17:25


Sam Berg is the main organizer of the event and has lived in Portland for years. A number of the other organizers are also in the PDX area. As usual, you can't even get the basic facts straight.

Absurd 23.May.2014 17:27


You can not make these kinds of bloated, hyperbolic statements about people.

"DGR and RadFem are people who want trans folks to be outlawed and be executed in prison unless they go back to their birth sex because to them genital is destiny."

This is absurd. It's like a game of Telephone that careens into nonsense. No one wants anyone "outlawed" or "executed." Maybe try listening to the actual words of feminists before slinging this kind of crap. Y'all live in an echo chamber and you seem quite content to stay there, but hopefully the general public can apply some actual brain cells to the disagreement at hand.




One final point, the most important one: in a pluralistic democracy, people are going to disagree. You should have learned how to do that by first grade, but it's never too late to try.

Silencing women again 23.May.2014 18:05

Max Dashu

This is seriously messed up, to see a brigade of haters try to shout down a feminist event organized for the purpose of opening dialog on issues of importance to women. As a 44 year veteran of the women's movement, with all the disagrements over various political issues, i have never seen anything like this Orwellian wave of attempts to silence and to prevent discussion. They cry "haters" but throw around hateful epithets ("ratfem"?!) and ridiculous lies ("who want trans folks to be outlawed and be executed in prison unless they go back to their birth sex"). To revile people who have detransitioned, as well as trans women who have radical feminist ideas -- that is despicable. Elsewhere in reality, there are real conversations taking place about all of these issues, among people who hold differing views. This kind of bullying smackdown has no place in social change movements. It is destructive, full stop. We need coalitions and dialog, not screamers who want to intimidate women they disagree with, and to prevent the exchange of ideas. I think Portland is better than this. I sure hope so.

Hey Doxy 23.May.2014 19:04

Host your own damn talks if this subject is such a concern

It's not about peace talks, it's about radical feminists being able to voice their beliefs on gender and prostitution and it's effect on women. They have every right to host an event explaining their ideas.

Did you try to approach them to see if there could be a "peacetalks" discussion? Are you really interested in peace? Will you be attending the trans only New Narratives on Sunday? You know the "TRUSCUMS" also mentioned in this post?


I honestly think for some of the hostile people posting here, none of it will matter. You clearly are threatened by this discussion and instead of sitting back and listening for 2- 4 hours, you'd rather shout your beliefs and lies over everyone else 'til we all capitulate. Tell me, do you think this action will stop the murder of trans people?

What are you really trying to do?

not all attacks on people in the sex trade is "slut-shaming" 23.May.2014 19:48


It annoys me that the title of this statement names radical feminist position on sex trade as "slut-shaming," not because I agree with radical feminists, but because it is a highly misguided and unhelpful way to advance rights for us. If anything, radical feminists view us (patoronizingly) as innocent victims rather than dirty sluts, both of which deny our resilience and degnity but are clearly different. I believe that radical feminist positions on the issue are harmful because they promote policies such as demand recuction (which directly diminishes income and bargaining power of those of us in the sex trade) and deprive us of our ability to organize for our rights with others (unless we are prepared to give up our livelihood), not because they view us as sluts. I support fighting slut-shaming, but that's not what empowerment for people in the sex trade is about.

@DA 23.May.2014 20:17


Reserch? What fucking research?

WOLF does exist.

"We're tired of the lightless heat, too. That's why Women's Liberation Front (WoLF) has arranged for a public dialogue on two of the most controversial issues facing modern feminism, abolishing prostitution and ending gender."


Ivy reads Sheila Jeffreys


DGR are gender abolitionists who for the time being, believe that "women only" spaces should be safe spaces for women who are female at birth. This is how they earned the transphobic label. Can't find anything about wanting trans folks executed.


This quote from Jensen.

"Reacting to the inquiries, Jensen wrote, "I liked what I said to Julia or whatever his name was who wanted to join DGR: You are not a woman. You are a man who believes he is a woman.""

 link to earthfirstjournal.org

Max Dashu 23.May.2014 20:39


Max when you see any social phenomenon look at history.

TERF movement is dangerous because it gives a fodder and legitimacy to the political force that actively seeks to deny transgender human rights and to reverse the decades of progress.

In the '70's gay liberation movement steamed ahead.

Then came the Moral Majority and Anita Bryant's Save Our Children campaign.

Homosexuality quickly became a hot potato political issue and gay liberation ended until recently.

Now the enemy is seeking to eradicate trans people because to them, they don't care gays and lesbians who look normal. Heck they'll even let us have family and kids, as long as we all behave like normal men and women. Homophobia wasn't and isn't about sex, but deviation from gender. Homophobes were against drag queens, bull dykes, nellie boys with limp fists.

