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One Million Bucks To Be Made Off The Backs Of The Disable

"Thou shall not park anymore for free, you blind, disable, walker users, cane lazy bums." Brutus
steve, look at turnstiles on the whellchair ramps---lots of lot there.
steve, look at turnstiles on the whellchair ramps---lots of lot there.
Open Letter to the *city council

During the city council meeting on 5/7/2014 there was an item #396

- Revise Disabled Person Parking Code (Ordinance introduced by Commissioner Novick; amend Code Chapters 16.20 and 16.90) 15 minutes requested
Under financial impact & public involvement statement:
Sec 3
The city expects to make about 1 million bucks by charging and ticketing people who violate their new ordinance concerning people with disabilities. You will not be allowed to park free anymore; there will be a complicated set of new rules that Brutus, AKA Steve Novick came up with, then talked the task force on disabilities to go along with his scheme. Where is the outrage! What the heck is the matter with this group of politicians?

These 5 members of the council will spend $400,000,000-$800,000,000 to cover up our open air drinking water when we said no, when they do not have to do anything; and now want to make money off the backs of the disabled; well I guess it must be our turn, the disabled to be screwed over. Mayor Hales made the statement how hard everyone worked on this issue to make it fair. Give me a break, you are making 1 million by you own auditor's statement, you are all hypocrites and next you will be charging the blind for sitting too long on park benches. This city council has scandal after scandal and now need money so it is the disable permit holders turn. If we let them do this, we are part of the problem!

I am beginning to agree maybe we should just start a recall after this election on all 5 of these immoral, pathetic, lying city council jerks. I have resisted when people have asked me about just recalling them all, but this one tops even what *randy leonard could come up with on his best day. They will do the final deed on 5/14/2014 during the second reading of this item, no discussion allowed! Call *steve novick's office at 503-823-4682 and tell him to get his blood money someplace else, not on the backs of the handicapped permit holders. I don't hold a permit to park because I can't drive anymore due to dizzy spells, so this is not about me but the thousands of people who need help and the city council is going to take it away from them.

Joe Walsh, Individuals For Justice
Activists not being paid by the city

*will not cap due to disrespect and or disgust

homepage: homepage: http://IndividualsForJustice.com

1984 11.May.2014 09:43


1984 was the year being disabled changed.

Before 1984, if the government considered you disabled, it meant you probably couldn't even drive anyway. In 2014 a legal disability could mean the same thing it mean in 1984 or it could mean nothing more than you aren't perfect. For example I know someone who is drawing Social Security Disability. He is in his forties, He owns a house with an in ground swimming pool, he owns a corvette (all of which he acquired while on disability) and he works on and rides Motorcycles full time under the table. His disability is some sort of skin rash he gets from time to time. The Disabilities act of 1984 cheapened the term disabled to mean almost anything. Overweight, High blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, etc. The 1984 act stole from people who are truly disabled, and this parking meter charge is just the latest. The country is filled with obese shoppers who park in the disabled spaces of Walmarts only to waddle into the store, plop asses into the seat of a motorized Sow-Scooter and drive down the isles buying potato chips and Oreo Cookies with their EBT cards perpetuating the problem while doing absolutely nothing for society. If you wish to fiance or enable this lifestyle, feel free, but don't complain when it collapses under its own weight.

yuck! 11.May.2014 11:52

Lone Vet

Don't want ever to be on the side of people who always have stories of abuse. Remember the welfare queens who did not exist, here we have whining about someone driving a fancy car who was on disability. Just go away!
Brutus, oh brutus?
Brutus, oh brutus?
demons begon from our city hall
demons begon from our city hall
are the blind next?
are the blind next?