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Creating Our Future Presidents ...?

In what has become the Biggest Show on Earth? Where do are Presidents get Chosen? Molded, and Ultimately Installed like the Next Empirical Replacement Part in America's Runaway Train?
In what has become the Biggest Show on Earth? Where do are Presidents get Chosen? Molded, and Ultimately Installed like

the Next Empirical Replacement Part in America's Runaway Train?

Enter the Theater.

You've bought Your Tickets through Fines, Levy and Contribution. You want to mold your Future into something prosperous

and wonderful, inviting opportunity and promise for the Future of your Children...

...But, Who has other plans? With no way to Pay for it, other than to Rob the Public. Hire more Robbers, and Rob You

again and again?

Sit Back and Watch the Show. The Circus goes on or without your participation. Your Purchase buys a Show. The Flash and

a Cheap Version of Glamor. Purchasing the Stupidest Decisions conceived by Man, in the Pursuit of Future and Flea of

Past Robberies. Forged from the Puppet Theater, these actor will urge you to spend every Dollar in that Pursuit. Pitting

us against one another until death do us part, and then liquidate any remaining assets.

Enter the Actors.

Like Polished Fighters from the Boxing Ring, they will be Fashion to Resemble Respectability without Substance. One day

they are Politicians on TV. Next, They become the Politicians we cast our ballots, and Entrust Our Nation because they

seem so perfect for the Role. The Look, the Poise, Wealth, Power, and Vision.

Adrian Pasdar? Actor? Hero? - TV's version of a Politician? An Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

Eric Garcetti? Actor? Mayor of Los Angeles? 2 Years. Currently? - Involved with One of the Governments Latest

apparations of High Tech Security and Global Intelligence Operations? Or the Mayor of Los Angeles?

In this exploration of seeminly innocuous facts, will there be any dicernable pattern? Will we Learn anything of Our Own

Superficiality? Will we Ses the Consequences of a Criminal Enterprise that so deeply grips our Nation? Or just Change

the Channel and forget what we see?

Let's first discuss how these two individuals arose my attention.

It was a Press Conference in which my local Mayor of Sacramento, Califoria stood with fellow Politician to denounce the

LA Clipper's Owner for Racial Indescretions arising from private communications with his Publically Acknowledged

Mistress. So, Vial, his comments. Of Course the Flare and flamboyance of the Upstart Political Arena would have their


There stood Kevin Johnson, as the Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti stood fervently in Support. My Mind immediately

said, "Damn! - I've seen that Guy Before!" I couldn't place exactly where? But I knew I had seen that Face Before?

A little Memory Jogging?, and I knew it was and Actor or Politician, or Someone who Played One on Television.

"Heroes" - the Hit NBC TV Series with a 5 Year Run. I found him? ...No. But Damn, what it led to in the line of Thinking
in the previous theories I have developed after being "Hazed" by the Government and Secret Intelligence Entities

regarding "Cloning" and the Promotion of Criminals and Prostitutes into Positions of Power.

Of course, Adrian Pasdar is not a Real Politician, but the Trail of little hints of the Limited Scripting cababilties of

Modern Intelligence Networks.

While touting the Mastery of the Latest Technical Computer Sophistication, and yet? ...Exibiting all the traits of

mistakes normally associate with Street Thugery. Are these People Really Professionals? Or ... are they so heavliy

backed Financially? That Legitimate Law Enforcement has laid Down, and are Un-Able to respond fearing their own

structured failure?

So, Let's make our list of the Innocuous.

1st. Adrian Pasdar.


Actor who Plays Politicians.

Actor who Played a President.

Actor who Played a President name Garcetti. Though not Eric.

Actor who Played in a TV Series about Men with Special Powers.

Actor who Played in a Movie about the Cutting Edge of Modern Global Dynamic and Internet Security.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (AKA) Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division


On March 12th, 2014 it was revealed Padsar would be playing the role of Glenn Talbot on the Marvel TV series Agents of


Adrian Pasdar - On Wikipedia


Movie: "Political Animals" 2012 USA Network


Except Wikipage: "Adrian Pasdar as Paul Garcetti,[1][2] the current president who defeated Elaine in the presidential

primaries but later appointed her Secretary of State. He is described as "a smart man who uses every resource at his

disposal to his advantage".[3]"

Side Note - Also Married to Natalie Maines of the Musical Band 'The Dixie Chicks' involved in Propaganda Campaign to

Rally American Solidification of Support for the Iraq/Afghanistan War.


2nd. Eric Garcetti

Actor who Played the Mayor of Los Angeles for 2 Years on Television.

Actor who was Elected as Mayor of Los Angeles after playing the part for 2 years on Television.

Actor who is Also a Naval Reserve Lieutenent in a Newly formed Agency that is supposed to Represent the Cutting Edge of

Global Intelligence Operations and Cyber Security.

U.S. Navy 'Intelligence Dominance Corp.' - Global Human Resource and Cyber Command Operations.

 link to www.public.navy.mil

Actor who was not-supported by previous President of the United States, Bill Clinton, And mistakenly identified Garcetti

as Winning the Office of President of the United States. Then, being corrected, said, "Well? ...You could be President

One Day!"

Are these the Freudian Slips of an Elderly Statesman in a brief lapse of cocnitive judgment? Or? ...just a slipped

element of the way Men are Romanced to the Land's Highest Ranking Office?

Eric Garcetti - Ethics Violations

 link to latimesblogs.latimes.com



On to the "Cloning" aspect and the Use of Body Doubles. Being 2 Places at the Same Time. A Cleaver ploy of intelligence

agencies for years. The Manipulation of Twins, Body Doubles, Look a Likes, for use in espionage, spying and other less

favorful Dark Operations with the intent of creating not only the ultimate alibi, but in such a Manner that anyone

reporting the wrong doing of such a Perosn in any given impropriaty would be immediately branded "Crazy!" for such

infered implication.

As, far as an Active "Cloning Program"? The earliest instance that was infered during my "Hazing Period" was the year

1938. Not as we are led to believe, as in the example of Dolly the Sheep in or about 1977. This would mean that they

have a significant jump on the rest of Society in the Manner in which these People can be exploited for Criminal Purpose

around the World. Allowing these assets to operate as Virtual Slaves to the Security Industry, under the very threat

that they could be Killed, and Replaced should they Act outside the bounds of Any given, Task, Assignment, or Operation.

The Ultimate Slave with no avenues of escaping their Handlers, or even the knowledge of Autonomy, Freedom. Rights or

Obligation to One's Nation.

This means individuals built like dispoable Cars by the Thousands if they found an Attractive Agent Type, or

Particularily Seductive Female Model willing to submit to even the Most Egregious Abuses, and Exploitation.

Mata Harry and the Terminator in One, Two, Three or a 1000 different packages.


Facial Comparisons Pasdar/Garcetti: Included.

Facial Comparisons of Several Individuals that provide an interesting avenue of Speculation. Are these the "Clones and

Super Soldiers" engineered for the Future of Global Domination? Or just some People that look so much a like? With a

little make-up could be easliy mis-identied for being the same Individual?

To Be Added Later ...

Take Care,

-Tracy Mapes
Sacramento, California

May 20, 2014

Picture, Image, Information 20.May.2014 17:17

Tracy Mapes