TERF movement is self-defeating because it does not understand that outlawing of transgender identity will inevitably result in enforcement of gender. If TERF continue to use trans women as scapegoats in the eyes of conservatives, throwing trans women under the bus for the sake of "feminism", eventually they too will be subject to the great backlash.

Feminism has under-the-bus problem. There was Lavender Menace. There was Transsexual Empire. Instead of fighting the common oppressors feminists keep eradicating the marginalized people to support their white privilege. This was what Third-Wave feminism and Intersectionality try to correct.

No, TERF has no right whatsoever, any more than do criminals and child rapists. Free speech does not mean anyone can mouth off N-words in front of public audience. So why should they be allowed to mouth off T-words and cheer every time trans women are sent to men's prison to be raped or they're murdered by homophobes? What's next? TERF want to lynch trans women? They already dox, out and harass trans women online putting them in serious danger (letting others lynch trans women so TERF don't need to take responsibility). TERF Goddess Janis Raymeond thinks trans women rape all women by existing. If that's argument, then TERF murder all trans women every time they open their filthy mouth. So they must be silenced. Constitution be damned. We don't allow rights to fascists.

Threatened 23.May.2014 20:41


"You clearly are threatened by this discussion"

If you are Black and if KKK is having a "discussion" you'd be threatened too.

If you are Jewish and if Nazi Party is having an "open forum" you'd be threatened too.

If you are a Trans and if TERF is having a "free speech" you have every right to demand safety from TERF for the same reason.

Dashu 23.May.2014 20:46


"ridiculous lies ("who want trans folks to be outlawed and be executed in prison unless they go back to their birth sex")."

lies? yeah?

Here are some gems from TERF thought leaders

Bev Jo: "They expect we'll be shocked to see statistics about them being killed, and don't realize, some of us wish they would ALL be dead." // Praising transphobic murderers

Luckynkl: "The male-born are biologically incomplete mutants, useless and obsolete; walking viruses on two legs and a cancer, spreading disease, death and destruction wherever they go. They are the walking-dead and the antithesis to life. Gyn-energy sucking vampires who have to plug into women and feed on them in order to survive. No different than a parasite who sucks the life and energy out of its host." // Sounds like Nazis talking about Jews

WhiteTiger: "If we're going that road, why not just cull boy babies for awhile? Re-establish a sane balance. Then we can start selective breeding programs for donor males... [To cull means to reduce the population of by selective slaughter.]" // GENOCIDE??

MaggieH: "There are times when I just want all men dead right now. Sometimes I really, really daydream about a virus that would suddenly take over the earth and that would kill all males (also that would make them well suffer before they die), as well as give us the possibility to reproduce through parthenogenesis... Oh, my Goddess, I want men to be So. Fucking. Dead. Right now!!!"

At this rate FBI and Homeland Security will soon be rounding TERF up like they have done White Supremacists. FEMA camps are waiting.

Oh stop 23.May.2014 23:55


"We don't allow rights to fascists." No? here you are, defending fascist methods of silencing and persecution. Nothing liberatory about that, or progressive. You don't need to school a historian on history, especially one who lived it. Yeah, gay liberation steamed ahead, and is making great strides month by month, year by year; and meanwhile women's rights are under attack to a degree not seen for half a century. And in this climate of backlash, here comes a mob of people who feel totally self-righteous about deplatforming feminists they disagree with, with all kinds of b.s. comparisons to the Klan. White privilege applies to anyone white, not just feminists, and intersectionality is not a club, it's a way of looking at the world. Repeating those tired old queer theory stories about how mean feminists were to the lesbians -- hey, Rita Mae Brown and Betty Friedan are just a little piece of what actually went on. Got news for you, lesbians were leaders in numbers far greater than our actual proportions in every feminist undertaking you could name, out and proud. So stop repeating that shit, it's embarrassing. I'm not gonna bother to answer all the usual talking points about how radical feminists are the real threat, while the actual threats of death and rape pile up, the denial-of-service cyber attacks on blogs, etc, etc, in a pattern that has everything to do with the style of gendered misogynist attacks on women and feminists in particular. There is just no excuse for that. "The enemy" as you put it is seeking to eradicate feminists, lesbians, gays, trans, bis; but the absolutism you are flashing here just plays into divide and conquer. Dialogue is possible, some of us are doing it, so quit with this polarizing, extremist, flattening rhetoric and persecution and oppression olympics. Things are finally starting to move past that stuck place into real discussion of sex and gender and the material basis of various kinds of oppression - not "outlawing transgender identity" but recognizing a more complex picture of how all this fits together - including not vilifying people who retransition as traitors, or on the other hand assuming that all gender must (or can) be abolished. Get rid of oppressive systems, and let people be who they are. But to get rid of those systems, we have to be able to talk about them. Not shout down those you disagree with, and call people epithets that begin with T, whether they end in F or Y, or "truscrum" for cripes sake.

