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William Stafford Centennial Event - May 16

Oregon Pacifist Poet is Speaking on May 16th
Sandy Library at 7:00pm
Community Room
I want to invite you to the William Stafford Centennial event on _May 16
in the Community Room of the Sandy Library at 7pm.

William Stafford is Oregon's most famous poet. He was also a life long pacifist and was sent
to the Civilian Public Service camps during WWII, as alternative to
going to war.

Even if you know nothing about Stafford, I think you will enjoy this
event, as our host, Stevan Allred, is an engaging and inspiring
speaker, as well as a published author. Some of you may have attended
his "Writers Night" in the past in Estacada.

We will be watching a very short film about Safford called "Every War
Has Two Losers". Also, Stevan will be reading the short, beautifully
written book *The* *Osage Orange Tree*. Here's the description from the
library website: /a never-before-published story by William Stafford,
about shy, young love complicated by misunderstanding and the insecurity
of adolescence, set against the backdrop of poverty brought on by the
Great Depression/. I'm sure Stevan will do it justice.

If you'd like to bring any Stafford poems to discuss, you are welcome to
do so. Also, there will be cupcakes and beverages, and a raffle for
several copies of the *The Osage Orange Tre*

{Google Map}  https://www.google.com/maps/@45.397056,-122.261865,17z