Fuck all of this 24.May.2014 00:39


Do radical feminists think that transgender folks are suffering from a psychological disorder? If so, they're no better than heteronormative bigots who think that homosexuality is a psychological disorder that needs corrective therapy. Sex is obviously different than gender, the latter being a social construct. To each their own, people should feel free to express themselves however they see fit. The problem with transgender resistance is the focus on confronting marginal members of the Left who they think have betrayed them. The Left are simply a wing of capital, one willing to use upwardly mobile LGBQT to advance their political position. Even among the Left, groups like DGR are virtually irrelevant and are not the primary agents promoting patriarchal notions of gender and identity. The notion of a LGBQT community is a false abstraction which purports that people who fall outside of a heteronormative ideal share a common interest, masking the very real conflicts that exist within this false community. Terry Bean clearly isn't in the same camp as anti capitalist LGBQT. Rather than trying to campaign for partisans and bigots to change their views and accept you into their camp, the focus should be on developing relationships of affinity and building collective strength among those who genuinely share common interests.

the term "terf" 24.May.2014 20:48


I have a critique of transgenderism as part of a liberal movement. Liberalism is about the individual and changing one's gender is a personal choice, and for some percentage of people, a life-saving one, though surgically or hormonal altering one's body is not part of a political movement to free women (or free any group, really). I do think trans people have the right to exist, access to work, and should not be sexually of physically violated.

I also wish some people would listen more carefully to feminist critiques of the trans movement. There are many comments and posts online I don't agree with, but there are also posts that, in my view, offer a fair critique and are still instantly called "transphobic." I do think females have a right to our own space on the very few occasions where we request that. Also, some males DO transition because they get sexual arousal out of carrying themselves as a woman; I know this from firsthand experience. If the transgender activists do not have a problem with transitioning for reasons of sexual gratification, then yes, trans-critical feminists and transgender activists are at odds.

Some trans-activists are now saying that saying the penis is weird or gross is misogyny, because the penis can be part of women's bodies. Specifically, this is aimed at lesbians and some trans activists are pressuring lesbians to have sex with people with penises (see "the cotton ceiling"). While calling for compassion for trans folks, where is your compassion for females lesbians?

I could go on, but I'll stop here. As per the title of my comment, I find the term "terf" to be a way to dismiss all people who criticize some aspect(s) of transgenderism. "You're a terf, so I don't have to listen to you" and so on.

QuiddityQ: prankster or paranoid? 25.May.2014 21:41


Are people reading this?

QuiddityQ wrote:

'On late Friday night, two of the protest organizers were unlawfully detained by law enforcement for trumped up and unfounded reasons, at two separate location, two separate cities, and two different times. The other remaining organizer was followed around by a masked and hooded "man" (appeared to be a man but can as well be a TERF) early Saturday morning near qis residence. Qe attempted to call 9-1-1 but qis cell phone was inexplicably not working. Qe has PTSD due to history of sexual assault pre and post transition. Qe is still yet to recover from that incident. Give TERFs' standard M.O. to work closely with FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS and state/local police, and their ability to dox anybody on earth thanks to them having access to expensive subscription databases, we are not at all surprised by these attacks against us. We are indeed at war with TERF for our very own survival. TERF oppression of trans and genderqueer people is real but thanks to TERF propaganda we are blamed for being a victim and "asking for it."'

if this is an elaborate "joke," it's not funny. If Quiddity isn't just a bored trouble-maker, he/she is in a very serious mental health crisis. I'm not saying this to be insulting; Considering what just happened in California, I think we need to pay close attention to people who post paranoid rants online. Does anyone know this person? If so, please DO something. This is just not normal.

Full Circle. Again. 26.May.2014 14:49


"The City of Roses will no longer tolerate feminism??

Well there you have it folks. Straight from the mouth of Rush Limbaugh to QuiddityQ here. Feminazis, pro-choice baby murderers, hairy-legged man hating lesbian separatists, terfs, swerfs, the ex-believers, the non-believers & the nay-sayers will all go to hell never to walk the streets of Portland again.

Here we have another person will a well-developed hatred of all women who DON'T PAY ATTENTION TO HIM. He sounds like he's about two steps from pulling a Santa Barbara shootout on y'all. Be careful out there.